Love Island: 15 Crazy Rules Contestants Have To Follow To Get On The Show

It has finally happened, the much-loved Love Island has finally come to US TV. This show has been a hit in the UK and it has finally been brought to the western side of the world.

The premise of the show is simple. It is a reality TV show in which people are coupled off in pairs. They then must compete in competitions and be the last couple standing at the end. They then win a cash prize.

However, it is much like the popular show, Big Brother, in that every second is recorded. They are constantly being watched. The fellow members of the show as well as the public vote for their favorite couple.

It is an addicting show that is bound to take off over here. However, there are a lot of rules that the contestants had to agree to in order to be a part of the show, and we have found 15 of them.

15 Promise To Not Fight


Much like most reality shows, they have to agree to not get into any physical altercations while they are on the show. This can be hard when you are trapped with (essentially) strangers in one place for so long.

There is no place on the show for violence, and anyone who is caught fighting will be kicked off the show immediately.

14 No … Ahem … Self-Love!


It is not exactly clear why this rule exists, but it does. It may also be one of the oddest rules. Contestants can not partake in any self-love while they are on the show.

One theory is that they want the pent-up frustration on the show in order to make content that is more interesting.

13 You Better Pack Some Clothes


The show is filmed on the beautiful island of Fiji, and it would appear that you would want to wear as little clothing as possible. However, that is against the rules.

Nudity is not allowed at all on Love Island. A bikini is the least amount of clothing a woman can get away with. This has everything to do with the fact that every single move is being recorded on camera.

12 Agree To A Certain Amount Of Drinks


It seems like Love Island is just one big party vacation, but production has to do something to keep everything under control. This means that they put a strict limit on how much everyone can drink.

Each member of the island is only allowed 2 drinks a night. This makes sure that everyone stays level headed and doesn't get into any trouble.

11 Big Brother On An Island


We mentioned earlier that this show was a lot like Big Brother, and it is. Big Brother is another reality show and the premise is that a bunch of people are stuck in a house under constant surveillance.

Love Island operates the same way. If you want to go on the show, you have to agree to always be on camera and wear a microphone.

10 Careful With The Language


The UK show does not take censoring as seriously as the US version will. That is mostly due to censorship laws, but island members must be very careful about what they say.

Since the show airs in the early evening, they have to be even more careful as there is a chance that the audience could include younger people. Keep that potty mouth at home, or you face possible eviction.

9 Bed Sharing Is Highly Encouraged


The couples are made as soon as the show starts, and even though they are complete strangers at this point, they are expected to act like a couple.

They are strongly encouraged to sleep in the same bed. This is not a hard-rule, and if they are too uncomfortable, they don't have to sleep in the same bed. However, this will likely affect how well they do on the show.

8 You Have To Agree To Be Paired Off


In order to get on the show, you must agree to be placed in a couple right away. That is the whole idea behind going on the show.

You don't really get the chance to window-shop for a suitable partner, you will be paired up right away upon entry to the island villa. This is something you must be comfortable with.

7 You Must Compete In Challenges


One of the best parts of the show are the challenges. There are challenges that will pop up every now and then on the show and it is meant to get the islanders out of their shell and to have some fun.

This is not mandatory and you must compete with any and all competitions that are available to you.

6 Is There A Waiver About Getting Too Attached?


Every now and then, new islanders will come into the picture and have the ability to shake up the existing couples.

That is why it is a good idea to not get too attached to your couple. This is not an official rule, but it should be. It may prevent some hearts from getting broken.

5 Phone Time Is Precious … And Controlled


Another thing this show has in common with Big Brother is that you are completely cut off from the rest of the world. There is no TV, no newspapers and no telephones.

OK, well there is one telephone but it can only be used to call other members on the island. There is no surfing social media, and you must be OK with that before going on the show.

4 Must Be OK Being Confined In A Small Space


What can make this show a little worse for the people on it, is that they are in very close quarters. The villa is not that large, so you have to be OK being confined to a small space.

The villa only has two bedrooms, so while this may make or some great TV, it can be frustrating for those who are trying to figure out where to sleep at night.

3 Not In A Couple? Not On The Show


There are certain ceremonies throughout the show where contestants can decide to stay in their current couple, or they can choose to leave their partnership.

However, if you leave the partnership and do not end up in another couple than you are automatically eliminated from the show. You must agree to always be in a couple to stay on the show.

2 Can You Share The Prize Money?


This show comes with a cash prize, that everyone is fighting over. The prize money is $100, 000 and that seems like a lot of money.

However, this money is split between the two in the winning couple. You must be OK to split the money in order to qualify. $50, 000 doesn't seem like too much especially after the tax-man comes for you.

1 24/7 Surveillance Is Mandatory


Since the biggest premise and gimmick of the show is that you are constantly being watched, you have to be OK with it. It is important that you are OK being on camera all the time.

This can be unnerving to some, and definitely takes some time to get used to. However, you do sign a waiver saying that it is OK.

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