Lush's Adorable Turtle Jelly Bath Bomb Has Two Jobs

Lush, a company known for its fun and environmentally-conscious body products, released its latest fizzy bathtime invention—the Turtle jelly bomb. Unlike Lush’s other products, though, this adorable turtle-shaped bomb is designed to do more than make your skin feel soft and smell pretty.

The Turtle jelly bomb ($8), made of natural ingredients like sea salt, cypress oil, agar agar strands, and seaweed absolute, is meant to raise awareness around ocean pollution. A serious environmental problem, ocean pollution has caused the sea turtle population to decline by 90% since the 1990s. According to Sea Turtle Conservancy, sea turtles often consume plastic debris found in the ocean, mistaking it for food. Plastic waste tangled in seaweed is also accidentally ingested, and many turtles are killed because the material cannot be broken down in their stomachs.

While other Lush bath bombs dissolve when placed in water, the Turtle jelly bomb slowly disintegrates under running water, releasing the agar agar strands along with cypress, sandalwood, and pine to symbolize ocean pollution and remind users of the waning sea turtle population. The jelly bomb is also one of many Lush products that are purchased without packaging in an effort to reduce plastic waste.

Lush has always applied a minimal-packaging business approach, but their packaging-free initiative really took off last year when they released a line of solid shampoo bars and body washes without plastic bottles. Customers who visit their stores will notice that the majority of their products are unwrapped and placed in large tins or trays, and instead of in plastic packaging, customers can select a product they wish to purchase and place it in a small recyclable paper bag. This approach not only eliminates plastic waste but also allows customers to handpick their favorite beauty supplies.

The company’s shampoo bar sales have prevented over 213,000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. On top of this, Lush also partners with global environmental charities like The Sea Change Agency, the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center, the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund. Lush's Charity Pot lotion program donates 100% of proceeds to various causes, including ocean pollution prevention.

Check out Lush’s full line of naked cosmetics, donate to their causes, and purchase the Turtle jelly bath bomb at LUSHusa.com and in stores.


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