Living With The Jonas Brothers: 20 Things Fans Forget

The Jonas Brothers are back! #SuckerForYou

And now it feels like only yesterday when they announced that they were splitting up to focus on their individual work.

Oh, how fast time flies! But this time, it flew in the right direction. Giving us back a band we loved with all our teenage hearts back then.

Only, they aren't the Disney Channel Jonas Brothers anymore. They have shed that forced skin of adolescence and boy-band wonder. Echoing the more grown-up messages of Joe's 'Cake by the Ocean,' the brothers are now all set to make music that truly speaks to their hearts. Literally.

Maybe that's why 'Sucker,' the first single they dropped after coming back, features Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas. A.K.A. the real leading ladies in the JoBros' lives.

Could it be a subtle way of letting their fans know that they are taken now? And to love them solely for their music? We don't know. And it doesn't really matter. Because it's Nick, Joe, and Kevin.

So here are 20 times the Jonas Brothers gave us the feels and made us love them and also remind us why it's so amazing that they're finally making a comeback.

20 When They Guest-Starred On Hannah Montana

Just Jared

We don't know about you, but when Miley (dressed as Hannah Montana) barged into the recording studio and found the JoBros singing behind the glass in the episode 'Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas', we squealed right alongside the invisible audience.

It was a total OMG moment! And the episode just kept getting better. Especially when Miley got super jealous that Robbie Ray was spending so much time with the boys. Because, we get it, but then again, who wouldn't want the Jonas brothers around 24/7?

What can we say? The boys nailed the acting gig and stole our hearts once more!

19 When Joe Looked So Dreamy And We Couldn't Handle It!


Full disclosure: Joe was our favorite Jonas Brother. Not because the others lacked talent or anything. After all, let's be honest: Nick is more talented than Joe and Kevin combined. But we love Joe because his personality shone bigger and brighter than the others.

Besides, do you see those eyes? Like, warm molten chocolate twinkling with starlight. And that shock of dark hair framing that cute, pixie face? *Sigh* They starred in every teenage girl's dreams back then.

So, yes, he's our favorite. And we still can't get over the fact that he's engaged to Sophie Turner!

18 When Joe Spoke Openly About Needing Therapy After The Band Split

Just Jared

It pulled our heartstrings when Joe opened up about needing therapy after the JoBros split in an interview with The New York Times. That's when we realized how tough it really was for them to grow up in the public eye. And how much pressure was put on them to be these perfect teenage icons.

He explained how they felt trapped a lot of times because they had to adhere to Disney's squeaky-clean image. How tabloids and interviewers often took advantage of their inexperience in dealing with nosey questions about their private lives. And how angry he became when Nick suggested they split up.

And that rawness endeared him to us more than the 'Joe from Jonas Brothers.'

17 When Joe's 'Single Ladies' Video Made Us LOL So Hard We Fell Off The Chair


Well, the Jonas Brothers have officially come back now with their single 'Sucker.' So let's focus on some of the more light-hearted moments from their heyday.

Namely, when Joe dressed up in a black leotard and "danced" to Beyonce's hit 'Single Ladies.'

We fell out of our chairs laughing when they shared the video on their YouTube channel to promote their new album. And immediately realized why the Jonas Brothers were not a true boy band.

It was because Joe cannot dance! Or at least, he pretended not to know how to as he wriggled and popped to 'Single Ladies.'

16 When This Scene Happened In Camp Rock


We admit it. The JoBros were so good at acting (at least, Nick and Joe were) that we, in our haze of teenage fan-girling frenzy, mixed up the singers of Connect 3, the fictional rock band in Camp Rock, with the real-life Jonas Brothers.

Not that it mattered since Joe dated Demi Lovato for a while after the movie wrapped up. And that fed the Shane-Mitchie boat we were shipping hard ever since the two found each other on stage during the Final Jam.

Ah! That movie was really satisfying. And we still love the track 'Need to Find You' where Shane (Joe Jonas) lamented that he needed to find that girl whose voice thrilled and inspired him.

15 When Joe And Nick Got Matching Tattoos #Bromance


It's no surprise to true fans that Nick and Joe are really tight. Probably because they were the younger siblings for the longest time before Frankie came into the picture.

And thank goodness for that! Do you know how many pranks and bromance moments we would have missed through the years if that was not the case?

Anyhoo, case in point: these two got matching arrow tattoos before the 2016 VMAs to show brotherly love and solidarity. And nothing flashy or weird. Just an arrow tattoo behind their arm that will point towards the other brother when they stand side-by-side.

14 When Nick Sang 'Introducing Me' And It Got Stuck In Our Head


"I'm good at wasting time

'Think lyrics need to rhyme

And you're not asking

But I'm trying to grow a mustache

I eat cheese, but only on pizza, please

Sometimes on a homemade quesadilla

Otherwise, it smells like feet to me..."

Camp Rock 2 might not have been as awesome as the original Camp Rock, but Nick's rendition of 'Introducing Me' was the highlight of that movie for us.

Mainly because the tune was so catchy and caught us by surprise as the verses rolled on. Sure, it was silly, but it had momentum. It went faster and faster. Until it was everything!

13 When Kevin Got Married And We Were Crushed


To be honest, Kevin has never enjoyed as much popularity among the mostly-teenage-girl fans of the Jonas Brothers as Joe and Nick have. Probably because he was much older already when they started the band. But we suspect it was also because Joe always stole the limelight with his funny and cute antics.

Nevertheless, when it was announced that Kevin was going to marry his girlfriend Danielle Deleasa, we were crushed for a while. Mainly because we were scared Joe and Nick would follow suit soon enough.

Well, that didn't happen exactly. But since Nick is now married to Priyanka Chopra and Joe is on the way to the altar with Sophie Turner, we weren't too far off in our prediction. Just by a decade!

12 When The Music Video Of 'Hold On' Gave Us Major Chills


The music video starts abruptly with strong strumming of guitar strings and Nick jumping off the top of a sofa into a claustrophobic room from the early '70s. All the while Joe keeps singing in an angst-ridden voice, painting a picture of heartbreak and staying strong.

From the shaking frames to the papers flying everywhere, the video and the song sent chills through our veins. And we cried 'Hold on!' every time the JoBros did.

We don't know about you, but this song instantly wormed into our brain and toppled 'S.O.S'. Just because it spoke to our teenage misery of not finding love. #HOLDON

11 When Joe Rocked A Headband


Notice a theme here? Of course, you do! We already told you Joe was our favorite JoBro (in terms of dashing good looks and dreaminess quotient of the eyes). So here's another picture of the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers. This time evoking a classic punk rockstar with a bandana tied around his head.

Joe dressed up as 'Blue Steel' for Heidi Klum's 15th Annual Halloween Party at Tao Downtown back in 2014. And totally nailed the look!

But it wasn't the only time he rocked a headband. He has been known to rock hairbands in the past too. Like, the time he wore a wire-thin curvy band to a Disney Channel event and looked as masculine as ever.

10 When We Wanted The Song 'When You Look Me In The Eyes' To Be About Us


It was a black and white song. A song that crooned about love. Of being alright as long as you have love by your side.

But the music video only focused on the fans. The raving girls with posters telling Joe that his dream girl lived in Wisconsin or Dallas. The best friends wearing pants with 'Kevin' emblazoned across the bottom and 'JONAS' on the sides. The girl who burst into tears of joy when she was pulled up on stage in the middle of a concert.

It was surreal. And it made us feel as if the song was about us. As if they, the JoBros, had fallen for us.

Oh, the fantasy! It was everything.

9 When They Announced Their Split And We Went 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!'


We literally thought we were going to drown in tears the day it was announced that the Jonas Brothers were officially splitting and going their separate ways.

How could they split? They were perfect together. Brothers. What could have gone wrong?

We asked these questions (everyone did) and played our favorite JoBros songs on repeat. It was everything we could do to stop ourselves from falling apart.

It was only much later that we found out that the picture-perfect bond between the brothers hid a lot of strain behind the scenes. And that they had chosen to disband because the band dynamics were threatening to alienate them from each other.

8 When Nick Went From Goofball Kid To Heartthrob


When Nick was the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers, he looked goofy and cute with his curly hair and innocent expressions. But something interesting happened when he went solo.

He became an instant heartthrob in our books by buzzing down his hair, growing some stubble, and packing on those muscles. Even his music changed. It became more adult. And in a good way. The kind that sends shivers of delight down your spine without being unnecessarily crass.

He even took up MMA! Now give us a minute so we can fan ourselves and get that blush off our face.

7 When They Introduced Us To The 'Bonus Jonas', Frankie


Only a hardcore Jonas Brothers fan knows that the family of Jonases have one more Jonas sibling. Frankie Jonas. A.K.A. Bonus Jonas!

The little kid was just ten years old when his older brothers introduced him to their fans while promoting Camp Rock 2. And we thought it was absolutely adorable. Especially when Joe and Kevin were subtly protective of him even as they joked around with the kid.

Frankie is all grown up now and is an actor. But he has never been as famous as his older siblings. Which might have been the reason behind some of his delinquent behavior over the years.

6 When Joe Shared This Picture He Found In Nick's Car


Here's another picture that proves the Nick-Joe bromance is still going strong. Because only a much-loved sibling would share a bad picture of yours on social media for kicks and giggles.

This social media post showed off a polaroid of Nick sporting a serious black eye, and the snap was one that Joe had found in Nick's car. And since it was shared sometime before 'Season 2' of Kingdom was aired (Nick was one of the lead characters in that MMA-focused drama series), fans believed the black eye was just an expert makeup artist's handiwork. We sure hope that's all it was!

5 When Joe Tripped On Stage During Their AMA Live Performance And Got Back Up Like A Boss


It happened back in 2007 when the Jonas Brothers were set to perform 'S.O.S.' onstage during the AMAs.

The stage was set up with three shatter-glass doors through which the brothers were supposed to walk onto the stage. Only, Joe tripped on his frame and fell on his hands and knees on the glass pieces right in front of the whole crowd.

But he jumped up immediately and kept on singing. It was only later once they got off the stage that he tended to the gash on his left palm and got it cleaned up. Joe got major points for sticking that one out!

4 When Nick And Miley Started Dating And We Lost Our Marbles


To be honest, it was Nick's first relationship with another major star. But we didn't care. It was a Disney Channel romance in our minds because both of them were Disney stars and incredible musicians. And we wanted it to last. But it wasn't meant to be.

Their relationship began in 2006, when they met at a charity event, and ended by 2007. But the relatively short duration did not hamper how strongly they felt for each other while they had been together.

After all, Miley's song '7 Things' was about her relationship with Nick and the Jonas Brothers' song 'Wedding Bells' was about her.

3 When They Announced They Might Be Reuniting As 'Jonas'


We did not pay much attention to the news when a possible reunion was hinted recently. We thought it would fizzle out like all the other times. And then 'Sucker' happened.

OMG! OMG! OMG! Did you watch it yet? Drop everything and go, watch if you haven't already! Because it was everything we could have hoped for and more.

It seems like the time apart has helped mature all the brothers into even better musicians. Plus, taught them a thing or two about music videos that are visual smorgasbords because 'Sucker' totally left us gasping in delight. Too bad these guys are all taken!

2 When They Joined James Corden For A Friendly Round Of Carpool Karaoke


The clip opens with James in the driver's seat and Joe sliding into the passenger side up front. Then Joe gets a call and asks James if he can pick up someone else on the way.

That someone else turns out to be Nick. He gets a call in turn and asks James to pick up one more person. Namely, Kevin.

That's when James brakes and asks, "Is what I think is happening, is happening?"

And then the brothers look into the camera together and say, "Yup. We're back!"

Cue the screams and the jumping around the room. Cause that's exactly what we did. OMG! They are back!

1 When They Remained Close Even After The 'Jonas Brothers' Split


This picture is from the photo booth set up during Joe and Sophie's engagement party. And it captures perfectly how close the brothers truly are in real life. Even after all that went down during their disbanding.

Which tells us that they were on to something right when they said they were splitting because they didn't want their relationship to fall apart.

Maybe that's why the bros are back now. And stronger than ever before. And we are waiting eagerly for them to release a few more singles now that 'Sucker' has racked up over 42 million views in just a week.

Ah! 2019 just got off to a great start.

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