Makeup Brush Types: Informative How To Guide

Applying makeup is an art that requires a steady hand and someone who knows how to use their tools. Some of the most important tools at your disposal are makeup brushes, but many of us don't understand how to properly use them. We pick up the closest one and consistently remain inconsistent in our routine, which could be why we are failing at achieving that signature look.

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You deserve to look fabulous, and learning about the different types of makeup brushes is the first step toward a better you. All it takes is a sliver of knowledge and a little practice for you to transform. Keep reading to learn about ten different makeup brushes in this informative how to guide!

10 Eye Liner Brush

This is probably one of the most essential brushes you should have at your disposal. These brushes have a fine tip and usually come with a bent, or straight top. Some say the bent top allows for greater precision, but it is honestly up to the user to decide what works best for them.

You use this with liquid or gel liners, and a pro tip is to sketch out where you want your liner to sit with an eye pencil. This way you can basically paint within the lines and not have to worry about creating a fancy wing on your very first attempt.

9 Concealer Brush

This brush should only be used to fix any imperfections that are found on your face or in your previous makeup application. These run on the smaller side because it allows for a precise application and leaves little room for error.

The goal is to use as little product as possible and lightly dab it to the area to blend it with the surrounding makeup. You don't want to use a lot, because it is only acting as a touchup for the places where your foundation wasn't thick enough to conceal the parts and pieces no one else was meant to see.

8 Highlight Brush

This is probably the most identifiable of all of the makeup brushes because of its unique fan shape. The bristles on this are extremely thin so they hold minimal product, as the goal is to provide a subtle glow. You want to enunciate your cheekbones, not obliterate them with a highlighter.

This brush is used by putting a minimal amount of product on the brush, then lightly sweeping it over the top of your cheekbones. It doesn't take much, and using this brush helps prevent you from going a little too overboard during application.

7 Foundation Brush

Foundation is the first thing you put on in the morning, so it only makes sense that it is such a big brush. There are two different kinds as this product can come in both a liquid and powder form. The one for liquid foundation looks similar to that of a paintbrush, while the powder version is applied with a flat-top brush.

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You should start by applying dots of product on your skin, and then you use the brush to work it into your complexion. The goal is to avoid streaking or identifiable lines, but a good brush helps you avoid this catastrophe.

6 Eyeshadow Crease Brush

This should not be confused with a run-of-the-mill eyeshadow brush, because these are made specifically for the crease of your eyelid. The composition of the brush is a dense forest of bristles and it is usually angled in some way to allow you to apply it correctly.

The exact type of brush you buy will depend on the type of eyeshadow look you are going for and the amount of precision you require during application. You don't need much product on the end of your brush, and an important thing to remember is to focus on the outside corner of your eye as you swipe the brush back and forth.

5 Eyeshadow Blending Brush

This is the brush you will use at the end of your eyeshadow application, as it has the most uses of any of the brushes. It takes your eyeshadow game from a two to a ten as it blends away any harsh lines. This brush also mixes your colors perfectly and in a fashion that looks completely professional.

It can help to have a few of these on hand, especially if you plan on applying more than one color because otherwise, you will spend a lot of time cleaning the brush. You want all of your blended colors to stay the color they were meant to be and the only way for that to happen is to use a different brush.

4 Powder Brush

This powder is a miracle worker, but it can also make or break your entire design if it is applied incorrectly. The powder is meant to lock everything in and keep it from shifting or diminishing throughout the day. This brush is generally very large with soft bristles because all you need is a light application.

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A good tip is to tap off any extra powder from the brush before application, as the bristles and design allow the brush to do the work for you. This is one instance where the brush is the master and you are just the puppeteer who is responsible for lightly steering it across your face.

3 Contour Brush

Kim Kardashian is a master at making her face look like it was sculpted from a piece of rock, and you can too with a contour brush. There are several different options, but the best ones have angled, dense bristles that give you total control during application.

They can be used with powder and cream products and it can be used anywhere on your face. The way to apply it is to start with a stippling motion and switch to a circular motion the second it begins to blend. The goal is to create lines that accentuate your face and its best features.

2 Bronzer Brush

If you live in a state where the cold weather blocks out the sun, then you are probably a fan of bronzer. This will give you a sun-kissed glow in the form of a soft wide brush head. The goal is to apply it evenly across your face, and you should follow the same tap rule as you did with the powder brush.

If it is applied too heavily in an area then it can create harsh and unnatural looking lines. You should also try to only apply it in places where the sun would hit you because otherwise you might be tempted to go overboard in its application.

1 Lip Brush

This brush comes in many shapes and forms, but the best ones to buy are those with a dual tip. You want to be able to apply over a large area, as well as have the ability to draw fine lines on the outer edges of your lips if you don't plan on using a lip liner.

It basically acts like a paintbrush, and a different number of coats will determine the shade of your lips. It can also be used to blend two different lipstick colors if that is your preferred method of application.

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