Maybelline's New Red For Me Shade Claims To Look Great On Everyone

In the past, red lipstick was perceived as too bold to be worn every day. Though it is timeless, it is also associated with glamour and sexiness, making it somewhat problematic for the office. Yet the times are changing, red lipstick is now associated with confidence and power, thanks to women like Rihanna, who’ve made the shade chic again.

Yet finding the right red lipstick can be difficult. The common advice is that red lipstick should match the undertones of your skin, but what does that mean? Luckily, Maybelline has introduced a red lipstick that can be worn by women of all skin tones. The formula has the "perfect mixture of undertones" to look good on fair, medium, deep skin and everyone in between. 94% of the women who tested the Color Sensational Made For All lipstick in Red For Me liked it. The shade is one of six new 'suits-all' lipsticks in Maybelline's Made For All collection.

“It’s all about having the right mixture of pigment,” when it comes to creating the perfect shade, says Jon Sáenz, VP of Global Maybelline Marketing in the Lip Category. According to Maybelline, a universally flattering red should have the perfect balance of yellow and blue. The company has assembled a specialist team of color chemists to determine the right mix of pigments needed for each shade to complement every skin-tone.

Sáenz says that 50 women were carefully selected, each with a different skin-tone. The company tested each shade using professional makeup artists to determine if they complemented their skin-tone. The color was also tested at New York Fashion Week in September, where Maybelline’s lead makeup artist, Grace Lee, used Red For Me on more than 50 models — including Candice Huffine and Winnie Harlow, who has vitiligo — at the Cushnie runway show. “I swear it’s like witchcraft cuz it really does look incredible on every skin tone,” Lee wrote on Instagram.

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The Made For All Collection features seven universal shades: Spice For Me, Mauve For Me, Pink For Me, Fuchsia For Me, Red For Me, Ruby For Me, and Plum For Me. The lipstick retails for just $7.49, but if you’re unhappy with the results, Maybelline will offer a refund on Made For All lipsticks purchased in 2019. Online refunds are only valid if you purchase from Walmart's website.

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