Lily Singh Uses Her NBC Late-Night Talk Show To Slam Matt Lauer Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Canadian YouTuber turned late-night talk show host Lilly Singh has managed to find quite a bit of success with her NBC outfit, A Little Late with Lilly Singh. While it may not be perfect, it's managed to find critical and commercial success in its own right. One reason for this is due to Singh not shying away from anything that may create a little bit of controversy.

Case in point: Singh used a segment on her talk show to take a shot at former NBC talent Matt Lauer for his recent sexual assault allegations. The segment is known as "Gift Basket", where Singh presents mock gift baskets to celebrities "who’ve been having a hard time". In a more recent episode, she went after someone who once worked for the very network she currently works at.

"Our next gift basket is for none other than Matt Lauer," Singh began before pointing out that Lauer "was fired from this network after several allegations came up accusing the former news anchor of sexual assault, which he denies all of the claims. Yeah, okay."

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After this snarky yet witty introduction, Singh took her time pulling out each item and explaining why it was perfect for Lauer.

"Here’s a bottle of Jergen’s," Singh started. "Because the only thing that will be getting you off anytime soon is your own hand. I got the travel size because I can’t imagine your tiny penis would need any more than that. Next, here’s a button. It’s kind of like the one you allegedly had behind your desk to lock female co-workers in your office with you, except this one locks your penis in your pants. Finally, I just read your open letter, where you not only refuse to take responsibility for your heinous actions, but you also blame your victims — yeah plural, victims — for your bad behavior. Incredible.

"Matty boy, since you love letters so much, I got you two," Singh continued before opening the envelopes, which revealed two letters- F and U. That prompted her to add, Would you look at that? It’s an F-U."

As of yet, neither Lauer nor his legal team has responded to this segment from A Little Late with Lilly Singh. Whether they ever will remains to be seen. But we can't lie- Singh's segment on the situation was savage as hell.

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