Lili Reinhart Is Going On A Twitter Detox To Escape The Hate

Actress Lili Reinhart announced that she is taking a break from Twitter due to all the negativity and mean comments she is facing on the popular social media platform. Trolls and rude people are unfortunately a problem all over the Internet and especially so on all social media channels, and it is something many people and perhaps celebrities, in particular, have to deal with on a daily basis. The young actress took to her Instagram story to explain that she needs a detox from all the hate and general negativity that she finds especially apparent on Twitter, and honestly, who could blame her?

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The Riverdale star wrote a few messages in a sequence of posts in her Instagram story and asked if people on Twitter never gets tired of being so rude and negative all the time. Lili went on to acknowledge that hate and trolling, unfortunately, lives everywhere, but that she finds that Twitter, in particular, has become a 'cesspool' of hate and toxic comments. She explained how she needs a break from the constant attacks on herself, her relationship with fellow cast member Cole Sprouse, the cast of Riverdale, and the TV show itself. Lili ended her message by telling all the haters that they won't get any less miserable from constantly spreading negativity and hate.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, the twenty-two-year-old does not go into detail on what prompted her to decide on a Twitter detox, but it might because of some recent attacks on Lili, her castmates and the CW drama Riverdale over the weekend. YouTuber, comedian and rapper Elijah Daniel tweeted a rude message saying that Riverdale 'sucks', asking if the show's fanbase were aware of that or just didn't care.

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Several members of the Riverdale cast were quick to fire back to the mean comment directed at them, their show and their fans. K.J. Apa and Ashleigh Murray both weighed in calling out Elijah for his trolling tweet, and Lili's boyfriend who plays Jughead on the show simply said social media had ruined his mood.

It is truly a shame that social media has become a place where many people feel comfortable enough to say almost anything with little to no regard to the feelings of others. It is probably a wise idea for Lili to take a break from it all and focus on positive things.

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