Lush Creates Bath Bomb Inspired By “God Is A Woman” Video

Last week, the hit music video for “God is a woman” was released which featured shots of the star floating in a glittery pool of purple water, swirling in shades of lavender, violet, and pink. When fans began contacting Lush through social media and asking if they would consider creating a bath bomb called “God is a woman,” Lush responded to confirm that they loved the idea and would begin working on a formula.

Since this bath bomb is a specialty product, the formula needed to be perfect. On July 17th, Jack Constantine, a product developer at Lush, released a video showing the first prototype for the bath bomb, but it was not ready to hit the shelves yet. When the bath bomb fizzed in the water, the colors shifted from purple to gray. Jack explained that he would be getting back to work on round 2 for an improved bath bomb.

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On July 18th, Jack posted a video revealing the colors of the second prototype. As the bath bomb fizzed, it revealed colors just like the pool in the music video.

Naturally, fans were ecstatic, but Jack still wanted to make a few tweaks to the formula. On July 20th, he revealed that he had finally created the perfect bath bomb to recreate the color scheme from “God is a woman.” But this time, fans did not get a sneak peak of the bath bomb in action. Instead, Jack posted that he had sent the latest version off to Ariana Grande herself to get her seal of approval.

Ariana hasn’t yet revealed her thoughts on the bath bomb that Jack sent her, but she is definitely in favor of the idea. When fans began suggesting it to Lush, she tweeted her support and said that she “would do anything” for a “God is a woman” bath bomb—so once she gives Lush the A-Ok, fans should be able to get a hold of one for themselves.

Ariana is having quite a year. The first single from her upcoming album Sweetener, "No Tears Left to Cry," peaked at number one on the Billboard charts, and "God is a woman" is already getting lots of positive buzz.

So far, Lush has not announced a release date for the bath bomb, but it will probably sell out quickly.

Would you try the luxurious “God is a woman” bath bomb? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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