Mariah Carey Uses Milk In Her Beauty Regimen

Mariah Carey doesn’t seem to bathe like the rest of us do, and we are not in the slightest bit surprised!

What we may use in our morning coffee is what legendary singer-songwriter Mariah uses in the bathtub. The Queen of Christmas recently sat down with The Guardian for an interview promoting the singer's recent projects, and it turns out that the star shared a little more than she may have originally intended. Mariah discussed many topics throughout the interview, from her biracial roots to her children, and even milk baths! Yes, you heard that right. Milk baths.

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The confession came about when the interviewer asked Mariah about certain rumors revolving around her many diva antics. These have included her allegedly requesting 20 white kittens and 100 white doves for an appearance at a shopping center, and how she requests a new toilet seat every time she stays at a hotel. The singer was quick to shut those rumors down, and dismissed them both as being untrue.


The singer was then asked to confirm yet another rumor that claims that she only bathes in French mineral water. Mariah’s response was nothing short of, well, Mariah. “No, I bathe in Milk”, the singer replied. “Yes, sometimes I use milk as a beauty treatment”, Mariah shared. And although bathing in milk isn’t something you hear everyday, we can’t say we’re surprised to hear that coming from Mariah Carey. And although it may sound strange, milk does have many beauty benefits that clearly seem to be working for this superstar!

If you’re wondering just how Mariah takes her milk baths, well, apparently they must never be warm or hot, always cold! In addition, Mariah was not opposed to the idea of bathing in French mineral water. “I guess if there is no clean water and I had to use mineral water, maybe I would,” Carey said. Same, Mariah, same.

Mariah is readying her next studio album which is set to be released this upcoming fall. If that weren’t enough, the We Belong Together singer is heading back to Vegas for a brand new residency titled “The Butterfly Returns”. She has returned to take back her throne, although, did she ever really give it up? If you’d like to see Mariah in all her glory this summer in Vegas, check out tickets here!


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