Lush Goes JUMBO: Eco-Friendly Brand Releases XXL Pots Of Many Favorite Products

For many beauty lovers, once you find a product you absolutely cannot live without, you'll want to buy it in the largest possible size. After all, why not save yourself a trip to the store by buying a large package rather than having to return three or four times for smaller sizes? Well, until now, that option did not really exist at Lush — products came in specific sizes, and you just had to deal with restocking your supply a little more often. But, Lush recently got on the bulk train, and decided to begin offering a handful of their most popular products in XXL pots — and fans are rejoicing.


The lineup of products that will be available in larger sizes, according to Lush USA, includes the "Dream Cream" body lotion, cult classic "Sleepy" body lotion, "Ocean Salt" face and body scrub, "R&B" hair moisturizer, "Rub Rub Rub" shower scrub, "Big" shampoo, "Jersey Bounce" shampoo, "Mask of Magnaminty" face and body mask, "Retread" conditioner, "Roots" hair treatment and "Ro's Argan" self-Preserving body conditioner. The pot sizes range from about 425 grams to 660 grams — that's a lot of product!

Some fans might get a bit of sticker shock at the prices, particularly for the products like Ocean Salt that are a little bit more expensive, to begin with, and come in really large tubs. However, if you break it down, it's actually a much better deal per ounce to buy the larger sizes. And, you don't need to worry about lugging a massive bucket of product into your tiny bathroom — even the largest sizes are roughly the size of a pint of ice cream, for those who aren't too familiar with grams.

Now, we don't envision Lush incorporating the XL sizes for all their products. There are certain favorites like bath bombs that just can't exactly be enlarged without totally ruining the experience. However, things like hair care products and body lotions are fantastic fits for the XL tubs, as most people use a fairly large amount per month. It'll definitely make life a whole lot easier for fans to restock once every couple of months rather than more frequently!

Thanks, Lush!


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Lush Goes JUMBO: Eco-Friendly Brand Releases XXL Pots Of Many Favorite Products