Myers-Briggs® Types That Forge The Most Powerful Personalities

When it comes to Myers-Briggs personality types there is no one that is better than the other, and they all have their particular strengths and weaknesses that make them a unique and necessary element of our world as a whole. But as you might expect, there are some that are more flexible and fluid than others, there are some that are more powerful and passionate, and there are some who's sense of self is so naturally strong that outside influences rarely have any effect.

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So out of the sixteen possible personality types, which are the ones that typically create the strongest and most powerful personalities?

9 INTJ - The Architect

The INTJ is actually a very unusual personality type that is present in less than 1% of the population, and it's very much a silent but strong personality type. They're called the architects because they're usually impressively intelligent and they have a sincere belief in their ability to accomplish anything with enough work, and although they're not typically social butterflies they often manage to do and create things that have a significant impact on the society around them. They're extremely unlikely to get caught up in anything they consider pointless or small minded, which allows them to aim for the highest that they can achieve.

8 ENTJ - The Commander

The commanding ENTJ is one MBTI type that almost always lives up to it's name. An ENTJ is always comfortable at the head of any table or any crowd, and they have a naturally authoritative and confident personality that draws people in and tends to naturally elevate them to any leadership position.

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And although their charisma certainly helps them on their way to the top, what separates the ENTJ from many naturally charming personalities is that they have the kind of determination it requires to actually fight their way to the top of their chosen fields and the determination it requires to stay there.

7 ENFP - The Campaigner

The campaigner personality type is the extroverted intuitive feeling perceiving type, and they're a pack of very original thinkers who like to bring their passion and drive to others to enact change in the world. Although they tend to be social butterflies they aren't thrilled by superficial connections, and instead want to truly relate to and understand the people they meet. Once they find a cause that truly inspires them they often become the leader of the pack and find it easy to inspire others, and although they're bored by the more mundane aspects of leadership they excel when given the spotlight.

6 ENTP - The Debater

The most common title for the ENTP personality type is the debater, but it can also be known by other names like the originator or the visionary. An ENTP thrives on intellectual discussions and, as you might expect, loves to debate. But what often drives them is their desire to question everything and demand answers and explanations for why things might be the way they are, and if they find the answers to those questions to be lacking they're ready and willing to completely change things up.

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They love to play devil's advocate, and they play it so well that sometimes the devil comes up a winner when they're at play.

5 ISFJ - The Defender

There are many personality elements that make the defenders who they are, but above all the ISFJ personality types are driven by the desire to do and be good. The ISFJ often times doesn't demand credit for the positive things they do, their introverted nature makes them almost embarrassed to do so, but it's also because their altruism is so genuine that the main payoff for their good deeds is just knowing that they've done them and had such a good effect on others. Being giving and protective is what comes naturally to them, which unfortunately means they can sometimes be taken advantage of, but the ill will and intentions of others aren't enough to change their outlook on the world by a long shot.

4 ISFP - The Adventurer

Unsurprisingly, the adventurer personality type is a naturally bold and experimental personality type that loves to walk to the beat of their own drum. They're natural lovers of art and exploration, and they're drawn to so many different things and experiences simply because they see the world around them as a vivid and wonderful place that they can't help but want to explore. To an outsider they might seem almost reckless, but they only do so many wild and different things because the passion within them is so deep that they can't feel happy or fulfilled without setting that passion free.

3 ESTP - The Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is a personality type that is naturally grounded in reality, which is understandable since the real world tends to be such a fan of them. They're natural social butterflies who know how to charm and engage anyone they meet, and they're extremely action oriented.

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The ESTP can easily feel stifled by the rest of the world though, which is why they have a strong preference to forge their own path and create the lives that they want instead of going down the path that's well traveled or settling down into a lifestyle that has already been laid out for them.

2 ESTJ - The Executive

The ESTJ "executive" personality type is a type that thrives on order and justice, and their commanding presence combined with their honesty and integrity makes them natural leaders in their families and communities. They love order and tradition, but never at the expense of what is good and right, and they're not afraid to go down a more difficult road if they believe it's the right one because in their mind there is really no other option. They thrive on challenges and respect truth and hard work above all else, which makes them natural leaders that others are more than happy to follow.

1 ENFJ - The Protagonist

The ENFJ is a lovely and strong personality type that lives up to its name, the protagonist. They're natural born leaders who command attention for all the right reasons, they're extroverts who are very in touch with their emotions and the emotions of others, so they can communicate and relate with almost everyone.

Because they're natural carers with a strong presence, they're normally very altruistic and know how to unite people around a common cause. They're the type who always wants to improve themselves but also wants to help others improve themselves and raising the bar for their entire community.

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