Man's Heartwarming Goodbye Message From Nail Technician Goes Viral

Nails, nails, and more nails. Who wouldn’t become close while spending time together chitter chattering and doing their nails?

Well, it seems like London resident Siam Saracino knows this to be true. The sweet story of how his friendship with a nail technician at a salon in the Eastern end of the city developed has got the internet buzzing with excitement.

It all began as soon as Saracino shared the truly heartwarming text message he got from his special friend, whom he identified as Bian. She thanked him for his support while saying that it had been “an honor to be [Siam’s] friend” and that she was “happy to be a braver person because [of him]."

Bian, who is returning to her home country of Vietnam also showed gratitude for Saracino’s efforts in teaching her son Liem English and for helping the six-year-old boy with his homework.

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Siam Saracino

Siam had initially decided to share the message only because he felt that "it was a moment of pure uninterrupted love between two friends." The amount of attention it has received really shocked him. Though, he is glad that is has gone on to touch so many others and that their fabulous friendship has made so many people’s days.

With social media often being extremely “depressing sometimes,” he says, it “was a good feeling” knowing that the rare bond Bian and him have is being seen as “so precious” and so “beautiful.”

The 21-year-old Twitter user met his nail guru in 2015 when he made his first mani-pedi appointment after noticing his nails were looking "shambolic" while shopping around, as Teen Vogue reports.

The duo had initially begun with just casual conversations for the first few appointments, Siam says.

That small talk eventually got longer and longer as the two got closer while talking about everything from romance to politics during their sessions. The new BFFs even spent tons of time hanging out outside of their salon dates, and, often times, were assumed by other Londoners to be “a family unit.”

It was after a couple of years that Bian mentioned to Siam that she didn't feel quite at home in the English city and that she had always had dreams to open up a "UK-style nail salon" back in Vietnam. She also divulged that she felt ready to leave London and to finally return to her home in Vietnam.

The day of her departure was the day Bian sent the touching text message – and though the two friends are now miles upon miles apart, they will keep in touch just as all besties do.

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