Here’s Why Lo Bosworth Won’t Appear On “The Hills: New Beginnings”

When The Hills: New Beginnings was announced, many fans began to wonder which of The Hills alumni would appear on MTV's reboot. Some- like Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt- were a surefire guarantee to come back. But others such as Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari were initially question marks due to their newer commitments and respective families. Both Conrad and Cavallari ended up turning down being on the show.

Another former The Hills castmate to choose to not appear on its reboot was Lo Bosworth. She was on the first reality TV show as a supporting star from season two to season five, where she was originally introduced as Conrad's friend. She then became a regular cast member for the show's sixth and final season. Before all that, she was in the first two seasons of Laguna Beach. But these days, she doesn't wish to be on reality TV.

"I’ve lived in New York since 2012. I haven’t been on TV in so long, and so the idea of opening up my personal life is not that appealing at this point. I’m almost 33 and I go to work every day and I have an amazing team and people who rely on me. And so it just didn’t feel like the appropriate choice for where I’m at in life right now," Bosworth explained in a recent interview.

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The former reality TV star also admits to not having watched the show, saying "I was gonna watch the first episode with my friend Simon Huck, and then he was out of town and I was out of town, so it never came to fruition, so I haven’t actually seen it."

These days, Bosworth is more focused on Love Wellness- the women's health and wellness brand that she founded. That's definitely enough to keep anyone regularly busy. Despite no longer wanting to be on reality TV at all, that doesn't mean she doesn't support her former co-stars. In fact, during the same interview, she took a moment to show off her love and support for them.

"I admire from afar!" she revealed. "I admire from New York, and I wave and say hello!"

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