Maybelline's New 'Color Sensational Made for All Lipsticks' Look Stunning On Any Skin Tone

Thanks to a social consciousness wake-up call spearheaded by people clamoring for more inclusiveness and awareness, the cosmetics and fashion industry is adapting to the demands much faster than it used to.

In wardrobe circles, designers are abandoning everything from fur to mohair in their choice of materials, while companies like Fenty are introducing wardrobe lines to accommodate bodies of all shapes and sizes. Cosmetics companies have also entered the fray, introducing products using more natural plant-based ingredients to appease more hard-line advocates of environmentalism.

Now, Maybelline has stepped in to diversify its makeup inventory as a means to galvanize a market that's rather complicated on the sensitive issue of skin tone. Its latest array of lipstick products, for example, has been geared towards addressing the needs of a consumer base of varying skin tones by widening the options in its forthcoming "Color Sensational Made for All Lipsticks".

Retailing at $8 a tube, Color Sensational Made for All Lipsticks won't be on the market until January, but they have already made a splash during the spring-summer run of New York Fashion Week. And a select few who already had a chance to test the product have reportedly loved how their choice of lipstick fit their look. Darker toned individuals, for example, who usually complain they have to use a variety of combinations to create their ideal appearance, were happy that one tube, depending on their choice of tone, does the job. Those with lighter tones liked the idea of not having to guess at which tube of lipstick is ideal for their complexions, especially when it comes to nude shades.

What Maybelline's managed to do was introduce seven shades of the new lipstick that are cumulatively suitable for up to 50 different skin tones. Colors range from red to pink and neutral. The key was coming up with the right combination of pigment, via a formula that's the best blend of undertones the company could muster. By addressing the undertone issue, the result is each tube is diversified enough to be used on tones from fair to deep skin.

“It’s all about the right mixture of pigment. For example, the most universally flattering red must have the perfect balance of yellow and blue," said Jon Saenz, VP of Global Maybelline Marketing, Lip. "Using our specialist team of color chemists we know the specific mix of pigments needed for each shade to work on every skin tone.”

For those still in doubt, Maybelline's website has a page enabling makeup lovers to find the right fit for their lips.


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