Lindsay Lohan is Living It Up In Mykonos

Lindsay Lohan has kicked off summer in sunny Mykonos once again. She has opened up a new beach club on the island, and as recent images show, the girl is becoming somewhat of a staple figure of the picturesque Greek locale.

The Mean Girls actress was snapped soaking up the sun at the beach in the popular vacation hotspot, known for its million-dollar superyachts and legendary party-until-dawn nightclubs.

Looking fab in a sheer black beach dress, the auburn-haired beauty looked lightyears away from her former 2016 self, when she famously sported that awkward European accent.

Believe it or not, Lindsay has put the past behind her.


The actress is now based in the Middle East, and takes regular breaks from her busy life as head of her own production company in Dubai, to visit the Greek isles, where she has lent her name to two nightclubs. Despite her years-long break from acting, Lohan stays nimble by learning Italian, Arabic, Russian and Turkish, and in her free time she also studies the Qu’ran.

Having made a slew of international friends along her spiritual quest abroad, Lindsay is now digging her "paparazzi-free life" too much to fly back to L.A.

What’s more, the prospect of setting foot back home gives her the shivers.

"I'm terrified of going to LA. Just landing at the airport scares the s**t out of me," she has confessed.

Since her nasty public break-up from Russian business mogul Egor Tarabasov in 2016, Lindsay has been single, but not quite ready to mingle. Instead, she has found refuge and inner solice in the Middle East, as she has told Emirates Woman.

Lohan’s business ventures in Greece may also have something to do with her friendship-slash-relationship with Greek businessman Dennis Papageorgiou, whom the Daily Mail describes as a "millionaire restaurateur."

In any case, Lindsay’s love affair with the nightclub scene in Greece is going strong, and word has it that she is soon planning to open a third nightclub. Which means that more Mediterranean getaways are in the cards.

Do you like Lindsay’s new chilled-out persona? Let’s just hope it’s a permanent transformation we’re seeing, and not another calm before disaster strikes again.

We're here for you, chill Lindsay!


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