Man Heroically Dies Saving Girlfriend From A Plane Crash On His Birthday

The story of a 25-year-old New Orleans man saving his girlfriend from the plane crash that tragically ended his life has been taking the Internet by storm.

Can you imagine dying during your very first plane ride ever? And during your birthday? What about making the super difficult decision of ending your own life so the person that you love could live? It's a choice that you hope you will never have to make. It seems like something that only happens in movies or books.

But that's the decision that Reginald Hillard Jr. was faced with.

His girlfriend, Brianna Davis, wanted his birthday to be a good one, so she decided that the two of them should take a plane trip. But they weren't going on a vacation -- they were just going to fly over their city of New Orleans and see it from above. He had never flown before thanks to a long-standing fear.

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The Internet is calling him a hero since he was willing to sacrifice his own life in order to make sure that his beloved girlfriend would be okay... even though the tattoo artist and rapper has three kids.

via dailymail.co.uk

Things were going just fine... until it started to rain. As the plane passed over a lake, it became clear that this would not end very well. Actually, it would end super tragically. But that's what happened anyway.

Reginald decided that he would go down with the plane. So he saved his girlfriend by pushing her out of the plane and into the lake.

What caused the plane crash is reportedly still being looked into by experts.

But it's safe to say that this is one super tragic (and super romantic) story. It's an epic tale that no one can really believe. But sometimes that's just what happens. After all, people always say that fact is stranger than fiction.

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