Lush's 'Rose Jam' Scent To Join Permanent Shower Gel Collection

UK based skincare and cosmetics brand Lush has revealed that their customer favorite shower gel "Rose Jam" will become a permanent product in their shower gel collection. The popular shower gel was previously only available during the holidays, and the more hardcore fans of the luscious, red bottles would stock up to make it last throughout the year.

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The news of the Rose Jam shower gel becoming a permanent product was revealed on the Lush Cosmetics North America Instagram account. The brand posted a vibrant image of the shower gel surrounded by rose petals, vanilla beans, and lemon wedges, with a caption simply reading "The rumors are true". So, as of now, Lush's Rose Jam shower gel can be purchased online as well as in stores all year round, and "Lushies" all over the world are beyond themselves with excitement.

Allure reported that the Lush fans were quick to share their joy in the comments section under Lush's Instagram reveal. Because of the massive hype around the Rose Jam shower gel, it's safe to assume there is a risk it will sell out fast, but as it is no longer a limited edition product, there is really no need to stress.

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The shower gel comes in three different sizes ranging in price from US$9 to US$30 and just like all of Lush's products it is completely vegetarian. The brand takes great pride in being environmentally friendly and ethical, and a high number of their products are even vegan. The products are hand-made and are labeled by the actual person who created them. How's that for personal?

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The Lush Rose Jam shower gel consists of a skin-softening blend of Argan oil and goji berry extract, and it has a delicious scent of rose (obviously), lemon, and vanilla. It is most likely the combination of the scent, its beneficial ingredients and its vibrant color that has made The Lush Rose Jam shower gel such a hit among customers. Now, there is no longer any need to hoard these body washes, and anyone can get their required dose of Rose Jam any day of the year.

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