Makeup Or Something More? 20 Celebs Who Have Completely Transformed Their Face

We all love looking at pretty photos of celebrities and seeing what they've done with their hair and makeup. For most of us, it's probably one of our most favorite past times. It's even better when it's award show season and we get to see our favorite singers and actresses strutting their stuff on the red carpet, looking fabulous and beautiful and wearing the coolest gowns ever. But we definitely love seeing celebs when they're out and about or going to other types of events. We love it all.

We all know the power of beauty products and that we can look like ourselves if we've just got a bit of concealer and lip gloss on but if we amp it up and wear tons of black eyeliner and dark lipstick, suddenly we're a different person altogether. The tricky thing, of course, is when we can't tell if someone has gotten some work done... or if they're just wearing a ton of makeup. You know, like way more makeup than we're ever used to seeing on them. It can be kind of confusing and mind-boggling. There are some stars who look so different sometimes, we don't even recognize them. We rounded up some photos of this exact type of thing. Check out 20 celebrities who have completely transformed their face! Can you recognize them?!

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20 Kim Kardashian: Is That You?!

It's totally hard to believe that the photo on the left is Kim Kardashian, but that's exactly who it is. She's with her sister Khloe so we can definitely tell that it's her. Her face is much darker than usual, she's got way too much blush on, and she's just completely unrecognizable. It's not that she looks bad, really, it's just that she doesn't look like herself.

The photo on the right is also Kim Kardashian... and, once again, it's tough to tell. Sure, she looks absolutely gorgeous and classy and elegant like she always does. But she looks like she made her cheekbones much more defined with some beauty products so she looks a bit different than usual. Oh, the power of makeup, right?!

19 Bella Thorne: Some Serious Eyeliner

No matter what we think about Bella Thorne's sense of style and the way that she puts outfits together, we have to admit that she's an attractive girl. She definitely owns what she wears and she's a talented actress, too. She looks much different in this particular photo. Her eyes look different, which might be thanks to the serious black eyeliner that she's rocking. She did that old-school winged eyeliner technique which makes her eyes look wider and bigger than usual. The overall effect is that her nose and ears look different from the way that they normally look, too.

It's not that Bella looks like a completely new person here. It's just that she looks different enough for it to be super noticeable. Who knew that eyeliner could do so much?!

18 Giuliana Rancic: Unrecognizable

Yup, this really is Giuliana Rancic, aka the former host of Fashion Police, wife to Bill and overall fashionista. Looking at this photo is a really interesting experience. At first, you can tell that it's Giuliana because it still looks like her, but then you look closer and it's just crazy how she has completely transformed her face.

Let's chat about her eye makeup first. She's not only wearing eyeliner but eyeshadow, too, and it even looks like she's got two shades on since there's definitely a blue color and then a lighter gold/beige shade. That alone would be way too overpowering, but then she added tons of blush and bright red lipstick. It's just way too much makeup and it makes her look different for sure.

17 Tyra Banks: From Too Much To Not Enough

Okay, so Tyra Banks is totally amazing. She's strong and powerful and inspiring AF. We've definitely all enjoyed watching her as the top mentor on America's Next Top Model and squealed along with all of the contestants about the challenges and things being thrown their way. Maybe we even dreamed of competing on that show ourselves.

That being said, Tyra's looking super different in both of these photos. It's hard to believe that these are each pictures of the same person. On the left, she's wearing way too much makeup, form her smokey eyeshadow to caked on pink lipstick, and on the right, she's got a completely bare face. Of course she's beautiful no matter what, and we should all celebrate a woman's right to not wear makeup if she doesn't want to. She just doesn't look the same at all.

16 Kim Kardashian: Bare-Faced To Made Up

Yes, these are both pictures of Kim Kardashian. Yes, they really are. We swear. It's the honest truth. Just like the two photos previously mentioned on this list, Kim can look really different depending on how much makeup she does or doesn't wear.

On the left, she's got a completely bare face free of any beauty products. Or if she is wearing products, she's skilled and knows how to look like she's not wearing makeup at all. Phew. That was kind of a mouthful. On the right, she's back to her glam self with what is probably lots of foundation and some lip gloss. We're really not used to seeing Kim look anything but glam and sophisticated, although of course she always looks super gorgeous.

15 Lindsay Lohan: Look At Those Cheekbones

This photo was taken from around the time that Lindsay Lohan was involved in that jewelry stealing scandal. It wasn't a bright moment in the star's life, and chances are, we were all super big fans of her back in the day. After all, we basically grew up watching her in movies like The Parent Trap and we love the classic Mean Girls (which goes without saying). In the past few years, it seems like Lindsay's been trying to make quite a few comebacks. Here's hoping that she can star in some awesome movies soon.

In the meantime, we can't help but wonder what's going on in this photo. Her cheekbones look seriously defined and it almost looks like she doesn't really have such strong cheekbones... but her makeup makes them look bigger. Hmmm.

14 Kylie Jenner: Super Sleek

This really doesn't look like Kylie Jenner... does it?! On the one hand, we can tell that it's her, but on the other, we're scratching our heads. It's like her face has been totally transformed. We don't want to say that she looks bad because she honestly never does. She's one of the most stylish stars ever and we're always interested to see what she's wearing next.

There's just something about her face that is really confusing. It's like it's too sleek or something, right?! Her chin seems much more defined than usual and her cheekbones are almost non-existent. It's like her features are all blending into each other. This is definitely a case of a lot of makeup making someone look like another person.

13 Nicki Minaj: That's Really Her

Both of these photos are of Nicki Minaj: the one on the left is clearly a natural look and the one on the right is basically the total opposite. Of course, the singer is definitely known for wearing lots of colorful makeup and colorful clothing, so this is nothing new. It's not like we've never seen her look like that before. It's just a transformation when we compare the two photos side by side.

Between her caked on turquoise eyeshadow, super thick mascara, super thick foundation, and pink lipstick, it's hard to know what makeup to comment on first. This is definitely not a natural look. Her face has been transformed so much thanks to these beauty products, she almost looks like she's a painting. It's so interesting how makeup can do that to someone.

12 Khloe Kardashian: Total Transformation

It's no secret that Khloe Kardashian's looks have changed a lot over the years. For one thing, she has lost a lot of weight and gotten super into the whole fitness thing. She even has a reality show about it, Revenge Body.

The photos on the left and right are both Khloe K. On the left, her face is a lot more orange so we have to say that's probably thanks to a foundation that wasn't the right shade (which we all do at one point or another) or some self-tanner. On the right, her face looks much smaller and more toned since this was after her weight loss, but she also looks like she's transformed her face a lot. It must be the makeup for sure.

11 Christina Aguilera: Breaking The Makeup Rule

Growing up, every girl is given the exact same makeup advice. When we think about it, it's pretty much the only makeup advice that we're ever given. Of course, it's that we should never wear both eye makeup and lipstick. We need to pick one or the other because otherwise, it's just going to be way too overpowering and way too much.

Christina is totally breaking that rule here, and while we would usually say that rule breaking is an awesome thing to do, we're not so sure that it works here. She's just wearing too many products and that's all there is to say about it. The overall effect is that she's transformed her face. Sure, she looks great like she always does. She just could have toned it down a bit.

10 Anne Hathaway: Too Much

Anne Hathaway has also totally transformed her face here, so this is another perfect example of what makeup can do. There's just something about the amount of makeup that she's wearing that makes her look anything but her regular self.

She also is breaking the no eye makeup plus lipstick rule. Again, we're not so sure that it was the best idea ever. There's just something about the amount of eye makeup that she's wearing that makes her face look different. Thanks to her pink dress, which isn't a color that we would probably see her in usually, and her super messy hair, we might not even think that this was her. We honestly might not be able to tell. And that's all thanks to some makeup. Or, okay, a lot of makeup.

9 Vanessa Hudgens: Hmmm

Vanessa Hudgens found fame thanks to the High School Musical franchise and her famous romance with Zac Efron. Now she's older and has crafted an image for herself that is much more grown-up. She looks pretty grown-up here, too, but she doesn't look like herself. That's because thanks to this makeup look, she has completely transformed her face.

Maybe she's just wearing way too much foundation or something but her face makes her look like someone else. Her cheekbones are defined like some of the other photos on this list and, once again, it's like she has no chin at all. It's super curious and definitely makes us think and wonder. We also have to say that her blue eyeshadow is probably too much for the lip gloss that she's wearing.

8 Renee Zellweger: Did She Or Didn't She?!

For the past few years, people have been speculating about whether or not Renee Zellweger got plastic surgery. Sure, people are always gossiping about celebrities and wondering what's going on with their face, so this is really nothing new.

But we have to say that we really have no idea whether she got some work done on her face. That could be Botox or a more invasive, bigger procedure. We don't have a clue whether the rumors are true or not. We just know that her face looks a lot different than it used to. Maybe it's makeup... or maybe it's something more. The jury is still out and the mystery still hasn't been solved yet. We'll still be here, wondering what's going on, and wondering if the rumors have any truth to them.

7 Lindsay Lohan: Cheek Implants Or Bad Makeup?

Here's another photo of Lindsay Lohan where it seems like her face has been completely transformed. This time, it's like her face is super pale... as in really, really pale. As in paler than the rest of her body.

In fact, it looks like there's some white powder caked onto her face or something... which really doesn't make any sense. Why would that be happening?! We really have no idea. We just know that she doesn't look like the Lindsay that we know. Otherwise, this is a great photo and we love her pretty wavy long hair and really cool vintage-esque dress. Her face is just a bit distracting since we're not sure what's going on. It's hard to stop thinking about that but we guess we'll never know.

6 Demi Lovato: Like A Doll

This is definitely an older photo of Demi Lovato since she looks really young here. It must have been taken around the time that she was starring on her Disney show. That seems like so long ago since she's come so far and grown up a lot since then.

She totally looks like a doll in this photo since makeup has completely transformed her face. It's almost like a makeup artist did her face and changed it in the process. Her features look softer and, in this case, her chin is more obvious and defined than normal. It looks like her foundation might not be the right shade here since her face and neck seem to be different shades. She's also probably wearing too much blush.

5 Kelly Osbourne: Purple And Orange

Kelly Osbourne is really cool and we love that she embraces who she is and just tells it like it is. This is kind of an unfortunate photo since it honestly looks like her face is orange. As in super and incredibly orange.

It looks like she dipped her face in orange paint or something and it's hard to believe that this really happened. She looks drawn out and washed out and we're not sure what's going on. Thanks to her purple hair and lipstick, her face looks even more orange, and it definitely looks like it's been transformed. We have a lot of questions about this look. Sure, we're probably not going to get the answers that we want, but that doesn't stop us from wondering.

4 Kendall Jenner: No Products To Tons Of Them

Kendall Jenner definitely doesn't need makeup. Like many celebrities, she's naturally beautiful, and probably wakes up looking super perfect and gorgeous. Okay, okay, we get that we shouldn't put stars on pedestals and think that they're better than us. Maybe she does look groggy and tired in the morning. But we really don't think so.

Kendall looks pretty in both of these photos, of course. It's just impossible to believe that these are both photos of the exact same girl. On the right, her features are more defined and obvious, and she suddenly has cheekbones and a wider nose when she didn't before. It's definitely all thanks to makeup, and it's really interesting for us to compare and contrast these two snapshots of the famous model.

3 Katie Holmes: Cheekbone Check

It's funny how a woman can look like she has no cheekbones in one photo and like she has super strong, sharp ones in another picture. It's kind of a mystery and it's basically magic. And it fascinates us to no end. Pictures really do tell a story.

This photo of Katie Holmes is one of those photos that makes someone look like they have some serious cheekbones. We don't normally even notice this about her face when we see other photos of her, and we probably didn't notice that when we watched her as Joey Potter on six seasons of Dawson's Creek (which we totally all watched). She looks gorgeous here. Her face just looks transformed. It's impossible not to notice that and comment on it.

2 Lea Michele: What?!

Yes, that's a photo of Lea Michele, aka Rachel from Glee and also the recently canceled sitcom The Mayor. She really doesn't look like herself here. It's actually pretty strange how different her face looks. Most of us probably wouldn't say that it was her if we didn't know.

There's just something about her cheekbones and chin here. It's like she has absolutely no chin whatsoever and it just disappeared or something. It's like that just magically happened when the camera flash went off and this picture was taken. It also looks like she has massive, sharp, strong cheekbones which really aren't this noticeable in other photos of her. The star's thick eyebrows and super bright pink eyeshadow also make her look like a different person.

1 Emma Roberts: Older And Wiser

Emma Roberts is always great, whether she's starring in a horror movie like Scream 4 or a horror show like Scream Queens. Yes, she really does star in things that don't include the word "Scream" in the title, even if it doesn't seem like it from that example. Emma is really beautiful and stylish and has a great social media presence. She's also a big reader, which is always super nice to see.

Emma is also only 26 years old, but we wouldn't say that from this particular picture. She doesn't look bad. She really never could since she's so beautiful. She just looks older than her 26 years, and we think that must be because of the beauty products that she's wearing. The makeup is just a bit too caked on. It's amazing how makeup can really change someone's face, right?!

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