Mandy Moore's Pink Wedding Dress (+ 19 More Non-Traditional Celeb Bridal Gowns We Can't Get Over)

You know the exact place in the grocery store's magazine newsstand where the giant glossy wedding magazines are kept. Raise your hand if you've ever spent countless hours dreaming of your personal perfect day of marital bliss! If you're a lover of falling in love with planning your perfect day, there are so many different components to your dream day, but we all know the loveliest part of wedded bliss dreams centers on your dream dress!

So many of us have dreamed of wearing beautiful gowns while walking down the aisle to our happily ever after. Often, we've had visions of our dream dress planned down to the exact detail, and our gorgeous fantasy gowns are often rooted in tradition. Wedding warriors can easily picture the traditional bridal gown, with endless white tulle and a stunning floor-length veil. All of those specific details are probably stuck in your head because you've spent hours poring over photos of celebrity brides looking traditionally stunning.

Imagine flipping through your celebrity bridal mag and noticing a celeb bride who challenges the status quo of traditionally-gorgeous gowns, and the photos take your breath away.

Many celebrity bridal babes have taken wedding dresses to the next level by inspiring all brides to experiment with their big day, and encouraging them to put a spin on the definition of bridal chic!

Surely all guests at these 20 celebrity nuptials were fixed on the bride, and so were the eyes of inspired brides all over the world.

20 Mandy Moore's Pretty-In-Pink Dress

via People

Mandy Moore has always been a style icon since she was a teen queen singing about candy, and her wedding wear took her fashionista status to the next level!

For her 2018 wedding to Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmith, Mandy decided to incorporate vintage 1960s dress vibes into her bridal look. Her dress and floor-length veil were pink, which sweetly matched her sweetly Spring-inspired wedding mood.

Mandy's pink dress seems to mirror a sense of optimism and happiness, just like Mandy's journey to becoming Mrs. Goldsmith! Her colour scheme is certainly reminiscent of Instagram-worthy filter magic.

19 Sarah Jessica Parker's Gothic Glam

via Yahoo

We know Sarah Jessica Parker is the stylistic brainchild behind the memorable eternal style icon, Carrie Bradshaw, and we know Carrie is responsible for inspiring countless fashionistas, but it turns out before Carrie was introduced to the world, Sarah Jessica blessed cutting-edge brides with a darker wedding look.

Years before Carrie Bradshaw stunned us with a beautiful grown goal, Sarah Jessica stunned the wedding world when she married Matthew Broderick in 1997. Her dress spun traditional bridal looks on its heel when she wore a black gown instead of traditional bridal white.

18 Keira Knightly's Ballerina Babe

via Pinterest

Keira Knightley set the bar for minimalist boho chic brides everywhere. For her 2013 nuptials to rock and roller James Righton, Knightley put a rock-and-roll spin on her dress. Any bride can easily pay tribute to Keira's wedding wear by simply adding a ballerina-inspired tutu and rocking a fancy jacket loaned from your grandmother, to fulfill the "borrowed" aspect of your wedding planning!

Keira's punk-rock dress was topped off with a pair of cat-eye shaped sunglasses. Although her look couldn't be any cooler, the actress rocked a classic pair of flat shoes.

17 Solange's Angelic Wonder

via Pinterest

The Knowles sisters are style icons and both queens inspire us in every avenue possible, especially fashion. For her wedding day, the Knowles sister who took the crown for the must-emulate wedding dress look would be Solange! Beyonce is known for her song about feeling angelic with "Halo," but Solange truly channeled vibes from heaven for her wedding to Alan Ferguson!

Solange took wedding looks to the next level by daring not to limit herself with the number of outfits the singer wore on her big day. According to Huffington Post, Solange included a paint suit to her wedding wardrobe.

16 Jessica Biel's Pop Of Colour

via Wedding Dress and Decor Ideas

Jessica Biel's pink wedding dress she wore for her wedding to Justin Timberlake could act as symbolism to their sweet love story! A pair of teen idols from yesteryear, a famous girl next door and a boyband wonder kid, met and united years later, to give us all goals for perfect wedded bliss.

Both Timberlake and Biel are longtime style icons, and their wedding look reflected a sense of sophistication, outlined with personal touches of the couple's playful love story. The couple's location for their wedding added a romantic sense of beauty - they tied the knot in Italy, as Brides reports.

15 Tina Turner's Dress For All Occasions

via Pinterest

Tina Turner has been giving the world style goals since your grandmother was developing her own trends, and Tina's staying power on the style radar is "simply the best!" For her wedding to Erwin Bach, the legendary diva wore a black ball gown, with a hint of lime green on the inside. Tina topped off her gown with a pair of black sandals.

Tina's theatrical gown was created by designer giant Giorgio Armani, as Italy magazine reports, which should give everyday brides inspiration for attainably bold looks with an extremely matchable colour scheme.

The soulful diva's dress held some very personal ties, too.

As the magazine states, Turner is a Buddhist, and in the Buddhist faith colours play important roles. Green symbolizes balance.

14 Emma Thompson's Colourful Creation

via Pinterest

The 1980s were memorable for many, many reasons, but especially for its "anything goes" vibe when it came to fashion. Veteran actress Emma Thompson is known for her sophisticated style of acting, but for her 1989 nuptials to her first husband, Kenneth Branagh, she was known for wearing an outfit that possessed a hint of sophistication but also mirrored the "anything goes" mantra of the '80s.

Thompson's patterned wedding outfit was topped off with a hat, which gives us beautiful English-rose vibes. The stunning August day matched Thompson's fantastic floral arrangement, all the way down to her floral shoes.

13 Kat Von D's Red Hot Dream

via Pinterest

You probably know Kat Von D for her love of rebellious tattoos and her make up line of goth-inspired looks, so it's probably no surprise to her fans and followers that she would choose a wedding dress reflecting her love for unconventional style.

Kat Von D's dress was very much inspired by devilish sophistication. Her dress's train was incredibly long and bright red. She topped her fiery red dress with a headpiece reminiscent of devil horns. So unique and eye-catching.

12 Elizabeth Taylor's Classic Look

via Good Housekeeping

One of the most memorable actresses of the classic Hollywood era, Elizabeth Taylor was known for her stunning beauty, and she is also remembered for her classic moments in fashion.

Taylor, no doubt, set the scene for the modern world of bridal fashion with her multiple trips down the aisle, but her nuptials to the singer and actor Eddie Fischer set the bar for the minimalist but still sophisticated wedding look.

Her dark green dress could be worn to any formal event but was still adorned with a tinge of classic Hollywood glamour. As Brides reports, her dress was green silk and it had a hood as well as long sleeves. Elizabeth Taylor was always a beautiful bride!

11 Piper Perabo's Pretty Prints

via Glamour UK

Piper Perabo's wedding look proves you do not have to follow any rules on your big day, because your day belongs to you! Her dress is a smorgasbord of looks. If you're a fan of the classic animal print, you'll adore Piper's dress.

Piper wore a silver dress with a hint of animal-print inspiration, and she topped off her look with a long yellow veil.

Piper gives inspiration to brides everywhere to choose their own wedding-gown design, with no limits or rules.

10 Mia Farrow's New York Glamour

via Pinterest

Television shows that pay tribute to the trends of yesterday, like Mad Men and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, have shined a light on fashion pieces which reflect a specific style era in history. And then there are the wedding gowns that are now a perfect throwback to those times, such as Mia Farrow's dress for her wedding to Frank Sinatra. As The Wedding Secret states, Mia's dress was a two-piece white suit that went beautifully with her short pixie hairstyle.

"She looked the epitome of '60s mod on her wedding day,"

the site adds. She looked simple, classic, and absolutely stunning.

9 Angelina Jolie's Family Florals

via Pinterest

The woman who donned this wedding dress almost needs no introduction! Her famous nuptials to Brad Pitt seemed to tie up elements of the legendary couple's relationship in a bow. The (now divorced) couple share a big family together, and Angelina's wedding dress stealthily incorporated touches from the Jolie-Pitt children.

If you look closely, you'll see Angelina's dress is adorned with what appears to be drawings. According to The Knot, those drawings were composed by none other than the couple's children.

8 Liberty Ross' Beautiful Black Dress

via Hollywood Reporter

As a model, Liberty Ross has graced us with countless different looks on the runway, but one of her most memorable looks was given to us courtesy of her wedding to music producer, Jimmy Iovine!

Liberty was a vision in black while wearing a gown suited for aspiring gothic princesses everywhere. The highlight of the gown was its stunning veil, which was held in place by a massive structural headpiece. 

Ross and Iovine had a vision for their colour scheme and ran with it. The guests were "asked to wear red," according to People.

7 Marilyn Monroe's Simple Stunner

via Good Housekeeping

For such a style icon who's still an inspiration, it's a little surprising to see Marilyn Monroe stepping out in such a simple outfit on her big day. Marilyn chose a very big occasion to wear a simple, but elegantly vintage, dress: her wedding day to Arthur Miller. As Brides reports, the dress had an empire waist, ruched bust and body-skimming sheath.

To Marilyn, perhaps her black dress was a welcoming switch from the more traditional fancy wedding attire the actress wore for her two previous weddings.

According to Brides, the Millers celebrated their wedding at home and included a sweet message engraved into their wedding bands. How romantic!

6 Celine Dion's Golden Glam

via The Power of Love Blog

Celine Dion is one of the most legendary theatrical divas who knows the importance of a dramatic power ballad and elegant attire. Dion never misses the opportunity to grace the world with a fabulous gown, or two!

For her wedding to Rene Angelil in the early '90s, Dion opted for a more traditional dress, with a memorable element: her veil was encased with diamonds. It was the couple's vow renewal in 2000, however, where she wore an Egyptian-inspired gold dress that was an even bigger showstopper.

5 Poppy Delevinge's Flowing Flowers

via Glamour

From far away, Poppy Delevingne's wedding dress looks simple, but upon closer look, the model's dress is adorned with flowers! The dress incorporates Poppy's sense of sophistication she's known for on the runway, but the flowers add an element of sweetness.

In 2014, Delevingne wed James Cook. Their big day combined a sense of supermodel glam with a personal touch. The Knot revealed the couple included a nod to Poppy's wedding dress on their invitations - they had drawings of poppy flowers on them.

4 Gwen Stefani Made It Her Own

via pinterest

Gwen always found a way to balance her feminine and rock and roll style, and her wedding dress was no different. In 2002, Gwen married Gavin Rossdale and rocked this wedding gown that looked like it was dipped in hot-pink icing. It was hand-painted and dip0-dyed by Dior designer John Galliano. We wonder what she'll do if she ties the knot with Blake Shelton.

3 Avril Lavigne's Cinderella Story

via Glamour

Avril Lavigne has never hesitated to show the world she's proud of her "rocker chick" style! Some of the most memorable events of Lavigne's career can be defined with her iconic style, so that's why it was no surprise Lavigne opted for a more subdued but noticeably unique wedding dress for her nuptials to Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger.

Avril's second wedding look is drastically different from her first wedding where she chose a more traditional and fairytale influence. She was able to channel all sides of her style evolution. The dress was accompanied by a veil featuring beautiful black lace!


2 Cynthia Nixon's Sophisticated Chic

via Elle

The character she's known for on SATC was more in touch with empathy than with the style world, but the woman behind Miranda Hobbes chose a dress for her wedding that even Miranda would approve of!

Cynthia Nixon wore a pale, but not white, dress for her wedding to her partner, Christine Marinoni, a choice made because Cynthia was aiming to avoid the bridal route. Regarding the colour choice, Elle reports that it was so light, it bordered on yellow.

1 Jerry Hall's Wedded Beauty Bliss

via Pinterest

Back in the 1970s and '80s, there wasn't a stronger definition of glam than supermodel Jerry Hall.

Jerry and Mick Jagger lived a life of tabloid glitz and glamour before finally tying the knot in 1990, and their wedding day was certainly reminiscent of the Hollywood life the couple lived. Jerry wore an off-the-shoulder, knee-length white lace gown that was designed by Antony Price, as The Telegraph reports. With flowers in her hair, she looked like a goddess.

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