Laverne Cox Met Her Boyfriend On Tinder

Laverne Cox met her boyfriend of 8 months on Tinder.

Talk about a romance of the digital age. Actress Laverne Cox revealed she’s “in love” after finding love on Tinder. Cox, who found success on the smash hit series Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, is talking about all the things - from her love life, going makeup free, and outfits for a first date.

The 45-year-old actress has been in a relationship the past 8 months with a mystery man, claiming that, “I’m in love.” Who does she owe this loving relationship to? Looks like Tinder was there to hook Laverne up with her bae.

Laverne opened up to Access Hollywood about her first date, and how she decided to go makeup free. She mentioned she showed up on the date, sans makeup, all while keeping her outfit casual. The star admitted to showing up in jean shorts, adding how her choice “worked out.” Looks like no makeup and jean shorts is the way to a man's heart!

Laverne told the host her reasoning behind her risky choice. “I’m not going to put effort into a guy that I don’t know yet. He might not look like his pictures. He might smell,” she jokingly said.

Laverne was beaming with joy telling the host, “I’m in love. It’s incredible. Love is so incredibly healing. It’s weird talking about this on TV but I’m just so happy.” We’re happy for her! Laverne added, “When you’re happy you kind of want to like just … love is life-saving.”

Via CBS News

The couple has even gone as far as to meet each other’s parents, saying she has met his parents, while he has met her mother. When asked how the encounter went, Laverne admitted that “everyone gets along” and “his family is amazing.” Sounds like a perfect match!

She praised the dating app, saying, “Honestly I’m a Tinder girl,” then adding, “I feel like if you want to date, you have to be on the dating apps.” That sad but true statement is definitely working out in her favor. We’re glad the actress is in a happy and loving relationship and all thanks to a quick swipe right!

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