The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Midge's 10 Best Outfits

In the embarrassment of riches that is today's television landscape, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel stands a pink pillbox hat above the rest. Amy Sherman-Palladino's Amazon series is known for three things: winning a zillion awards, being gut-bustingly funny, and those clothes.

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Protagonist Midge Maisel is the picture-perfect 1950s housewife, whose husband leaves her for his secretary. While nobody envies Midge's position, her wardrobe is a different story. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel takes the viewer back in time,  to an age when people wore clothes that actually fit and nobody was afraid of color. Midge proves that a person can be both sophisticated and sassy at the same time—and look fabulous doing it. Here is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Midge's 10 Best Outfits.

10 Naughty Nightie

This is what rock bottom looks like? When Midge's husband Joel walks out of their marriage, she throws herself a wine-fueled pity party. One thing leads to another and she ends up onstage at the Gaslight in her pajamas. Even though Midge's profane ramblings make her seem like a grade-A hot mess, this baby-doll nightgown is anything but.

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Most people's sad sack PJs tend to be over-sized T-shirts with holes competing against bleach stains. With the adorable satin sash and white lace accents, Midge looks like a Disney princess—albeit one who's half in the bag.

9 Blushing Bride

On the other end of the spectrum, here is Midge at her happiest. Yeah, yeah, she's about to marry the man of her dreams. Whatever. Let's talk about that dress. It is an absolute love letter to Audrey Hepburn's wedding gown in Funny Face. The A-line skirt and short sleeves exude vintage glamour, while the bow on the veil adds a touch of girly froth. The cream-colored dress really helps Midge's candy-apple red lips and nails pop.

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This suits Midge's personality perfectly. She always stands out from the crowd, whether she wants to or not. When she delivered her witty wedding speech, she had her guests eating out of the palm of her porcelain hand, a precursor to her potential as a comedian. While married life may not have turned out how Midge hoped, at least she looks stunning in the wedding photos.

8 Work It, Girl

Like Rachel Green on Friends, Midge finds herself having to get one of those "job things" for the first time. Recently separated, Midge is forced to move back in with her parents and while she enjoys the comforts of home, she's desperate to stand on her own two stilettoed feet. With her sparkling personality, attention to detail, and coiffed aesthetic, she's a natural fit for the makeup counter at B. Altman's.

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The gray suit-dress is all kinds of workplace wonderful, but Midge's striped bowtie is really what makes the outfit sing. In many ways, Midge is a woman of her time, and this is reflected in her fashion choices. But while she'll subscribe to the look of the day, she always adds in a little Midge flare. It's easy to provide service with a smile when you look this good.

7 In The Navy

"Dress to impress" could be Midge Maisel's motto. When she lands a meeting with comedy legend Sophie Lennon, Midge couldn't have picked a better outfit. This navy number has an air of distinct professionalism, but the matching hat and olive sash indicate that Midge isn't a total bore who can only talk about work.

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Basically, Midge looks like a total class act. That's what makes it even more surprising when Sophie Lennon treats her like an urchin who wandered in from the streets. Over the course of the lunch, Midge commits an array of faux pas, the most egregious being that she dared to eat. Yes, eat. Sophie Lennon wouldn't know social grace if it walked up to her in a tailor-made navy dress. Oh wait...it did.

6 An American In Paris

Today's tourist destinations can be such a sea of fanny packs and track pants that it's hard to recall a time when travelling was actually a reason to dress up. Yes kids, once upon a time, people wore business suits on flights, not pajamas. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel sure remembers this time fondly. Midge takes an impromptu trip to Paris and literally everything she wears is exquisite.

Choosing a favorite Paris outfit is like a parent having to pick a favorite child, but this winter-blue coat paired with the dusty rose hat takes the gâteau. Her gloves are every bit as stylish as they are functional, and work even better indoors then they do outdoors. Très belle.

5 Cocktail Party Couture

With her quick-as-lightning wit and banter ability, Midge has no problem commanding the attention of a cocktail party. Throw in this outfit, and she's an unstoppable force. Midge warms up the room in this autumn color-block number.

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The fact that her lipstick perfectly matches her salmon shirt is no coincidence. Her skirt is fun and flirty, perfect for an after-work soirée. Midge makes the party circuit rounds to try out new comedy material, but it's also a lovely opportunity to experiment with new outfits as well. We give this one five out of five hors d'ouevres.

4 Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Every year the Maisels take a summer vacation to the Catskills, and every year Abe tells the ladies to pack light. Do they listen? Of course not. When travelling, a woman has to have her attire options. True to form, Midge hits it out of the fashion ballpark with the gorgeous yellow sundress she arrives in.

It's too bad the other vacationers aren't as sunny as Midge's dress. Now that she's splitting up with Joel, Midge finds herself the subject of much gossip and judgment. Shame on those people. Instead of asking her about custody arrangements, they should be asking her where she gets her breathtaking outfits.

3 Seeing Red

There is no greater revenge on your ex than looking like a total bombshell. Midge attends the Maisel-Wiseman Yom Kippur dinner dressed to kill. This is the first dinner the families are having post-separation, and if Joel didn't know what he was missing before, he definitely has an indication now.

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Is it sheer coincidence that the frame of this dress resembles Midge's wedding gown? Who's to say? Even without the bridal glow, Midge looks just as fetching, if not even better. While the dinner itself is a disaster, Midge's outfit is a hit.

2 Pretty In Pink

If there's one color associated with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it's pink. Midge may look smashing in every color of the rainbow, but she's a miracle in magenta. This is the first outfit we see Midge wearing in her present-day and it completely encapsulates her personality: perky, feminine, and fun-loving.

This is just one in a revolving door of pink numbers, but it's by far the dishiest. In this scene, Midge may be bursting with joy because she got the rabbi to come to her Yom Kippur dinner but the real triumph is this pink color palette of perfection.

1 Thank You, And Good Night

Always save the best for last. The Season 1 finale finds Midge at a low point, having turned herself into a comedy pariah after dissing Sophie Lennon. With the help of business manager Susie, Midge succeeds in achieving a victorious comeback.

Midge has the confidence and talent to achieve this wearing a paper bag. But let's be real. When you look good, you feel good. At past gigs, Midge kept it casual, but here she went all out and navigated the treasure trove that is her socialite mother's closet. In another Audrey-inspired outfit, Midge looks better suited for breakfast at Tiffany's than cracking jokes in a basement comedy bar, but this chic cocktail dress made people sit up and listen. Accessories don't get any classier than pearls and satin opera gloves. The whimsical bow accents make this number absolutely marvelous.

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