Living With The Rock: 20 Little-Known Details About Dwayne Johnson & His Family

One of the biggest stars in the world today, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has accomplished many incredible things during his life. Able to attain fame as a professional wrestler, during his time in the WWE, he's been so influential to the sport that an entire show was named after one of his catchphrases, as Fox reports. Opting to make the leap to the acting world from there, after paying his dues Johnson has starred in a series of box office behemoths.

Considering the fact that Dwayne Johnson is world-famous, it shouldn’t surprise anybody that people follow him wherever he goes. However, just because he's often followed by a small army of paparazzi does not mean that the majority of his fans know everything there is to know about the man. On top of that, when you factor in the various family members that he clearly cares deeply about, there are many aspects of his life that a lot of people don’t know. For that reason, it is time to look at this list of 20 little-known details about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his family’s lives.

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20 He Believes That Success Demands Leaving The Ego Behind

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Like many of the most successful professional wrestlers, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has spent a great deal of his career boasting about how much better he is than everyone else. For that reason, it might seem hard to believe that he carries himself with a level of humility in his personal life. However, while speaking with British GQ, The Rock gave their readers five pieces of advice about how to lead their lives and based on what he said, that seems to be the case. After all, he said:

“Check your ego at the door. The ego can be the great success inhibitor.

It can kill opportunities and it can kill success.”

19 His Relationship With His Eldest Daughter

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Born into a position that many everyday folks would be jealous of, The Rock’s eldest daughter Simone Johnson has clearly grown up in a world of wealth and abundance. Of course, there are downsides to having a megastar like Dwayne Johnson as your father, including his busy schedule constantly taking him away from you. However, in the past, Simone has been fortunate enough to travel the world in order to spend time with her father while he works on one of his many hit movies. A perfect example of that is how she went to Hong Kong and Beijing to spend time with her dad while he worked on the movie Skyscraper.

18 His Luxe Life

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From one entry about travelling the world to another, this time around we are going to look at the method of transportation Dwayne Johnson’s family uses. Always on the go, judging by his social media accounts, The Rock has been using a private jet to get from point A to point B for a long time now.

Said to use a “fancy Gulfstream G650” when he goes on trips, as Insider reports, the only aspect of Dwayne’s private plane use that seems unclear is whether not he owns a jet or rents one on a very regular basis. Either way, his family often make their way around the world with him and he has even been seen changing his daughter’s diaper on a private jet!

17 The Woman Who Got The Rock To Settle Down

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Also an entertainer in her own right, The Rock’s current love Lauren Hashian is a singer. Despite that, since they’ve been together she has largely avoided the spotlight, even opting to only accompany her man on the red carpet during his many appearances a handful of time. Instead, it seems that she is much more interested in their home life together which evidently is working out based on what Dwayne Johnson has to say about her. When speaking on Oprah’s Master Class, E News reports what Dwayne said:

“I’ve learned the power that we have to make other people happy and content in a relationship.

I wake up every day so grateful and so thankful that I have someone like that.”

16 Their Home Life

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Incredibly accomplished professionally speaking, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made a fortune due to being a wrestler, actor, producer and television creator. Due to that fact, it makes all the sense in the world that he has purchased huge homes to live in with his loved ones.

For instance, he bought a fully-fledged farm in Virginia where thoroughbreds he has called “some of the best conditioned, beautiful (and bad ass;) horses on the planet” are trained, as Rare reports. He also currently owns a massive Fort Lauderdale home that includes natural lighting, massive hallways and palatial rooms, as Sportskeeda reports, some of which he had heavily customized to the likings of his family.

15 His Strict Workout Rules

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A massive man that obviously puts an incredible amount of work into crafting his body, he has even managed to become so big that at times he could remind people of The Hulk. He often completes his workouts in private gyms that the masses can’t enter, which is a good thing since he does not want to be bothered while lifting weights. In fact, he told British GQ,

“If you ever see The Rock working out in the gym, don’t think you can just go up and disturb his workout and expect him to take a picture.

He’s there to work, so kindly just pass the silverback on by or he’ll rip your face off.”

14 His Eldest Daughter Is Very Outspoken

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Simone Jonhson is all too happy to let the world know about the causes she is passionate about. For instance, she has a long history of using her social media accounts to draw attention to women’s rights issues around the world. A perfect example of that is how she fully supports those that have fought as part of the Time’s Up movement. Posting on Instagram, Simone has written things like “the clock’s been ticking on the abuse of power” and "I stand in solidarity with women across every industry to say #TIMESUP on abuse, harassment, and assault.”

13 He Spent A Fortune On A Massive Gym

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Earlier on this list, we touched on the fact that it is not a good idea to bother Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson while he is working out. With that in mind, it is a very good thing that he created a room in his Florida home to get his sweat on. Of course, since The Rock never seems to half commit to anything, according to reports he spent a small fortune on building a custom-designed gym.

Said to have spent $300,000 to have a 4,000-square-foot workout space built onto his already large living space, his gym alone is larger than most people’s homes, as Gossip Extra reports.

Considering how much money he forked over, it seems certain that the people in his life have to wait out his workouts regularly.

12 His Real-Life Cousin Is A Current WWE Superstar

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Someone that has strong roots in the wrestling business, The Rock even got to induct his father and grandfather into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008, as Bleacher Report states. Also considered to be a member of the Anoaʻi family even though he isn’t blood-related to that group, that ties The Rock to wrestlers like Roman Reigns, The Usos, Yokozuna and many more. On top of that, one of the WWE’s current stars, Nia Jax, is genetically related to The Rock. Accomplished in her own right, Nia was signed by the WWE in 2014 and she has managed to be crowned the WWE Raw Women’s Champion once so far.

11 The Rock Gets Help From The Experts

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Probably the largest movie star in the world today, a lot of people don’t realize it but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is 6 feet 5 inches tall. With that in mind, it is all the more impressive that he has managed to pack so much muscle onto his body. Obviously willing to consistently work incredibly hard to accumulate so much muscle mass, that doesn’t mean that Dwayne has pulled off that impressive feat completely on his own. Instead, in the past, he has turned to a trainer by the name of Hany Rambod for workout guidance, as Muscle & Fitness reports.

Highly respected in the bodybuilding industry, Hany has coached other accomplished people like Phil Heath who won the My Olympia title six times, as The New York Times reports.

10 He's A Momma's Boy

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When Dwayne Johnson was a child, there were periods of time in which his family struggled to get by financially. As is the case with some people that go through tough times together, it seems like those issues help to create an extremely close bond between them. Dwayne and his mother, Ata Johnson, are very close. In fact, Dwayne has often spoken about his adoration for his mother and how much he values their time together.

For instance, on Instagram, Dwayne wrote about a conversation he had with his mother in which she spoke of how happy her son’s life has made her.

Writing that “when our parents tell us they’re happy, its so satisfying for us,” the love Dwayne feels for his mom is obvious.

He's definitely

9 He Eats Seven Meals A Day

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You might think that in order for The Rock to remain in fantastic shape he has to limit the amount of food he eats. However, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth since he has to eat way more than other people in order to give his body the fuel needed to become so huge. In fact, he revealed to Muscle & Fitness magazine that he eats seven meals a day in order to consume more than 4,000 calories, as E News reports.

8 Despite His Son’s Wealth, The Rock’s Dad Is A Minimalist

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As we briefly touched on earlier in this list, The Rock’s dad was a wrestling superstar in his time which is why he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Even able to be one half of the first black duo to hold the WWE Tag Team Championship, alongside Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson enjoyed the spotlight in his time. Despite that and his son’s obvious wealth, The Rock’s dad has embraced a simpler way of life. Revealing this on Instagram after giving his dad a truck as a gift, The Rock wrote “my dad, Rocky Johnson, is a minimalist. Always has been. Never asks me for much and over the years his needs are always the barest.”

7 What's Really Important To Him

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Evidently, Dwayne Johnson’s family is full of people that you should never underestimate. After all, in 2014 The Rock’s cousin who would come to be known as Nia Jax and his mother were in a horrific car accident and were able to walk away from it without major injuries, as Bustle reports.

Writing about the situation on Instagram in the days after the accident, after The Rock smack-talked the inebriated driver that struck the car his family was in, he moved on to deeper issues. “The most important thing is my family lived through this and we can hug each other that much tighter these days.”

6 He & Lauren Hashian Never Walk Past One Another Without Affection

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One of the things that Dwayne Johnson has spoken of at length is how he does his very best to take advantage of the time he has with the people he loves the most. For instance, when asked for advice on life by the folks at British GQ, he revealed one of the ways he and the love of his life, Lauren Hashian, remain a happy couple.

“The rule Lauren and I have is this: we never walk past each other in the house, ever, without giving each other a peck.”

If that's not a adorable, we don't know what is.

5 The Rock Loves Giving His Family Cars

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The Rock gives people cars on a regular basis. For instance, two people who’ve wrestled for the WWE whom he considers to be his “uncle and cousin,” Haku and Tamina, have both received cars from him. We already touched on a car The Rock gave his dad but it turns out he also replaced it with another one, and he also hooked his mom up with a vehicle. Finally, he also went so far as to reward a longtime housekeeper of his with a car of her own.

4 He Does Everything To The Extreme

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If there's one thing this list should make abundantly clear it's that Dwayne fully commits to everything that he does. However, it actually goes a lot further than you might have expected since the man holds at least two Guinness World Records for the most random of things. Earning his first world record while attending the London, England premiere for his film San Andreas, The Rock took 105 selfies in 3 minutes, which resulted in him taking home a Guinness plaque, Guinness World Records reports.

On top of that, UPI reports that he and the staff of his company Seven Bucks Digital Studio created the world's largest seven-layer dip.

3 His Eldest Daughter Wants To Be An Entertainer

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One of the most unique industries in the world, over the years the wrestling business has been dominated by several families who’ve had several members make their mark in a big way. For instance, The Rock got his start entertaining the masses as a WWE wrestler which is something his dad had done for years before him and other relatives of his have also embraced. Still a senior in high school, in the future it seems The Rock’s eldest daughter might grapple in the ring too. As ABC News reports, her dad has said, "She's so smart, we're all so proud of her." He added,

"Simone is working so hard and her work has already started. She wants to be a WWE wrestler." 

Seems like she wants to follow in his footsteps.

2 He And His Love Are Not Married….Yet

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From all indications, it seems to be very clear that The Rock and his longtime romantic partner are madly in love. Not married as of yet, it might seem like they have chosen to remain committed to one another without bothering to walk down the aisle, but it turns out that is not the case.

Instead, Entertainment Tonight reveals that the couple was going to get married in the spring but then they fell pregnant. The Rock added that his bride didn't want to take pictures while being pregnant. "We’re just going to wait and not quite sure when [we will get married], but I know it’s going to happen,” he said.

1 He And His Ex-Wife Are Still Very Close

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Dany Garcia is an important person in Dwayne's life since they were married for 10 years. Even after getting divorced, they've still remained close. They're business partners and Dany is his manager. As Dany told Marie Claire, they speak “every day, and multiple times a day—not only on business, but on what was happening personally.”

So, how did they make a business relationship and friendship work after marriage? Dany revealed that both of them “gave ourselves room to know that there may be emotional freak-outs as new people come into our lives.”

It seems to have worked.

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