Lili Reinhart Gets Candid About Unrealistic Body Standards

Lili Reinhart got real about the unrealistic body standards that society puts on women, especially those in public eye.

The actress recently spoke out at the Glamour Women of the Year Summit the constant scrutiny she faces on a daily basis. Ever since she began playing Betty Cooper on Riverdale, Reinhart has been a victim of body shaming and feeling the pressure for sustaining an unrealistic body standard.

She has had enough of the drama and negativity! The 22-year-old got candid about her own body insecurities, as well as the pressure she feels to look like those perfect photographed models. Reinhart is frustrated with society, and she is no longer staying quiet about her issues.


Social media has become a negative platform where any troll feels it is ok to comment on a person's physical appearance. Cole Sprouse's lady love has experienced the harsh remarks first hand, as her weight fluctuated throughout the past year. Reinhart explained she had been quietly dealing with the criticism regarding her body image. A few months ago, she came under fire for expressing how she was self-conscious about her body after she gained some weight that sparked pregnancy rumors.

The blonde bombshell revealed at the summit that she definitely has the right to talk about body image. People with all different types of bodies can and do feel self-conscious. Those people should not be shamed for their feelings. Reinhart attributes the growing unrelates body standards to the airbrushed photos on social media and magazines. She was quick to remind those in attendance that we are not born with insecurities, they are conditioned in us.

Lili Reinhart is fully aware that the stigma behind unrealistic body standards is not going to go away overnight. However, she intends to do her part by speaking up, sharing her story and encouraging females of all ages to embrace their bodies. She is also encouraging people to push away negativity, to find their own strength. For her part, the Riverdale star is going to do her best to be a positive role model by living a healthy lifestyle and practicing what she is preaching.

The actress is the latest celebrity to encourage body positivity and rally against unhealthy body standards. Her speech is a good reminder that we all have issues with our body, but it is time to accept them and stop shaming others.

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