This Makeup Artist Has Mastered The Craft Of Making Lip Art Inspired By Pop Culture

Most of us follow at least one professional makeup artist on social media- and more often than not, it's on Instagram. It's mainly an excuse to see someone who's better at makeup show off their skills for the rest of us to drool over. From cool contouring to cut creases and everything else in between, it's fun and intriguing to scroll through a makeup artist's social media to see them take their makeup game to the next level. Case in point: Ryan Kelly.

According to Allure this past Sunday, the Maryland-based makeup artist has made her mark in the world of makeup artistry by showing off lip art. But not just any lip art; lip art inspired mostly by pop culture moments. Her Instagram profile- which boasts an impressive 75 000 plus followers- is all about capturing pop culture references on the lips in a truly uncanny way.

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There are plenty of examples on Kelly's Instagram that show off her expertise. Older pop culture references that became lip art include The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover; Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise about to kill; and the cast of Golden Girls. One of Kelly's more recent references- and arguably the most popular on her Instagram- is from the Netflix horror film Bird Box. There, star Sandra Bullock is depicted to a high degree of accuracy- blindfold and all. Even more surprising is that Bullock has been depicted by Kelly once before; the first time came from her previous film, Practical Magic.

Kelly explains that the process of making such stunning lip art is going from freehanding it- a process that can take upwards of seven hours- to now utilizing transfer paper. Taking a sheet of transfer paper, Kelly draws a huge pair of lips to make a rough estimate of the proportions and where the image will lay on the lips. Then she sketches, scans, and then shrinks the drawing to fit her own lips. This is printed onto temporary tattoo paper and transferred onto her lips. Once that's complete, Kelly colors in the design with makeup as needed.

Clearly, Kelly's process in creating lip art inspired by pop culture is tedious and still time-consuming. But it's evident from her success that it's all worth it. With so many old pop cultures to look back on- and more to be made in the coming years- there's no doubt that Kelly will be making such wonderful lip art for a long time to come.

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