Long-Term Relationships: 12 Places To Get Down And Dirty

Sex and love go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let's be honest, if the sex isn't good, the relationship might not last. But how do you save a long-term relationship that's worth saving? What happens when you're in love but your union has become a routine. Ladies, we're not going to let this happen!

Sex your man up like you did when you first met. Remember the honeymoon stage when you couldn't be alone past 5 minutes without tearing each other's clothes off? Let's refresh his memory and show him that you can still make his toes curl. Here's 12 places to have sex that will spice up your long-term relationship.

12 Your Parking lot/Garage


Let's take it back to the time when you had to sneak around in order to play. Maybe you met your sweetheart in college and you couldn't get it on with your dorm-mate studying next to you. Hey, we're not judging, maybe it was your senior year of high school and you still lived with mom and dad, yikes!

Go back to the good old days of car sex. Wait for him to get home from work and rush to his car in a sexy robe or dress. Imagine how turned on you will be with the thought of getting caught by the neighbors? Take control and straddle him right in the front seat! Remind him, why you're still his teenage dream.

11 Love is in the Air


Okay so this one is a little risqué. But seriously, how fun would this be? It isn't impossible to have sex on a plane and there are couples who have actually gotten away with it. Plus, I'm sure if you do get caught, they'll let it go if you're married or in a long-term relationship (hehe). Either way, this one is a game changer.

10 "I Wanna Make Love in this Club"


This is a fantasy that most men have. You and your honey can even take it a step further and role play. You are the girl in the middle of the dance floor that every man wants, but only he has your attention. Since you are "strangers" the desire builds up until he finally approaches you.

9 At a Park


Become one with nature and let it all go. The thrill of getting it on in public is sure to wake up the passion in any situation. Refresh his memory as to how naughty you can really be during that picnic. Find a quiet spot at your favorite park and let the trees be the only witness to your love.

8 Alley Cats


Every girl deserves a movie kind of love. Hot sex with the one you love is a scene in every film, isn't it? If you live in a big city, finding an alley should not be difficult. Meet him out at your favorite bar and after you're a few drinks in, lead him out the back door.

7  Your Childhood Bedroom


So this doesn't have to be creepy, it's sexy I promise. Isn't being a bad girl so fun? Going behind your parents back was a big no no back then when you still lived under their roof. But now that you're an adult, why not make a little trip back home with beau?

6 Meet Me At the Beach Pier


If you like long walks on the beach, you're going to love getting naughty on the pier. Making love on the beach sounds nice, but how comfortable are you with having sand enter unforgiving places? On a warm summer night, take your partner to the pier.

5 The Office Desk


One of the sexiest places to have sex, is your office desk. Whether is at their office or yours, or even at home, throw your business wear on and get it on! Again this is a great time to add in some role play, you're the CEO and he's your naughty assistant or vice versa.

If you don't wear glasses, hope you have non-prescriptions lying around because you're going  to need them. Have him pick you up, throw you on the desk and take full advantage of you. This is sure to be the best work-shift you've ever had.

4 Bathroom At a Restaurant

If you or your significant other frequent a certain restaurant and know that it is a good option for some love making, try sneaking to the washroom for a quickie. Knowing that you are in public and risk getting caught is part of the excitement that can add to this naughty experience.

3  It Goes Down on Skype


Distance makes the heart grow fonder and with your special use of Skype, the heart won't be the only thing growing. Make him want you like never before while he's on his business trip. Buy brand new sexy lingerie, light your room with candles and let the show begin.

2 Kitchen Top


That kitchen top was not only made for cooking. Satisfy a different kind of craving in your kitchen. Whether you're both coming home from work or just staying in for the night, use your house to your advantage. Wear something sexy or just throw on his T-shirt and nothing else. Seduce him all the way to the kitchen and let your imagination take over.

1 Make Your Room Naughty for One Night


Alright ladies it's time for a little DIY. You don't need to be Christian Grey to create your own sex room at home. Fulfill this fantasy by simply making your room really sexy for just one night. Stop by your favorite sex shop and pick up a few outfits, toys and whips.

Surprise him with your dominatrix get up and lead him into your sex room. Depending on how far you both agree to go, tie him up and take control. Show him what he has and how you can make all of his fantasies come true. Try some of these out and you will see how your relationship will last forever.

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