Maddox Jolie-Pitt Opened Up About His Strained Relationship With Brad Pitt (And It Doesn’t Sound Good)

Maddox Jolie-Pitt has opened up about his strained relationship with dad Brad Pitt for the first time. But it doesn’t sound like things have gotten much better.

Maddox, who is eldest child of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, recently moved to South Korea last month to begin college. Although Angie was there to help him move, his father was noticeably absent from the major milestone. So, when a reporter caught up to the 18-year old recently, of course they asked what his relationship with Brad looks like at the moment.

The teenager seemed understandable thrown off by the photographer’s invasive questions. Footage published by In Touch shows the paparazzo asking Maddox if his dad is likely to come visit him in South Korea. Maddox awkward replied by saying, “I don’t know about hat and what’s happening.”

The paparazzo continued to push even further, thought, and asked the boy if his relationship with Brad is “over.” Maddox didn’t have a straightforward answer and simply replied, “Whatever happens, happens.” Many fans have taken his response to mean things are still strained between him and his famous father.

Last March, when Angelina was photographed touring Universities with Maddox, sources said Brad felt intentionally excluded from the experience. “Brad is so proud of Maddox and would love to be helping him tour colleges, but as of now there are no plans for that. It’s not by Brad’s choice,” an insider told Hollywood Life at the time.

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They implied that Angie has been shutting Brad out of his kids’ lives. Ever since the couple’s separation in 2016, which came after Brad and Maddox got into an altercation on a private jet, their six kids have primarily lived with Angelina. Some reports have gone so far as to accuse Angie of isolating the kids from their father.

The insider added, “He’d love to be more involved but Angelina has been very clear that she is handling it. It’s hard on Brad to be pushed out, to see Angelina having fun with the kids while he’s busy working to support everyone.”

Another source told the publication that Brad hopes to work on his co-parenting relationship with his ex-wife so he doesn’t miss out on any more milestones. “[Brad] may not get along romantically with Angie anymore, but he definitely wants to get to a place where they can coexist,” they said. “Because a healthy relationship with Angie means a healthy relationship with the kids. Brad just wants to be on the same page as the kids and Angie so they can coexist cordially and share as much love with each other as possible.”

Hopefully Maddox has a smoother time transitioning to University than Brad and Angelina are having with their co-parenting relationship!

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