Powerful Women Who Share Your Myers-Briggs® Type

Every single Myers-Briggs personality type is a star in its own way, so it's no surprise that there are some awesome, incredible famous ladies who share your MBTI type too. Every personality has it's own strengths that make it a unique facet of our community as a whole, and it's interesting to see people who have managed to amplify and embrace all of the best aspects of their own MBTI traits and in turn make themselves into world famous and world renowned ultra achievers.

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So which creative, brave, inventive, and enormously accomplished women have the same MBTI type as you do? Read on to find out!

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16 Lady Gaga - ISFP

The ISFP personality type is called the adventurer, but in truth they are the ultimate lovers of all things artistic. Pop icon Lady Gaga is really the perfect embodiment of the ISFP, because these adventurous spirits aren't just artists, they're the kinds of people who like to incorporate artistry into every aspect of their lives. Their flashy and unique behavior might make them look like an extrovert at first sight, but that's only because their passion runs so deep that they can't help but wear it on their sleeves even though their personalities and natural demeanor is definitely that of the introvert.

15 Rosa Parks - ISFJ

The ISFJ personality type is also known as the defender, so it's not at all surprising that legendary civil rights activist Rosa Parks falls under this MBTI type. The defenders are natural introverts except when they need not to be, as they have a deep understanding of when they need to make themselves and their feelings truly known. They're empathetic and naturally protective of others, so when they find a cause or belief worth believing in their passion can drive them very far. And although they appreciate tradition, they also welcome any new ideas if they can improve on the old ones.

14 Anna Wintour - ESTP

The ESTP personality type is a very powerful and commanding one, and "the entrepreneur" of the MBTI types are usually socially popular and excel at acting on their thoughts and desires. They're definitely intelligent but like to focus more on the real world than anything philosophical or esoteric, and they're better at learning through experience than through more traditional methods. Like fashion icon Anna Wintour, ESTP personalities are actually very perceptive but can sometimes come off as too blunt to others, which often times happens because while the ESTP is very attuned to others they place a very high value on rationality.

13 Helen Keller - INFP

The INFP is also known as the mediator personality, but what makes this personality type truly stand out from the crowd is that they are almost relentlessly positive and are always looking for the best in any person or situation. It comes as no surprise then that someone like Helen Keller falls into this personality type. While some people might fall prey to the darker and more pessimistic sides of life, an INFP excels at finding the good in everything and that attitude has a tendency to inspire others. They're also natural born communicators, so they are wonderful at explaining the beauty they see in the world to others.

12 Serena Williams - ESFP

ESFP's are the born entertainers of the world, and there are no other personality types that feel more at home in the spotlight. They're very social and extremely fun loving, and they love nothing more than putting on a great show for whoever's watching. Their caring for others is very genuine though, and they love to encourage others to come out of their shell and experience a bit of that spotlight with them. Tennis star Serena Williams falls under the ESFP personality type, and you can see that in her epic showmanship, there are many tennis players in the world but few real stars like her.

11 Queen Elizabeth II - ISTJ

The ISTJ personality type is also known as the logistician, and this practical and reliable personality type are exceptionally self reliant and logical. Queen Elizabeth II is an ISTJ, and unsurprisingly she embodies some of their best traits.

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They're the type of person who are devoted to duty and integrity, and they excel at upholding laws and traditions. They're very analytically minded and decisive when they need to be, and they're very goal oriented and they are great at achieving those goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. They're also incredibly honest, even if it's sometimes to their own detriment.

10 Taylor Swift - INFJ

An INFJ personality type is a relatively rare find, but this type, also known as the advocate, have a tendency to leave a strong impression on the rest of the world. Although they're natural introverts, they're definitely prone to coming out of their shell when it's coming at the defense or aid of others, and they're tireless when it comes to what they believe in. It's no surprise that someone like music superstar Taylor Swift falls into this category, as she is someone who doesn't seem like much of an extrovert but who leaves a powerful impression on the people around her.

9 Jane Austen - INTJ

The INTJ is one of the rarest MBTI personality types, but they definitely have a mind like a diamond. The INTJ is known as the architect, and they have a masterful ability to plan and comprehend the bigger picture. They're also known as quite a bookish bunch, which is why it's no surprise that one of the most legendary and well known female authors in history, Jane Austen, was a member of the rare INTJ club. One particular trait of the INTJ, the dislike of social rules they see no use in, probably helped someone like Miss Austen become an author when it was especially unusual for women.

8 Oprah Winfrey - ENFJ

Charismatic and authentic are what define ENFJ personality types like our girl Oprah. The ENFJ is known as the protagonist, and they truly live up to their name and seem like the real life protagonists in the world around us. People are naturally drawn to their powerful personalities, but what really sets the ENFJ apart is their honesty and their willingness to alternately stand up for or inspire others. ENFJ's are excellent at engaging in the emotions of others and can truly make anyone feel like they're being understood and cared for, and the ENFJ truly does care, almost to a fault.

7 Amelia Earhart - ISTP

ISTP personality types are natural explorers and creators, and they have a tendency to be experimental and mechanically minded, which really suits legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart to a T. The ISTP (commonly called "the virtuoso") isn't afraid to be different, often times they actually prefer it, which is why they tend to branch out into thoughts, feelings, and actions that many others would be afraid to try or wouldn't even think to try. They're an extremely curious bunch who don't usually like to stop until their curiosities are fully satisfied, but their usually bored by more traditional methods of learning.

6 Jennifer Lopez - ESFJ

The ESFJ tends to be a very social creature, which is no real surprise since this personality type has a tendency to be liked by almost everybody. Also known as the consul, the ESFJ feel comfortable and natural in the spotlight, and they are usually happier relating with others than they are being more introspective and solitary.

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Because they're so into their relationships with other people they also have a tendency to be altruistic, and although they're confident social butterflies they are also sensitive to criticism from others. But it's easy to see why someone like Jennifer Lopez would fall into this natural superstar personality type.

5 Catherine The Great - ENTP

Although "the debater" doesn't quite have the intimidating ring of a lot of other MBTI personality types, the ENTP personality (AKA "the debater") is a personality type that actually does have a tendency to make history. The ENTP person has a tendency to get a thrill out of deconstructing an argument, belief, or thought process, and it's something of a sport to them. They're not afraid to be controversial or to go against common knowledge or social norms, which is why they can do and accomplish what so many others wouldn't dare. Catherine the Great, one iconic ENTP, had no qualms about overthrowing her own husband to become an empress.

4 Cher - ENFP

The ENFP is known as the campaigner personality, but they're the type of person who takes a lot of pride in their originality and willingness to forge their own path in the world. They're empathetic and extroverted, so they excel at connecting with others, but they're very strong in their own personalities so those connections rarely pull them in any direction that they wouldn't naturally want to go. It should come as no surprise that such a wild and free spirit like Cher falls into the category of the ENFP though, since her originality seems to ooze out of every pore.

3 Adele - ENTJ

The ENTJ personality type is known as the commander, so it's no surprise that an artist like Adele who can command the attention of the entire world falls into this personality type. ENTJ personality types usually have a lot of confidence and animal magnetism that draws many people to their presence, and their rational way of thinking and overall sense of determination allows them to use that charisma in a very positive way (most of the time). The ENTJ is also relentless when it comes to achieving their aims and they are loathe to give up on a goal no matter how difficult it is to achieve.

2 Marie Curie - INTP

Renowned female scientist Marie Curie is an INTP personality type, so it should come as no surprise that this personality type is known as the logician of MBTI types. The logicians are a wonderful combination of inventive and creative thinkers who are detailed and intelligent enough to actually think through their ideas to their logical conclusions, which is why they often times make great scientists and philosophers. Sometimes they can be so thoughtful that they seem to be stuck inside of their own heads, but most INTP's are more than happy to be caught up in their own thought threads anyway.

1 Judge Judy - ESTJ

ESTJ personalities are at their best when they're using their abilities to parse between what's right and wrong as a means of bringing order and unity to their family and community, which is why it's no shock that no nonsense Judge Judy falls into this MBTI type. They're powerful and outgoing personalities who value sticking up for what's right more than anything else, which is why so many people tend to trust them implicitly and seek them out for their advice and counsel. They're very naturally authoritative but they earn that authority instead of just assuming that it belongs to them.

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