10 Tips To Loving Yourself Everyone Should Know

It is important to love who you are as a person, but this task can seem impossible as the world sets standards for us to follow. We are expected to be organized, look like the celebrities in magazines, and find a successful career. This weight can hold us back, but by learning to love who we are as people can help us live a happier and fuller life.

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If you are someone who struggles with loving who you are as a person inside and out, then these tips will help you out of your rut. The standards of society are not what define you and we are all our worst enemy when it comes to judgment. Keep reading to learn ten tips to loving yourself everyone should know!

10 Try New Things

A part of loving yourself means stepping outside of your comfort zone because it helps you discover who you are as a person. You might find that you like squash or skydiving, despite the numerous qualms your friends might have about these things.

This journey we call life depends on our ability to push the boundaries and uncover things we never knew. It is also a way to prove to yourself that you trust in your own abilities to make decisions, instead of always relying on other people's opinions of what is fun and what isn't.

9 Take Care Of Your Needs

Your top priority should always be to ensure that your basic needs are being met, as this is the easiest way to show love to mind, body, and spirit. Our bodies should be exercising, eating healthy foods, and keeping up with a hygienic routine, while our minds should be cared for by doing things we like or seeing a therapist if need be.

The point is, you are the first line of defense for you and it is up to you to supply these things for yourself. Many people struggle with this when they leave home for the first time as the watchful eyes of parents are no longer on them, but it is an important aspect of caring for yourself.

8 Distance Yourself From Those Who Bring You Down

People have a tendency of dragging us down, and oftentimes they are people we call our friends and family. They berate us for who we are, try to change us to be someone we're not, or they convince us that certain things are okay for us to do.

It can be hard to cut them from your life, especially for those with a fear of being alone. Although, the moment you do will be a step in the right direction toward increasing your self-love, as you will no longer have these people bringing you down every step of the way.

7 Forgive, But Never Forget

We understand the notion of holding grudges against other people, but we also tend to hold grudges against ourselves as well. A major step in loving yourself is to forgive what you have done in the past in terms of your past mistakes. They could be big or little, but they are things you have held onto and need to let go of.

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This does not mean you should forget they ever happened, as this is not a reasonable goal and it serves as a learning experience. When you look back it should be an educational experience, rather than one where you die a little inside every time the topic comes up in conversation.

6 Be Honest With Yourself About Your Feelings

If you have issues with loving yourself, then you are also probably a culprit of lying to yourself about how you actually feel about certain topics or in certain situations. It is easier to bury our feelings of worry and grief then face them ourselves.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the wrong thing to do, and it can take some time to work up to it, but you can't avoid them forever. The longer you wait the harder it will be to change those feelings, and sometimes it can help to see a mental health professional.

5 Kindness Speaks Volumes

You have probably heard the phrase "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," and this is a part of self-love. It can be hard to love who you are as a person when you are constantly treating others as a pile of trash.

This can be as easy as a simple hello when you walk through the door or by offering to help a stranger with something they are struggling with. A simple act of kindness will not only brighten that other person's day, but it will make yours better as well because it will allow you to love yourself.

4 Do What Makes You Happy

You should be doing at least one thing a day that makes you happy. Many of us go to work and then come home after a long day in the office and pass out the moment our head hits the pillow. There is little time for hobbies or going out with friends because our careers are our number one priority.

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This is great, but it's hurting you as a person in your goal to love yourself more. It is hard to love when you don't find joy in your life and feel like you are wasting away at a career. Set aside time to take a walk, feed the pigeons, or even write a short entry in a journal as long as it makes you happy for a few minutes every single day.

3 Tell Yourself What You Love About You

When you wake up every morning you probably head to the bathroom to brush your teeth and spend an ample amount of time looking in the mirror. This could be your own worst enemy because as our own worst critics we use mirrors to point out our flaws, rather than our perfections.

You should try only using your mirror for good and listing things that you love about yourself every day, instead of nitpicking the details that you hate. It cna be as simple as saying "I am beautiful" in the mirror every morning, or actually creating a new list every day about what you love.

2 Give Yourself Credit

You should give yourself credit where credit is due, but we often seek validation from outside sources first. We feel like failures if we don't hear the magic words praising us for the impressive thing we did.

Instead, we should be the first one to say that we did a good job and are succeeding in our own lives. You shouldn't tear yourself down because your boss didn't praise you or something didn't turn out as you planned, because in the end you still did it.

1 Live For Yourself

It all boils down to living for yourself, rather than society or anyone else in your life. You need to carve your own path in the world and love the direction you are taking. Everything you do in your life should be for you and your own sense of self. You should wear makeup because it makes you feel good, not because you think the boy down the street might like it.

All of your hobbies you should do because you actually enjoy them, and not because your friends will call you a loser if you don't. The same concept applies to unrealistic magazines that claim you should dress or look a certain way, when in fact, loving yourself means that you just love you for who you are as a person.

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