20 Lego Sets Based On Your Favorite Sitcoms

Let's start with a rhetorical question here...who here actually doesn't like LEGO!? Yeah, that's what we thought. Everyone loves this stuff and for good reason. It is amazing the number of people who have come up with some pretty exciting LEGO sets...even when they're not actually sanctioned by LEGO.

Below is a collection of LEGO sets designed around many of our favorite sitcoms out there. Some of them are animated and some of the are live-action. Some of them are decades and decades old and some are relatively recent (and even still going), so let's see what hilarity LEGO has to offer these days.

20 Curb Your Enthusiasm


Curb Your Enthusiasm has been on the air for almost 20 years now...well, not exactly. The show is currently still running but there were a number of years, since 2000, when the show was not putting out new episodes. Either way, the whole show is just Larry David getting into ridiculous situations.

19 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia


So, four people decide to open and run a bar together...yeah, that definitely sounds like the start to a pretty horrible joke. Some of us have seen what happens when several people come together to try and run a bar and it almost never turns out. But, this show has been running since 2005 so something's going well!

18 The Simpsons


The Simpsons is a classic sitcom. Sure, it's a cartoon but there is no denying that this show is a sitcom. And it also the longest-running animated show in the entire world...EVER! The Simpsons have been airing since 1989. For those who can do some pretty simple math, that's 30 years! Sure, some people think they've overstayed their welcome and now people are trying to make it PC, but it's still a great show overall.

17 The Office


The Office has had a good run both in the U.K. and in the U.S. It had a two-season run under the stardom of Ricky Gervais in the U.K. and then he pushed the show to the U.S. casting Steve Carell as the lead. They managed nine seasons out of that run (which might have been a few too many) but it is certainly popular enough to earn a LEGO set!

16 The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air


What a classic bit of the 90s. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was one of the biggest show of the 90s and ran from 1990-1996. And then there was some unsanctioned spin-off stuff and talks of a reboot which Will Smith said would never happen. We guess only time will tell, but we can relive life at the Banks household through LEGO until then!

15 The Addams Family


What a classic. There have been a number of TV shows for the Addams Family with different casting pretty well every time and with a mix of both live-action and animation. The Addams Family has been incredibly successful pretty much since the 60s. And aside from the sitcoms, let's not forget about the awesome movie (and the ridiculous sequels).

14 South Park


Perhaps the second-longest-running cartoon show in the world, South Park has long been one of the greatest, most hilarious and least PC shows out there. Some people might not count is as a sitcom but we think it sits pretty healthily in that category. And we love the innovative use of a ninja to make the LEGO Kenny in this photo.

13 Seinfeld


Oh, Seinfeld. This show probably ran much longer than it needed to but the situational comedy that people loved in the 90s was a force to be reckoned with and with Larry David helping out behind the scenes, it made perfect sense that this show would continue on until David was ready to kick off his own, perhaps more offensive, show.

12 Roseanne


Roseanne was so good back in the 90s that they just recently tried to reboot it. Of course, when the leading lady acts a little too unladylike and gets herself fired from the network, it sort of makes it a little difficult to get a show off the ground. Too bad for the rest of the cast who were probably pretty excited to dig back into those characters.

11 Parks And Recreation


There is only one actor anyone needs to see to know that this is a Parks and Rec LEGO set. Nick Offerman, playing the iconic character of Ron Swanson has his own LEGO character, which we love. Not only was Offerman one of the best characters of the show, but he also directed a couple of episodes too!

10 M*A*S*H


Well, if it isn't Hot Lips Houlihan in the background there. This is actually a pretty sweet M*A*S*H setup for LEGO. For those who don't know this show, we just don't know what to say other than it's time to start streaming. This was one of the best military comedies of its time and perhaps of all time.

9 How I Met Your Mother


How I Met Your Mother is pretty recent when it comes to sitcoms on this list, that's for sure. While the show has been off the air for a decent amount of time now and the ending of the show wasn't all that wonderful, the journey of the show did capture a great audience and many of the actors have gone on to do amazing work.

8 Golden Girls


Oh, The Golden Girls. These lovely ladies have captured the hearts and minds of so many generations now it is actually quite surprising. There was a segment of Hot Ones where a guest mentioned that even DMX watches Golden Girls when he's hanging out in his trailer! That Betty White just can't go wrong in our eyes.

7 Friends


Well, here is the classic one that everyone was waiting for, for sure. Pretty well everyone knows about Friends even if they didn't like the show. And everyone has a reference from the show even if they don't know it. Much like Seinfeld...but better. Every actor in this show has gone on to do at least a few other prominent projects. Especially Jennifer Aniston!

6 Frasier


Oh, back before Kelsey Grammer had fallen off a stage and become a lesser-known celebrity. Frasier was that sitcom for the better educated or just for those who preferred to listen to a stiff-upper-lip Brit talk down to people all episode long. It was wonderful. Two-for-one here since Kelsey Grammer is also the voice of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons!

5 Everybody Loves Raymond


It's clear that this was not a sanctioned LEGO set for the show, but Everybody Loves Raymond was popular enough for someone to want to attempt to recreate it through the immortal blocks of both LEGO and what looks to be maybe some Duplo. Not often a match made in Heaven, but it works well enough for the purposes of this set.

4 Cosby Show


Well, just so everyone knows, that head is absolutely not Bill Cosby. That is Dr. Hibbert, we are fairly certain and the fact that his is the only LEGO head to use to make a Cosby LEGO man is pretty hilarious. Given recent years, we can understand why LEGO never bothered to make a Cosby LEGO guy though.

3 Community


Alright, so none of the characters are in this one. Someone was a bit lazy in that sense, but that doesn't mean this LEGO set isn't pretty well perfect when it comes to making the infamous study room from Community. The builder of this has even gone out of the way to have a Garrity poster for Hamlet in LEGO style. Glee Club as well! Wonderfully done.

2 Cheers


Hey, it's that place where "everybody knows your name." Cheers was perhaps the biggest sitcom of all time for quite some time. Yeah, it may have faded into the past quite a bit in recent years but the number of references we still hear from it are pretty remarkable. If anyone here hasn't seen a full episode before...go...the article is done anyway. GO! WATCH!

1 WKRP In Cincinnati


For those who don't know about WKRP In Cincinnati, it was a fairly brief but incredibly popular sitcom that took place in and around a radio station. The show ran from 1978-1982 and it was hilarious. The many personalities around the mic made it a worthwhile show and we are happy it's immortalized by way of LEGO!

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