Little People Big World: 10 Moments That Were Totally Fake (+ 5 That Were Real)

Fourteen seasons down, Little People Big World abbreviated LPBW is a reality series, which follows around the daily lives of the Roloff family on a 36-acre farm. Part of the show focuses on the parents, Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff, and one of their sons, Zach, who all have dwarfism.

Just like most reality shows, LPBW has to make money and at many times producers may initiate drama, manipulate footage or show moments on the show that appear more dramatic than they were during filming for the sake of ratings. However, a good chunk of the show is real. Here are 10 moments that were totally fake and 5 that were real.

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15 So Much Of The Show Follows A Script

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Since LPBW is a reality show, it should not follow a script. However, when the youngest son, Jacob Roloff was leaving the show, he revealed that many of the show’s scenes were following a script, just because of ratings. According to thehoollywoodgossip producers sway the cast to follow a certain direction therefore not every scene aired is a reality.

14 Amy Roloff Being Pushed Back Into The Dating Scene

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At an interview with Access, Amy Roloff let it slip that she would not have jumped back to the dating scene that quickly after her public divorce without the encouragement from the producers. Her journey to finding new love with Chris Marek was all part of the show but as the years have gone by, she is happy they made her do it.

13 Some Story Lines Are Only Loosely Based on The Cast’s Lives

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Fans obviously expect that the LPBW storylines should at per with their reality, but this is not the case, Jacob revealed that sometimes the storylines are fake and far from the truth. The producers edit and change so much in order for the storylines to fit in their needs. According to therichest, Jacob revealed that sometimes it felt like they were characters and not their actual selves.

12 Matt Roloff Death Scare Scene

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Many reality shows use teasers to capture their audiences. There was a moment when Matt collapsed on camera and production led fans to believe that it was a serious health problem when it really was not. The moment was fake because Matt suffered from a condition known as severe vertigo, which caused him to pass out often as revealed by therichest.

11 Molly’s Big Job Announcement

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Another fake moment on LPBW was when Molly Roloff announced that she got a job and everyone seemed surprised and happy for her. Radaronline reports that Jacob revealed on Instagram that that moment had happened months prior and the whole family knew about it when filming. The scene was all staged.

10 Jacob Portrayed As A Christian When He Is Really Not

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When Jacob was still part of the show, he appeared to be a practicing Christian just as the rest of his family, unfortunately, this moment was just fake. Despite having siblings who were vocal about Christianity, nickiswift reports that Jacob had no ties to the religion and did not consider himself a Christian as was portrayed in the show.

9 Amy’s Surprise Birthday Party

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There was a moment goodhousekeeping reported as being absolutely fake in the show. In one of the episodes when Amy was having a surprise birthday party, there were guests present who did not seem like real friends of Amy but instead paid actors. This implied that the whole thing was in fact staged for the cameras.

8 During Vacation When Chris Marek Left Amy Alone At The Restaurant

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It is surprising that the cast themselves are the ones admitting that some of the moments in their show are fake. According to hollywoodgossip, Amy shared that the incident when her boyfriend Chris Marek left her at the restaurant alone, did not play out like that in the real sense, production just edited it to make it seem that way.

7 The Real Reason For The Divorce

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LPBW made it seem like Amy was caught off guard and that she did not want the divorce and that it was all Matt’s idea but this was all fake. According to hollywoodgossip, this storyline was done to cover up the fact that Matt was with Caryn Chandler, their former farm manager as Amy revealed in her new biography.

6 Matt And Amy’s Restaurant Scene

Via: thewrap.com

It is no secret that Jacob despised the show, he revealed on rockandroloff that there was a fake scene when Matt and Amy went to a restaurant to talk about their separation but that was not their reality at that moment. What they were discussing had already happened in real life and they were simply rehashing it.

(+ 5 That Were Real)

5 Amy and Matt’s Divorce

Via: radaronline.com

While the show hid the real reason following Amy and Matt’s divorce, the divorce part was real. The duo separated and eventually divorced after 27 years of marriage. However, the divorce was actually a long time coming, as stated by nickiswift, because the two seemed to have very different relationship priorities and were constantly bickering.

4 Matt Dating Former Farm Manager

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Another real moment on the show was when Matt revealed that he was dating the farm’s former manager, Caryn Chandler. As screenrant point out, prior to that Caryn had been hired to run pumpkin season at the farm for almost ten years and just a few months after Matt’s divorce, he revealed he was in a relationship with her.

3 The Future Of The Co-Owned Farm Is At Stake

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Another real moment on the show is that the future of the farm we have seen the Roloff kids grow up in is now at stake. According to cheatsheet, after Amy and Matt’s divorced, Amy did not have enough funds to buyout Matt from the farm and therefore decided to sell and look for a new home. We are not sure if Matt will keep it or sell it.

2 The Many Health Issues We Witness

Via: blogspot.com

Due to dwarfism, father and son Matt and Zach health concerns on the show are real. According to intouchweekly, Matt has had over 15 surgeries throughout his life because of his type of dwarfism; he even walks with crutches. Zach, on the other hand, has had over seven surgeries.

1 The Weddings In The Show

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Amy and Matt’s three children Jeremy, Zach and Molly wedding moments were all real. Jeremy married Audrey Botti in a ceremony held at the farm and his twin brother Zach soon followed suit marrying his fiancé Tori Patton in the same location. Their younger sister Molly also tied the knot at the farm to one Joel Silvius.

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