Why So Serious? How To 'Lighten Up' To Improve Well-Being

The time has come to ask a very important question. Are we taking ourselves too seriously? Here at The Talko two things we do take seriously are happiness and well-being, which is why we are delighted to share that being so serious doesn’t do much for either. A little like wearing tight pants on a hot day, it could just be making life unnecessarily comfortable. In fact, according to sources, it is impossible to live a positive life without 1) a healthy sense of humor and 2) the ability to laugh at ourselves.

Seriousness had become something of an epidemic. Can we just inject a bit of silliness into our days, please? Bring back whoopee cushions and the office clowns. Can we just laugh at ourselves when we make a mistake instead of cringing in embarrassment? Tripped up a step? Sent an email to the wrong person? Before shriveling up or breaking into a sweat, why not have a good belly laugh. After all, the science of good health weighs in favor of those who can have a good laugh when things go slightly off track.



Now there is a difference, of course, between taking ourselves less seriously and not valuing ourselves. Still, it seems something of a misconception that we cannot both respect ourselves and see the funny side of life. Whoever is promoting the idea that having a long face is essential for healthy self-development is somewhere having the last laugh. Self- respect and embracing our silly sides are not mutually exclusive.

So, here are some ways to hang up our serious hats and take a break from this trend that seems to have taken hold.

Dance. Start at home on your own, download your favorite tunes onto a playlist and get your wiggle on. Get those endorphins flowing and dance away all of the stress of life. At best you might start to see the funny side of a situation that has been freaking you out and at worse everything seems better after a good shake.

Try to make someone laugh every day. Even it means doing something really silly, embrace it, enjoy it. Making someone laugh not only feels great even if it is at your own expense. Make a funny face or say something stupid, be vulnerable to making an idiot of yourself. After all, who cares if it’s for the greater good of happiness?

Accept where you are in life. Not quite where you thought you when you set yourself those goals five years ago? Made your millions, had your babies, found your prince? Here is a secret, not many people have. There is a beautiful thing about accepting where you are in life with a little bit of humor. Where you are is just fine, drop the pressure and accept where you are right now. And who cares if you have made a few mistakes? Learning to laugh at them is like therapy.

Stop judging yourself. Come on now we all do it don’t we? Let that inner critic boss us around and make us doubt ourselves. It can especially loud when we embrace our silly sides. Shut it down. Replace the judging with a sense of humor.

According to research, lightening up can literally lengthen a lifespan, improve mental health and just make a person generally better at going through the day to day. Developing a sense of humor and appreciating the lighter side of life, is a skill we should all be working on as, after all, life is far too short to be taken seriously.


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