Marvel Vs DC: Which Franchise Has The Best Superwomen

Throughout the history of comic books and superhero movies, one debate has always raged on - which is better, Marvel or DC? Fans on both sides have very strong opinions, and it's often tough to pick a winner. Those of us who haven't picked sides are perfectly content with enjoying the many movies and TV shows produced by both universes. But there are those who say that one franchise is definitely better than the other.

This can be for a few reasons. Some say the characters from one universe are simply cooler than the other. Some say DC has a darker and more realistic tone, while Marvel seems more "magical" at times. There are many other differences between the two that fans get divided over, but there is one area that is way more important than a lot of people realize - the women. We all know that movies do a lot better in the box office if hot, steamy girls are involved. And both Marvel and DC know this basic fact well. But which of the two has the steamiest superwomen? Let's take a closer look, shall we?

20 Marvel: Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen has played the Scarlet Witch in a few movies now, and we have to admit that it's a great casting decision. In the comic books, Scarlet Witch is always seen as a powerful, yet extremely hot and seductive superwoman. Elizabeth Olsen is gorgeous, so she fits the bill perfectly. She's actually a character than flirts with both good and evil intentions in the comic books, so that makes her even more interesting and alluring to watch.

It's also interesting to note that in the comic books, Scarlet Witch is wearing a much more revealing outfit, and it's clear that Marvel realized that this wasn't quite appropriate for their movies. But Elizabeth Olsen still looks very steamy in her red leather jacket.

19 DC: Catwoman

There's always been one DC superwoman who never fails to impress, and that's Catwoman. Over the years, she's appeared in tons of different Batman movies, and each time she just exudes hotness and seduces all who lay eyes on her. The most interesting thing about Batwoman is that she walks a fine line between good and evil. You're never really sure whether she's an enemy or a friend, and that unpredictable nature is a big reason why so many consider her to be incredibly hot.

The debate over which actress was the best Catwoman is one of fierce debate. Some would say that Michelle Pfeiffer's rendition many years ago was incredibly hot. Others would point to Halle Berry's portrayal. The most recent Catwoman was, of course, Anne Hathaway, and tons of people insist that she was the best one yet.

18 Marvel: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is another awesome female Marvel character that a lot of us are just starting to get to know, and it's all thanks to an incredible Netflix series that people have been binge-watching for quite some time now. Jessica Jones is one of the coolest superheroes in the Marvel universe, but until her Netflix series, a lot of people had no idea she even existed.

She's a really beautiful superwoman, and a big part of that is due to the actress that plays her. This actress is Krysten Ritter, and she's always impressed in her other roles. But Jessica Jones is also a very steamy superwoman because of how powerful she is. She's incredibly strong, and it's great to see a female character portrayed as such because it goes against gender stereotypes.

17 DC: Wonder Woman


In the world of DC, one woman, in particular, tends to blow all of the others right out of the water. And that woman is, of course, Wonder Woman. In many ways, she sums up what every superwoman should be like, and it's a real wonder why she wasn't given a movie title earlier. But once she made it onto the big screen, everyone fell in love with this powerful, independent and strong female character.

Part of the reason for this was because of Wonder Woman's personality and character, which has existed long before the comic book hero was transposed onto the big screen. But when it was announced that the beautiful Gal Gadot would be playing the character, her hotness factor went up by several points. Her revealing outfit definitely didn't hurt either.

16 Marvel: Lady Sif

A personal favorite of many, Lady Sif is definitely the most powerful Asgardian around. Although she sometimes gets overshadowed by other female characters in the Thor movies, (namely Natalie Portman's character, Jane), she is definitely a sight to behold, and there is serious beauty in her strength and warrior persona. She is played by the beautiful actress, Jaimie Alexander.

Lady Sif is actually quite a tragic character in many ways. Her love for the god Thor is legendary, and in the original Norse myths on which the Marvel characters were based, Lady Sif is the romantic companion of Thor. You get the feeling that she has unrequited love for Thor, and you always ask yourself why the heck Thor wouldn't want to be with such a beautiful woman.

15 DC: Harley Quinn


Many people reading this would say that Harley Quinn is actually the hottest superwoman in this entire article, from both DC and Marvel universes. And it's hard to find fault with that assessment. Harley Quinn's personality, character, and appearance just exudes sultriness and the kind of coy, bubbly energy that drives guys wild. She is of course linked with the Joker, who was the man who created Harley Quinn as we know her today.

But on a deeper level, there is definitely something very tragic about her character. She's emotionally and psychologically damaged. What the Joker did to her definitely knocked a couple of screws loose. So although she's very seductive and attractive, there is also something very unerring and unsettling about her deranged behavior. She is of course played by the ever gorgeous Margot Robbie.

14 Marvel: Gamora

When the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out, a lot of people were totally caught off guard. Not many people had actually read the comics on which the movie was based, and so the majority of us were introduced to this amazing new Marvel Universe for the first time. And perhaps one of the most interesting and alluring characters we were introduced to was Gamora.

This incredible space-faring woman is the main romantic interest for Starkiller, and we can definitely see why he wants her so badly. Like many of the most interesting women in the Marvel universe, Gamora is a very strong, resourceful and determined woman, and that's a big part of what makes her so irresistable. She also has a tragic and mysterious past, adding to her allure.

13 DC: Poison Ivy

For the inclusion of Poison Ivy in a Batman movie, you'll have to go back in time a few decades, but trust us, it's worth it. Poison Ivy has long been considered one of the hottest, steamiest, and most seductive women in the DC universe and Uma Thurman definitely did the character justice all those years ago. Poison Ivy is famous for her poisonous lipstick, which definitely adds another layer of intrigue to this femme fatale.

It's easy to forget that Poison Ivy is a lot more than just a pretty face. She is, of course, an expert on plants, but she's far from just a run of the mill researcher. When it comes to Botany and plant life, she's a total genius, and she is capable of creating all sorts of chemical cocktails from plant material to help her in her evil plans.

12 Marvel: Black Widow

Many people consider Scarlett Johansson to be the most beautiful woman in the world, and that's a hard judgment to argue with. There's something about her that just makes mens' hearts beat faster. And as it turns out, she makes one hell of a superwoman, appearing as Black Widow in many of Marvel's greatest movies, often appearing as a sidekick-type character to Captain America.

Although they work together, Captain America and Black Widow never really get romantic with each other, and it's hard to understand why. Maybe Captain America is just trying to be professional. Whatever the case, it's clear that a lot of guys would not have that level of self-restraint around the Black Widow. She's another character with a mysterious past, which definitely makes her more interesting.

11 DC: Supergirl


Marvel isn't the only franchise that has been exploring comic book inspired television shows. Supergirl is one show that has been gathering a lot of steam lately, and for good reason. It's actually a great show. For those who don't know, Supergirl is actually Superman's cousin and is one of the last remaining Kryptonians. She has all of the same powers as her cousin, making her so powerful that she's almost unstoppable.

In the TV show, Supergirl is incredibly attractive, and that's in large part due to the fact that she's played by the very beautiful Melissa Benoist. Critics describe Supergirl's character as the fun, quirky cousin of Superman, and this character is obviously very different from Clark Kent, who is often very serious and straight-edge.

10 Marvel: Mystique

Mystique is a character we've gotten to know very well over the years, and she's been in our minds since the very first X-Men movie came out, all those years ago. With this first movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe truly announced its arrival on the film scene, and we can't underestimate Mystique's role in making everyone crazy about Marvel movies from that moment on.

Mystique is generally seen as attractive because she doesn't actually wear any clothes. As a shapeshifter, she is most comfortable in her own skin, literally. While there are a few strategically places bumps and ridges to maintain her modesty, Mystique is essentially walking around fully exposed most of the time. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out why that's so appealing.

9 DC: Faora

Faora was another somewhat minor character that appeared in the DC cinematic universe, but she also made a strong impression. She appeared in the movie Man of Steel, and she was a total villain. She played a Kryptonian who arrived on Earth to wreak havoc as part of a team of aliens. Although she was cold, distant and utterly heartless, there was also a sense of allure and mystery to her.

She's definitely not a traditional "bombshell" like so many other actresses and superwomen in this article, but then again, non-traditional beauty is sometimes so much more compelling. She was definitely a very strong female character, and she showed us that sometimes pure evil can take the form of a raven-haired beauty.

8 Marvel: Lady Deathstrike

You may not really remember Lady Deathstrike, as she's definitely not a major character by any stretch of the imagination. In the end, she's just another evil henchwoman that ends up getting slain by none other than the Wolverine. But there was something about her that really made X-2 a great movie, and a lot of that had to do with her attractiveness.

In many ways, she was actually an improved version of Wolverine, with an Adamantium skeleton and ten claws instead of Wolverine's six. She was also much faster and agiler than the Wolverine. She had a cold, determined look of a killer about her, and that was a big reason why she was so hot and seductive. It was definitely a sad moment when she died.

7 DC: Silk Spectre

Another DC movie that you might have seen is Watchmen. This movie stunned many of us, and some consider it to be one of the most interesting and satisfying superhero movies of all time. The movie was laden with symbolism and observations about our own world, and there were some amazing hidden messages laced within the plot. But like any decent superhero movie, the real weight rested on the shoulders of the characters.

And one of the most enticing characters in Watchmen was definitely Silk Spectre. Technically, she was Silk Spectre II, because her mother was the first. She doesn't really have any powers, but she's quite a handful in a fight and a great tactician. She is played by the lovely Carla Gugino, and many people fell in love with this character when they saw her.

6 Marvel: Elektra

Elektra is another Marvel superwoman who kept people's eyes glued to the screen. The fact that she was played by the very attractive Jennifer Garner, obviously didn't hurt. This character has a long-standing romance with Daredevil, and the two heroes cross paths constantly. Her costume is quite revealing, but she's a lot more than meets the eye. She is one of the most deadly assassins in the Marvel universe, and she's well-trained with a variety of weapons.

It's also interesting to note that Jennifer Garner is not the only person to have played Elektra. There is also another version of the character which appears in the Netflix Marvel series, and this one is played by Elodie Yung. Although the Daredevil movie wasn't as good as some other Marvel films, it's clear that Garner at least made it bearable.

5 DC: Silken Floss

Scarlet Johansson is one of the few actresses that can say they've played characters in both DC and Marvel movies. In case you're wondering where this picture is from, don't feel too bad. The movie The Spirit was a complete flop, although it was based on a DC comic. So technically, Scarlet Johansson's character, Silken Floss, is a DC superwoman... Just one that you've probably never heard of.

She is actually a very intelligent woman, and she's a secretary to The Octopus, The Spirit's arch enemy. What's interesting about this character is that Silken Floss is so different to Black Widow, Johansson's Marvel character. This one is so much more evil and villainous, and it's awesome to see this actress's amazing range. It's a difficult choice to see what's more alluring - evil Scarlet or good Scarlet.

4 Marvel: Jean Grey

Jean Grey is another Marvel character who has been played by a few actresses over the years. But whoever is playing this character, it seems beauty is a requisite. Jean Grey is definitely one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel universe, and a big part of this is due to her instability and split-personality. She is actually one of the most powerful mutants in the universe, and this makes her all the more alluring and interesting.

For a long time, she was the primary love interest of Wolverine, although his feelings towards her were not returned. Instead, she remained loyal to Cyclops, a much more stable figure. But for many, the most interesting development in Jean Grey's character is the fact that she's now played by the very beautiful Sophie Turner.

3 DC: Huntress


DC comic book fans will tell you that the Huntress is one of the hottest DC characters ever created, and it's hard to argue with that assessment. And fans of the hit TV show Arrow will also back up the fact that Huntress is definitely one of the steamiest superwomen around, both in the DC and the Marvel universes. Her and Green Arrow cross paths frequently, and there is frequently a romantic tension between them. It seems like they are a good match, seeing as they both like shooting things with arrows!

The Huntress is played in the Arrow series by the lovely Jessica De Gouw, and you have to admit that she looks totally gorgeous in a mask and leather outfit. Maybe one day she'll get her own movie... With characters like Huntress, DC really needs to take advantage of this and start making more movies that showcase their incredible roster of female superheroes.

2 Marvel: Psylocke

Ask any Marvel comic book fan who their favorite female character is, and a huge majority of them will tell you one name: Psylocke. Guys were falling in love with her long before she ever hit the big screen, and once she appeared there was a huge frenzy surrounding her. Psylocke is definitely one of the coolest characters that Marvel has ever produced, and this is due to many things. First of all, her costume is famously revealing. Second, she has some amazing powers, including psychic powers and amazing training with various Japanese martial arts and weapons.

In X-Men: Apocalypse, she was played by the very beautiful Olivia Munn, who comic books fans already love. This is because Olivia Munn loves cosplay, and so squeezing into Psylocke's costume must have been a labor of love for her.

1 DC: Batgirl


Batgirl is one character we've haven't seen a whole lot of, except of course in the classic movie, Batman and Robin. In this film, Batgirl was played by the gorgeous Alicia Silverstone, and she certainly made her mark. The movie is now so old that a lot of you probably don't remember it, but for many of us, it was a big part of the 90s. Batgirl is a lot more than just the female equivalent of Batman - she's got a lot more personality and quirkiness.

Believe it or not, Alicia Silverstone revealed that she was actually body-shamed while she was on the set of Batman and Robin. This blows our mind because she was definitely one of the most attractive women at the time. For those of you who love Batgirl, the good news is that there's a brand new Batgirl movie coming soon to a theater near you!


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