20 Loose Threads Game Of Thrones Didn't Bother Wrapping Up

During its best seasons, Game of Thrones was considered the best thing on television, and the potential for it to go down as the greatest show in history was fully in play. Many people felt that if the show was able to stick the landing in the final season that it could cement its place at the top. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and by the time the credits rolled on the last episode, the fandom was left disappointed and largely uninterested at the proposed prequel shows. This disappointment stemmed from a number of things never being explained or wrapped up.

Today, we are going to highlight 20 loose threads from the series that fans have been complaining about since it ended. What could have been something timeless wound up showing every other show what not to do.

20 The Honeycomb And The Brothel

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This particular joke is one that Tyrion always seemed fond of, but it was one that people never got the punchline to. The people behind the series must have been aware of the intrigue in the joke because it was featured in the very last episode of the series. What in the world is the punchline?

19 Jaime Leaving Brienne

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For many people, this was the straw the broke the camel's back because it was a senseless turn that got no wrap-up. For seemingly no reason whatsoever, Jaime decides to ditch his new love, Brienne, to go back to Cersei. This was, of course, after Cersei threatened him and he left to defend Winterfell. The series never bothers checking in on how Brienne feels about Jaime leaving her either.

18 Why Arya Defeats The Night King

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Wait, what? Fans still cannot fathom why Arya was the one to take out the ultimate foe, especially with some silly trick that she learned along the way. What's more is that she was somehow able to sneak past an entire courtyard of foes and jump from the middle of nowhere to make it happen.

17 Jon Snow's Fate

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So, is he a Wildling or not? Jon was banished to the Wall after saving humanity, and it was Tyrion (more on this later) that passed on the sentence. Jon was to take the Black again, but he just up and left to start a new life. Is he the new Mance Rayder, or is he just living quietly?

16 Solo Nymeria

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It was a nice moment in the series when Arya and her old pup reunited, but this reunion was short-lived at best. Nymeria ran off with her new pack, and she was never to be seen again. What happened to her? Is she safe? Is she off to travel around the world like her former owner? Looks like we will never know.

15 The Red Woman And Her Cult

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It was teased that Melisandre's religion would play heavily into the final season of the series, but all we got was her lighting stuff on fire and the fading away. There was a scene involving other people with the same beliefs, and fans anticipated them getting involved, which sadly never happened.

14 Arya's Useless Skill

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So much fuss was made about Arya and her training with the Faceless Men, and theories swirled about how this ability would be used in the final season. Turns out, all this speculation was for nothing, because she didn't use it. So, can she still use it, or did it just mysteriously fade away into nothing?

13 Sansa Going Solo

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Why in the world did Sansa decide to defect from Bran and do her own thing? As if she wasn't insufferable enough throughout the series, her doing this made absolutely no sense. The pending ruler was none other than her brother, and she chucked up a peace sign and left him to fend for himself. Still the irritating Sansa after all these years.

12 Gendry Taking Over Strom's End

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Daenerys knew next to nothing about Gendry after she came to Westeros, and once the dust had settled from the Battle of Winterfell, she went ahead and left Storm's End to Gendry. But the show never touches on exactly what happened with that. Why in the world would the people there just willingly go along with this stranger?

11 Daario Naharis, We Hardly Knew You

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Remember when things were going well for Dany and she was with someone that wasn't her nephew? Well, she went ahead and left this man behind to take back Westeros, and we did not hear a peep from him again. What in the world happened to this guy? Is he still holding things down in Meereen?

10 Azor Ahai

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So, was Jon the Prince that was Promised? You know, the one that was going to be the savior and take out the Night King? Well, he rallied some troops, but he was useless during the battle, conjured up an embarrassingly bad battle plan, and then let his little sister do the hard stuff. This was something that irked many fans.

9 Greyjoy Independence

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The last time we checked, the Iron Islands have always wanted their independence, and they are historically willing to do anything for it. Well, anything except hop on a chance to claim independence when Bran took over. Instead, Yara sat there and ate crow while Sansa got what she wanted, as usual.

8 The Battle Of Winterfell's Genius Strategy

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People knew what the Night King was bringing to the table, and yet, this plan seemed to have been issued by someone that came from another planet. Sticking the most powerful people in the area somewhere that could lead to catastrophe was a bad idea. What's more, is that the entire battle strategy was amateurish at best.

7 Drogon On The Loose

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Okay, so we got a minor tease of this in the last episode of the series, but nothing was ever set in stone. After Jon did his thing to Daenerys, Drogon melted the Iron Throne and took her away. So, is he still out there? Could there be more dragon eggs? No one knows, but we do know that Bran has an awesome story.

6 Quiathe's Mystery Never Unraveled

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Why again did people think that this character was of any importance to the series? That's right, it's because she played a role in Dany's arc when people least expected it. Many felt that she would have an important role going forward, but she never returned to the show and was completely forgotten about.

5 Warlocks In Essos

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Remember these guys? After Daenerys was able to break free, these guys let her know that they would never stop coming, but they did. In fact, their reappearance in the show was so minor that many people completely forgot about them. Talk about building up to absolutely nothing for the fans.

4 The Dothraki And The Unsullied

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Boy, talk about mishandling things. First, it seemed like most of these people were completely wiped out early in the Battle of Winterfell, but apparently, Daenerys had a ton of reserves that no one knew about. As if this wasn't bad enough, the Unsullied decided to sail out and liberate the world with little explanation.

3 Dorne And Its New Prince

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Many people could not stand what the series did with Dorne as a subplot, and people felt that it was largely a waste of time. We got saddled with too much of this place, which caused people to believe that it had some relevance in the future of the show. Nope. Not one little bit, save for a brief comment about a prince.

2 Bran's Too Good For Winterfell

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This had to have been the least interesting way to end the series, and yet, here we are. Bran had no interest in being Lord of Winterfell and he explicitly said so in the final season of the series. Must not have been good enough for him, because he was more than happen to wheel out to King's Landing to take over the continent.

1 Why In The World Is Tyrion The Hand Again?

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First, this guy has no business being a free man, and Grey Worm should have taken him out after his betrayal. Next, after being completely incapable of being Hand multiple times, why was he named Hand again? Lastly, why was he allowed to help decide Jon's fate after being a massive traitor? He went from lovable Tyrion to complete disaster in no time.

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