Lush Releases New 'Bath Art' Bubble Brushes For A Stunning Tub Experience

UK based beauty and cosmetics brand Lush has dropped 'Bubble Brushes' bath art, and we cannot wait to get into the tub to try them.

When it comes to fun products to use in the bath, we can always trust Lush to be at the forefront of bringing us new stuff we didn't even know we needed. These popsicle lookalikes will melt in the water and give the bath water both bubbles and a splash of color.

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It's only August, so yes, it's still summer. However, for those of us who are already starting to look forward to fall, it is time to get excited. Now, summer is great, and all, but some things just fit better during the fall months. Having a cup of tea curled up under a blanket, pumpkin spice anything, and having a bubble bath. Fall means going shopping for new ankle boots, a new calendar, and of course, new beauty products.

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According to Lush's own website, all you need to do with these new, reusable bubble brushes, is to hold it in the wooden stick under running water until you have enough bubbles. Then take the brush to 'paint' your water with long strokes, and ta-da; bath art! Afterward, put the bubble brush aside for the next #metime.

Lush's Bubble Bars are basically bubble bath in solid shape, and without the plastic packaging. As with all of Lush's products they are vegetarian, and the new and reusable bars will last you a lot longer than the traditional bath bomb as long as they get to dry properly in between use. The Reusable Bubble Bars are available in "Lemon", "Candy", and "Mint", and cost $7.95 for 100 grams. For those not lucky enough to have access to a bathtub, Lush also has several amazing and fun products that can be used in the shower.

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The Bubble Bars come in all kinds of shapes, scents, and colors, so there is definitely one for everyone and any mood. Whether getting a reusable one or not, they are package and plastic free, which unfortunately can't be said for many beauty products today. Environmentally friendly never looked so colorful and bubbly!

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