Lush's Biggest Fan Who Flew 3500 Miles For Exclusive Scents Now Stars In Body Scrub Campaign

Lush fan Nicole McRonney-Apaw knows exactly what it means to be devoted to a brand. She's actually collected about 300 products, all stored in her bedroom at home. That's right — she has basically transformed her bedroom into a pop-up Lush boutique.

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And her devotion didn't just mean she bought every product at the Lush stores closest to her — she took it to the extreme by literally flying 3,500 miles to the United Kingdom in order to get some scents that weren't released where she lived. That's right — as she told Bustleshe took a four-day vacation, and a long flight across the world, just to get a few exclusive Lush scents. Talk about dedication!

via: bustle.com

McRonney-Apaw quickly realized that she should make the brand part of her life in a bigger way, and she got a job at Lush as a communications specialist after she e-mailed the CEO with suggestions on how they could improve their online presence. And, that's not the end of her story — she even ended up being selected as the face of the brand's most recent body scrub campaign. Every brand wants their employees to know their products well, and McRonney-Apaw definitely knows her Lush items inside and out!

So, what is the mega-fan's favorite? Well, even though she's in a campaign for the body scrub, her ultimate Lush favorites are the perfumes, which are the products that got her hooked on the brand in the first place. She has roughly 60 different perfumes in her room from the brand, as well as countless bath bombs, bubble bars and more. She has also said that she loves the "Sandstone" scrub and the "Roots" hair treatment, a couple of favorites from her massive collection.

If you've never tried any of Lush's products, perhaps McRonney-Apaw's mega-fandom will inspire you to give them a try. After all, if they can inspire that level of devotion, there must be something amazing about them. We're not saying that you need to amass a 300-plus product collection like her, but maybe give one or two new products a try — you may just find a new favorite.

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