Lush FINALLY Announces The Release Of Their 'God Is A Woman' Inspired Bath Bomb

After five months of building and testing, Lush Cosmetics is finally releasing a bath bomb inspired by Ariana Grande's "God is a Woman" music video. Just after the video dropped in July, the brand started creating prototypes for the product, which was based on the scene where Grande swam in a pool of purple, blue, gray, and pink-swirled water. However, the bath bomb was never finalized–until now.

Lush's new Goddess bath bomb, infused with jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and oudh, is set to release on November 22nd. The idea for a "God is a Woman" bath bomb first came from Twitter user @grandeslite, who tweeted at the brand and asked that they make a bath bomb with the same color scheme as the water in the video. "Make a bath bomb that looks like this & call it god is a woman so I can bathe feeling like a goddess," they wrote in the tweet.

A Lush representative responded to the message and said that the "bath art" idea would be passed to the teams. When @grandeslite posted Lush's response, Grande herself re-posted it and said she would do anything for the idea to come true.

The day following Grande's reply, Jack Constantine (@lush_jack), Lush's Product Inventor and Chief Digital Officer, posted a video on Instagram of a prototype for the product that he created. The video showed the colors from Grande's video foaming and fizzing in a tub at Lush Digital HQ. Constantine said in the caption that the bath bomb still needed work, and he would continue to develop it.

Grande commented that she was freaking out about the product, Cosmopolitan reported. Lush responded to the singer by saying they couldn't wait for her to see it in person. A dream come true!

Constantine made another version of the bath bomb and posted it on his Stories. This time, viewers saw the actual bath bomb–the top half was pink with a shimmery gray overlay, while the bottom half was a solid dark gray. He also shared the results when thrown in a tub, but this time, the color was a dark, glittery purple.

Lush must have changed their minds again, because the final version of the Goddess bah bomb is a bit different. The bomb is now a light purple all over, with a small blue ring around the center. The fizz looks more akin to the bath bomb's original design–and more like Grande's music video–with light blues, pinks, and grays swirling around.

The Goddess bath bomb will be available on lushusa.com on November 22nd. There is no word yet on if it will appear in stores.

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