Lupita Nyong'o Is Making The Sweater Dress Trendy Again

Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o is known for two main things- her stellar acting ability, and her equally stellar sense of fashion. Whether it's for a star-studded event or a low-key occasion, Nyong'o knows what to wear and how to wear it well. If you have your doubts on this and believe that she can't make a sweater look good (since it's something that could be seen as boring), then think again.

As revealed by Vogue, Nyong'o uploaded a post on her Instagram the same day that featured three photos of the actress in a sexy sweater number. Rather than wearing a traditional sweater dress, Nyong'o decided to pair two different sweater-like pieces in the same color to make a two-piece ensemble. This may be a fashion risk for some both in and out of Hollywood, but it's clear that it paid off for Nyong'o, as plenty of fans can't stop gushing over the actress's fashion choice. Plus, what with the weather getting colder by the day, it's perfect to wear out!

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The outfit in question comes from mega fashion designer Stella McCartney. It's a long-sleeved V-neck sweater and a below-the-knee skirt- both in a warm shade of beige. While this look will cover plenty of skin on most anyone, the material in each piece is ribbed to hug the person's curves in a sexy manner. Nyong'o paired this minimalistic outfit with gorgeous gold jewelry from the Baublebar x Micaela Erlanger collection. With celebrity nail technician Millie Machado, celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, and celebrity hairstylist and creative director Vernon François coming together to put Nyong'o together, the award-winning actress is flawlessly beautiful in this photoshoot.

Nyong'o's outfit is nothing short of gorgeous. It's one that most any woman could pull off- provided they had either these pieces or pieces that look extremely similar to Nyong'o's attire, of course. You could wear this on a dinner date, hanging out with some of your girlfriends, or even for your first (or next) holiday party. Nyong'o's look just goes to show that a sweater, when worn in the right way and with the right accessories- can indeed look sexy.


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