Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: 20 Details Most People Don't Know About Rachel Brosnahan

You know those types of actresses who seem to come around in the business every once in a blue moon, those women who possess impeccable comedic timing which is reminiscent of fabulous cinema stars from the golden age of Hollywood? Well, if you didn't already know, we're here to tell you that Rachel Brosnahan is one of those iconic, talented actresses.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a tale of a woman who discovers her true self through stand-up comedy during the '50s, called for a lead actress to translate Midge Maisel's ability to laugh in the face of adversity - that's where Rachel came in. But that's definitely not where she stops. Great things are in store for her. 

Here are 20 things to know about the fabulous actress.

20 She Keeps Her Awards In An Odd Place

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Bathrooms can serve as a sacred oasis which can allow plenty of time for private contemplation, or at least for Rachel Brosnahan, it's a place to remind yourself of your greatest achievements!

Rachel has had some memorable achievements already thanks to her role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which has won her an Emmy and two Golden Globes, and she told Jimmy Fallon she keeps the awards in her bathroom, as Vulture reports.

You may wonder what could possibly lead Rachel to store her awards in such an odd location, but her answer is actually very practical: enough storage space is crucial!

19 She And Her Hubby Share Hobbies

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There's nothing like the "thing" within a relationship which bonds a couple together, and it also helps if your "thing" happens to be a cultural phenomenon. In the Summer of 2016, an interactive game launched which changed the landscape of video games: Pokemon Go.

As pop culture fads go, Pokemon Go's staying power dwindled a bit, but there's one actress keeping it alive: Rachel Brosnahan!

As if Rachel's love for Pokemon Go couldn't be any more enduring, she told Jimmy Fallon her husband plays it on the red carpet, as Mashable reports. 

18 Rachel Loves Snacking

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We love a celeb who truly presents her authentic self! In Hollywood, it's a little difficult to find an actress who openly talks about her love of snack food. Rachel Brosnahan frequently champions the idea of living your best life alongside your favourite snack food!

She spoke to Glamour about her love of a classic burger and fries combo with ketchup thrown in for good measure. What could be a tastier combination?

17 Not Everyone Laughs At Rachel

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With Rachel's sharp wit and her charismatic presence on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it's stunning to think it's taken so long for her talent to be recognized! When we're in the process of following our dreams, it's important to remember success in Hollywood takes time to unfold, and Rachel's success story with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is proof that the perfect opportunity comes with patience.

Rachel detailed the process of rejection within the business in an interview with Glamour. She described the reality of being cast, saying, "we're told 'no' almost every day." Thankfully the world eventually said "yes" to her!

16 She's Related To A Legend In Handbags

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It's extra special when creative talent is hereditary and transcends different artistic mediums. For Rachel, the family line stretches from comedy all the way to clothing. Rachel's aunt was top designer Kate Spade.

You might recognise Kate's designs by their bright but still minimalist prints on handbags and other high-end accessories. She tragically passed away last year but her niece is on hand to preserve her legacy is a wonderfully sweet way.

Rachel is going to be the new face of the spring campaign for Kate Spade's label, Frances Valentine, as People reports. 

15 Rachel Enjoys A Night-In Instead Of Going Out

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When you're part of the entertainment world, there are endless opportunities to attend lavish parties, but if you're Rachel Brosnahan, the nightlife scene doesn't contribute anything to your life.

Us Weekly focused on Rachel for their series on the most relatable facts about the most elite members of Hollywood, and Rachel was said to love a good old-fashioned game night from the comfort of her own home. We can totally relate!

14 Her Private Life Is Super-Personal

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It's almost impossible to conceal your relationship when you're in the spotlight. Rachel's relationship with her now-husband Jason Ralph has been kept under the radar to a pretty high extent. If their marriage is news to you, don't feel bad - the couple kept their nuptials super-private.

"We've been married for years and been together for even longer," Rachel said during the SAG Awards, as Pop Sugar reports.

13 She's No Stranger To Television

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If Rachel Brosnahan's face seems familiar to you, chances are you've seen her in the background of your Netflix-and-chill session. Rachel's been in the company of Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey.

She was on House Of Cards for three seasons, until her character met her demise. But Rachel said it was hard to keep mum about what was going to happen on the show, telling Marie Claire she's terrible at keeping secrets.

12 Rachel Thinks Puppies Are Perfect

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When it comes to a companion, who's better to share your life with than a cute puppy? Rachel is a member of the "pup club" and she's always down for an opportunity to document her life as a dog mom for IG!

As Men's Journal reports, Rachel opened up about how she believes she's a crazy dog lady. She said,

"I was in Vancouver and going on vacation for a week, and I didn’t want to board [my dogs] because Nikki is a rescue and she’s a little bit nervous. I spent five days driving them all the way to Dallas to stay with family. My best friend came along, and we turned it into a big old doggie road trip."

11 New York Is No Longer 'New' For Her

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Rachel Brosnahan believes in the wonders of New York City, as well as in the endless possibilities the city provides. Like many of us, Rachel is fascinated with some aspects only the "City that never sleeps" can bring. One of them is how it embraces being real and unique. She told Rolling Stone the story of her experience of living in New York, saying,

"In New York, you go to the grocery store however ... you can get there, whatever you look like, wherever the line is shortest. In L.A., the grocery store was a runway. People are done up to go to the grocery store.”

10 Her Husband Makes Clever Costume Choices

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Having a supportive partner can make life so much easier and more fun, especially when the two of you can easily goof around together.

For Rachel and her husband, the two of them are obviously able to laugh together, as illustrated by Jason's Halloween costume last year. As Page Six reports, he paid tribute to the character his wife has brought to life and into the spotlight, the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!

9 Her Exercise Routine Is Interesting

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Rachel Brosnahan turned some heads in her school hallway for sure. She loved to wrestle! When talking about the sport, she told InStyle Magazine, "It was so much about being present in the moment.

Listening carefully and responding appropriately. Which, I think, has helped me in every single aspect of this art and this business. "

8 Rachel's Crazy For Caffeine

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If you're familiar with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel even in the slightest, you're aware the writers are the same ones who brought you a groundbreaking television show which gave you a coffee craving you can't cure. Yup, we're talking about Gilmore Girls! Rachel Brosnahan could've easily fit in with the townies of Stars Hollow, and she's showing some Gilmore similarities with her love of coffee.

As the LA Times reports, Rachel drinks "vats of coffee" to help her memorize lines from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's script.

7 Her Audition For Mrs. Maisel Wasn't So Marvelous

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There's nothing worse than the common cold. It always seems to strike at the most inconvenient times. For Rachel, a cold struck her shortly before one of the biggest events of her life: her Mrs. Maisel audition!

Rachel detailed her audition experience in an interview with Harper's Bazaar, saying,

"I rallied, but I honestly was so sick during the camera test—I was so sweaty Amy [executive producer] kept stopping me because I had to powder my face, I was blowing my nose, I took my shoes off at some point… at best, that test was a beautiful disaster! But Midge is kind of a disaster sometimes."

6 She's Been On Broadway

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Watching how Rachel portrays Midge Maisel on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it seems she carries her character with the poise of a vintage Hollywood actress. She also seems to have experience in the theatre. If you've picked up these vibes from Rachel, it's good to know she has indeed been on Broadway. Rachel's Broadway experience is extensive. In her pre-Maisel days, she starred in a production of The Big Knife in 2013.

“I’m the youngest member of the cast by quite a lot, so it’s been a lot of listening and observing,” she told Broadway about her experience.

5 Rachel Can Throw A Party

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In an early episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Midge is faced with the task of hosting a last-minute dinner party, and the party turns out to be a flop! Luckily for Rachel herself, the act of throwing a party is a much smoother experience.

She told House Beautiful that she loves getting creative with materials that are right in front of her. As she said, "I've since learned anything can be a chair if you wish it hard enough!"

4 Her Go-To Films Are Documentaries

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Rachel has certainly done her fair share of documentary searching during a Netflix-and-chill session. The actress spoke to Us Weekly and revealed she was once very interested in "watching documentaries about medical mysteries."

She continued to say that she "considered becoming a surgeon" due to her love of these shows.

3 She Loves To Turn A Page

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When Rachel isn't spending time in the 1950s world ruled by Midge Maisel, she enjoys letting her mind go to faraway places. Rachel absolutely loves books, referring to herself as an "incessant reader," as Variety reports.

In the interview, she goes on to say that books such as Harry Potter and those penned by Roald Dahl were her favourites when she was younger.

2 She's Got Stage Fright

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When you've made the decision to go out and become an actress, you present such a huge part of yourself to an audience for endless public consumption. It's no wonder Rachel has stage fright. She told The Last Magazine,

"I still have really terrible stage fright, but I love it." No matter how scared she feels, she certainly doesn't let it get the best of her, adding that it's similar to what comedians go through. No matter how badly they fear the stage, they keep feeling pulled to it.

1 Rachel's Scene Is 'Behind The Scenes'

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Rachel's credits in front of the camera are extensive for someone who is 28 years old! After starring on hit shows, Rachel has expressed setting her sights away from the spotlight.

In an interview with Variety, Rachel said she'd love to direct or produce in future, adding,

"I hope that there’ll be more opportunities to work with more women as we continue the conversation about the need for more women to be represented in different parts of this industry, whether in front of or behind the camera."

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