Legally Blonde: 23 Photos Of The Kardashians Owning The Platinum Look

Following the Kardashian-Jenner clan is not required to know that they're always up to something. Quite frankly, whatever these women do gets mimicked by women all around the world, hence why news about them spreads so quickly.

Though they offer their own reality television show to keep up with them, it is almost impossible to keep up with the Kardashians and their constant antics. One day Kylie Jenner's hair is blue, the next it is pink; one day Kim Kardashian West has dreads, the next her hair is platinum. As for Khloé Kardashian, whose second home is the gym, she was unrecognizable when she opted for glorious platinum blonde hair in December. It is not far-fetched to say that whatever the Kardashians do looks top-notch and they pull it off each and every single time. We all know that they are the current beauty queens of the world.

With hairstyles and haircuts that change weekly, there is one look on the Kardashian-Jenner clan that always makes us do a double take, and that is when they're rocking platinum blonde hair. Whatever the social media queens do to their hair is the new black, but we'd like to say that platinum is the new black that's here to stay. Read on to see all their sassiest platinum blonde looks to date.

23 Leave It To The Social Media Queen To Rock It All

via Vogue Australia

Kylie Jenner is the embodiment of a true fashionista, and she'll never betray us since she clearly slays every look.

Look at how majestic her top bun is. Who could make a lazy bun look so chic? Only Jenner.

Taken in 2016, this photo was the first the self-made billionaire posted showing off her new daring hair colour. There was no doubt in Jenner's mind that she wanted to try out blonde, and so she did, with the magic of her hair colourist. We love the hint of honey blonde in the platinum that blended perfectly with her nude makeup.

22 Kylie Jenner Channelling Her Inner Marilyn

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Since giving birth to Stormi, 21-year-old Kylie has been undergoing something of a style transformation. Every week on the 'gram we see gorgeous photos of the millennial with different hair colours. The platinum blonde trend is one that Jenner has on lockdown without a doubt. Here, the pale yellow seen at the roots with the blonde locks that are bright and smooth gave Jenner a vintage look, as if this picture was torn out of a 1950s magazine.

With her full red lips, there is no denying that the dashing platinum blonde looks like a modern version of Marilyn Monroe.

21 With Platinum Blonde, Kim K Makes Jogging Seem Cool

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KKW pulls off anything in the book, but this platinum blonde paired with her athleisure look that she made trendy is unmistakably one of her most dashing looks.

Going platinum blonde is a commitment, and Mrs. Kardashian West certainly made her love for ashy, platinum blonde with a hint of silver obvious in the last year. Like in the above photo, the beauty mogul was often captured out and about with biker shorts and a crop top, but her platinum stood out above all else. The silver undertone compliments her neutral makeup effortlessly.

20 Animal Print And Platinum - We'll Take It

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Move out of the way, Foxxy Cleopatra, because there is a whole lot of woman in town and her name is Khloé Kardashian. As you can tell, she clearly loved wearing a leopard-print jumper/unitard, layered with a fur coat, kicks and a head full of gorgeous and luscious platinum locks. We should all appreciate this Khloé K moment because her fierce look is exactly what we need to add a little spice to our day ― are the Spice Girls looking for a new addition?

The icy-white look paired with her animal print get-up is fashion perfection.

19 No Other Mama Could Slay Platinum Like Kris Jenner

via Yahoo

The mother hen, Kris Jenner, is just like her daughters. She could pull off anything she wants to. What we love about mama Jenner is that whatever hairstyle or hair colour she opts for looks chic, elegant and stylish. The momager looks so young, hip and sophisticated in this photo that we are envious of the time she decided to try out platinum and still looked cooler than us all.

Actually, with her fierce stare and runway look, thanks to her floral two-piece set and fur shawl, she reminds us of The Devil Wears Prada fashion boss, Miranda Priestly.

18 Khloé Kardashian, Is That You?

via Instagram

Whatever the Kardashians do and show off on social media is bound to get worldwide public attention, but when just a few months ago Khloé Kardashian made a drastic change and went full-on platinum blonde, the world was surprised.

For as long as we've known Khloé K, she has been the true epitome of a Golden State girl with a highlighted golden lob. And so suddenly, she popped up on our newsfeed with these very long icy blonde locks. With a belted beige blazer and a smokey eye, Thompson’s (ex) girlfriend may have desirable icy locks here, but she is on fire.

17 We Are Digging The White On Black

via W Magazine

There is just something about KKW and her then-platinum blonde hair that makes us go bonkers, especially the time she stepped out in this unique ensemble. We believe that the next X-Men should cast KKW as their Storm; everyone would go watch Kim K in Marvel.

There is no denying that Kim K goes gaga for all-black-everything outfits, but when she combined her black blazer with a black bandeau, dressy pants and her platinum blonde with a pin-straight middle part, we were taken aback.

16 We Cannot Unsee This Stunning Pic Of Khloé

via Instagram

Apparently, blondes have more fun, specifically platinum blondes like Khloé, which is probably why the entire world cannot keep their eyes off the unrecognisable reality star and mother. With a pure white turtleneck, a contoured look that's expertly done and plump lips, we are mesmerized by her. And those wavy and smooth platinum locks!

Khloé is no longer goldilocks but icy-locks, and we cannot resist her. If this photo of the gorgeous mama has not convinced you to go blonder in 2019, we don't know what will. Going blonde is not only fun, but super-chic!

15 The Most Rad Monochromatic Look We've Witnessed

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Walk into any fashion retailer at this very moment, and you'll quickly notice that the monochromatic suit is the must-have look; and who brought the vintage trend back in style? The KarJenner sisters, evidently.

Kylie Jenner is a total style chameleon, which makes it quite difficult to keep up with her choices. However, there is no denying that the time she stepped out with a middle part platinum blonde tight bun, punchy fiery red lips and an all-white two-piece that looked exactly the same colour as her locks was a fashion moment for the books.

14 Too Much Platinum And Kardashian To Handle In One Picture

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When the holidays come around, fans and the media wait for the KarJenner Christmas card photo with much anticipation.

Well, Christmas 2018 came, and so did the sizzling Kris Jenner in a sliver gown debuting her platinum blonde pixie hair. Momager Jenner switched up her look just in time for the holidays, and standing next to the alluring Khloé, it is hard to decide who rocked this look more. And when a mother looks as young as her daughters, it makes it even more difficult to decide. Nonetheless, this mother-daughter duo certainly went platinum with this post.

13 When KKW First Stepped Out With Her Platinum Strands

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When Kim K first stepped out with her platinum blonde locks, like in the above photo, heads around the world turned twice.

Because Mrs. West came out with the platinum blonde, Hollywood's platinum blonde craze took over.

We got so used to Kim's mysterious dark hair that seeing her in full-on platinum was a surprise, but what is there not to love about this photo? The almost-white locks look amazing, and paired with a fluffy fur coat, Kim looked like she was ready for some serious fashion business.

12 Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Remember the mother in Mean Girls who remained so young and hip because of her daughter and daughter's friends? Kris Jenner is the same ― hey, maybe that is why she was cast in Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" video.

Mama Jenner tends to mimic what her beauty queen daughters do to help her stay young, which is why in this selfie, Kris Jenner is seen with locks the exact same colour as her daughter's. Jenner's bold new look was not permanent though, as she mentioned on the KUWTK show ― she was sporting a wig, but we still dig it.

11 We Are Actually Distracted By The Blonde

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What is there not to love about this photo? Although we are totally distracted by the adorable True who is more fashionable than many of us with her Burberry knit, we cannot keep our eyes off Khloé. Posted on her 'gram a little after she underwent her platinum transformation, her shorter platinum mane is full of volume and we just feel like running our fingers through it.

We adore how Khloé sticks true to herself and opted for an all-black and simple outfit and Yeezy kicks while amping it up with a bright red lip to accentuate her awesome platinum hair.

10 You Like Her Hair? "Gee Thanks"

via Pinterest

When Kylie Jenner transforms her locks, the result is always impeccable.

Although the high and extremely long ponytail is the "7 Rings" singer's signature look, Jenner looks like a stunning raven with a platinum high ponytail that goes all the way down her back and waist. Was Ariana Grande jealous? Probably not, but Barbie certainly was. Mixed with a satin top, nude makeup and sparkly earrings, her look was classic, and we are hooked. We are not going to lie, we are still raving about the eye-catching pony.

9 Khloé's Platinum Debut

via Instagram

Khloé Kardashian debuted long platinum blonde hair on her IG stories and we were particularly intrigued because she dazed us all. We got so used to seeing the gym junkie in a golden lob that the platinum locks made us fall head over heels in love. She was the most recent KarJenner to transform into platinum.

Just because this is a photo of the first time she debuted her new daring look to the world, it makes it a desirable one. She looks like an angel with the platinum ― do you see the halo?

8 Sorry Burberry, We Got Distracted

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Kylie Jenner has many fashionable looks, but the time she went platinum blonde and showed it off with a selfie in her red lavish car and Burberry blazer certainly had us at hello.

It's already tough keeping up with Jenner's ever-changing manicures. Now it's even more difficult to keep up with all her hair changes. What is the secret, Jenner? How do you make your platinum hair stand out even against a designer piece? The pitch-perfect shade paired with her Burberry top made a million bucks look like nothing, and yet, this picture is everything.

7 Rapunzel, Let Down Your Platinum Hair

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Not many women can pull off Rapunzel-length locks the way Kylie Jenner can. Most women would look completely lost in their hair, but not Miss Jenner.

Can we take a second to appreciate the one-length platinum locks that look luscious, smooth and healthy?

The Calabasas beauty mogul posed in front of her home in a blinged-out Dior T-shirt and Catwoman leather black pants, and she looks like a rockstar ready to take over the world. It is hard to ignore the inevitable fact that her hair looked like a masterpiece in its own right.

6 We've Now Got The Platinum Blonde Itch

via Just Jared

Kim K had brought back the wet hair look, and the world and the runways started rocking it, then she hit the streets in a slick platinum blonde bob, and the world also jumped on board. Why is this one of our top looks of Kim K with her platinum strands? Because she looks like she came out onto the streets ready to paint the town platinum.

Paired with an all-black outfit, the reality star looked sophisticated and brilliant while in Paris. Dressed against dark velvet, the contrast of her hair was unmissable.

5 We Cannot Keep Our Eyes Off Khloé

via Instagram

Are we paying attention to the luxurious Rolls Royce, the cat-nails, her bling, her flawless makeup or her platinum locks? Without a doubt, it's her platinum and voluminous locks that we are totally envious of. The A-lister is finding creative ways to show off her new look on IG, and do we blame her?

We have not seen Khloé looking so fabulous and glowing. Every time we go on the social media platform, it is like a week full of KarJenner hair changes, but her platinum locks in this photo are totally making us go bonkers for the cool-toned look.

4 Kim Made This A Trend

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In 2018, the glass hair trend became a phenomenon because of no one other than KKW. The beauty mogul made healthy light locks a trend, and we are not the least bit surprised. Mrs. Kardashian West can pull off long and thick hair or a short bob equally as fashionably.

However, we must say that her glassy platinum strands are our firm favourite. They shine and look like a more mature, yet chic, look. Kim rose to fame with her dark locks, but she is the one who made icy hair colour the new platinum.

3 Kylie Looks Like A Real-Life Barbie Doll

via Instagram

There is no doubt that Kylie Jenner has an amazing talent. She can drive the world wild with a simple selfie, like this one.

We find so much pleasure in the photos she shares because her looks are always inspiring. The reason why we go bonkers for this photo of the self-made billionaire with platinum hair is because she has a more innocent appeal when she's blonde.

We love how playful Jenner looks with her bubblegum pink lipstick and light blush. We can almost picture her as a Disney princess. Plus, look how the platinum makes her eyes catch the light.

2 Platinum Blonde Hair, Don't Care

via Flipboard

We do not know what Khloé wants to do to us, but she is certainly making us go crazy. Firstly, this Kardashian sister knows just how to work the camera and her angles, so she instantly impresses us with every photo. Secondly, her fierce face matches her hair transformation perfectly.

It is not OTT to say that with her platinum locks that stand out and look super shiny in this photo, Khloé Kardashian looks bad to the bone. And against a wall of flowers, we would still pick her, especially with her black lace bustier.

1 And Who Could Forget The Platinum Braids?


Move aside Elsa, Kim K is coming through. Though the mother of three ditched the platinum locks, of all the hairstyles Kim K has ever opted for, this one sits at the top of our list.

Remember when we were children and braided our hair? In recent years, Kylie Jenner and Kim K brought back the Dutch braids and made us all try them. The trend was a success, and we cannot thank the reality television stars enough for making braids a daring and bold look. And to top it off, it was just another grand fur-coat day for Mrs. Kardashian West who was certainly frozen.

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