Lili Reinhart Mistakenly Uses An Entire Lush Bubble Bar

Actress Lili Reinhart learned the hard way that Lush's awesomely sparkly Bubble Bars are not meant to be used all at once, and she hilariously shared her experience on Instagram. Now that fall is here, what could be more relaxing than a nice bubble bath? And, it is impossible to think about bath time without simultaneously thinking about Lush and all their amazing bath related products. This seems to be what went through Lili Reinhart's head, but perhaps the outcome was a bit more than what she was expecting?

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The Riverdale actress took to her Instagram story to share her lovely evening plan of a hot bubble bath using Lush's sparkly pumpkin bubble bar. However, what 'Betty' didn't know, is that you're not supposed to use the whole bar at once! The idea is to hold it under the running water, or gently stir it around in the bath water, not leave the whole thing in while running the bath. Lili Reinhart is known to be very open on her social media channels, whether it's silly shortcomings like this one, or just sharing pictures of herself covered in pimple cream.

Via: Instagram @lilireinhart

As reported by Teen Vogue, the amount of suds soon grew to ridiculous proportions, and Lili shared a photo of the process of her bathtub slowly being completely covered in suds. After a while, she realized perhaps she was not meant to use the whole bubble bar after all, but she seemed to enjoy her bath time anyway.

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Lili Reinhart is mostly known for her role as Betty Cooper in the popular teen drama Riverdale, based on the characters from the Archie comic books. Lili confirmed to be dating Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead in the tv-show, in August this year after the young couple had already walked the red carpet together at the 2018 Met Ball. Definitely team Bughead!

The 22-year-old actress has made a point of showing her fans that she is just like any other twenty-something woman, struggling with breakouts, depression, body image, and how to use Lush's sparkly bubble bars. Relatable, talented, and fun - Lili Reinhart has it all.

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