Lush Launches New Line of "Shower Bombs"

If you love taking a nice relaxing soak with a bath bomb, but you rarely have time to indulge, the new line of Lush shower bombs will add a little luxury to your shower routine.

This product isn’t quite soap, but it isn’t body wash, either. It’s a unique formula with all natural, moisturizing ingredients. These new shower bombs are made from a combination of sodium bicarbonate, seaweed, starch, and essential oils. When you run them under hot water, these ingredients react to create a sweet-smelling mousse. Simply hop in the shower, hold it under the water, and watch it expand and fizz. Use the foam to get sudsy and clean, and repeat until your shower bomb has fizzled out and you’re feeling totally refreshed!

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The new shower bombs come in popular Lush scents as well as some new fragrances. The “Not Sleepy” shower bomb is a zesty combo of lemon, lime, and orange essential oils guaranteed to wake you up in the morning, and the "Karma" shower bomb is infused with orange oil, pine oil, and patchouli oil. The "Koyaanisqatsi" is a perfect choice if you want to chill out, but you don’t have time to hop in the bath. It’s scented with lavender, chamomile, violet leaf, and ylang-ylang essential oils.

The "Sleepy" shower bomb brings back a favorite fragrance. Many Lush customers swear by their Sleepy body lotion to help them wind down before bed at night—combine these two products before bedtime, and you’re guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep. This shower bomb is scented with lavender, vanilla tonka bean extract, and a touch of ylang-ylang oil to help send you off into dreamland. Fun fact: it's also shaped like a cloud, which is an adorable touch.

The shower bombs were launched on Sunday, July 29th as a part of Lush’s new "Moods" collection, which includes 13 brand new products. They are now available exclusively online through Lush UK for £2.75, and they ship all over the world. Good news for anyone who loves cruelty-free beauty: all of the new shower bombs are 100% vegan.

Would you try out a shower bomb? Or are you a loyal bath bomb enthusiast? Let us know in the comments!

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