Madonna Dunks Into An Ice Bath, Drinks Her Own Urine

Madonna made the headlines yesterday- for reasons other than her performance.

This time the spotlight was on her for posting a video of some very unconventional habits. She has always danced to the beat of her own drum, but this recent event is bizarre enough to sustain some shock value.

The singing sensation is featured dancing wildly, and then soaking herself in an ice-filled tub. Oh yeah, and then drinking a cup of her own urine….

3 The Tub Dunk

Via CraftyDiply

Madonna’s video is an entertaining one, to say the least. She seems to have an abundance of energy, as she’s seen dancing wildly in a tight workout outfit and rubber socks. She then slowly eases herself into an ice-filled tub.

Once into the tub, she adjusts to the frigid temperatures and resumes her wild dance moves with friend & performer Ahlamalik Williams by her side. At one point they flip into a clapping game with one another, much like an “adult” game of patty-cake …all while she remains in the ice bath.

2 The Shock Value

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As if the ice water didn’t shock her system enough, Madonna exits the tub and strips herself of her rubber socks. She draws attention to the change of colour in her skin, demonstrating just how cold that water really was.

Just when it appears the video is almost over, Madonna wraps herself in a robe, perches on the edge of the tub, and proceeds to drink what appears to be a cup of her own urine.

1 The Statement

Via CraftyDiply

As the video cuts, she goes on to say “It’s really good to drink urine after you’ve got out of the frozen bath.”

There’s no actual evidence that this is her urine, but according to Canoe, Madonna has previously admitted to urinating on her own feet to prevent athlete's foot in the past. This is just another day in Madonna’s unique lifestyle.

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