Lana Condor's Heart-Patterned Outfit Is Both Cute And Chic

Actress Lana Condor may be relatively newer to Hollywood, but don't let that fact cause you to dismiss her. She's a rising star in her own right, and will no doubt flourish for years to come. As she continues to pick up more roles that come her way, Condor will have plenty of events to attend in order to promote her work. If her most recent event shows us anything, it's that she has a style that's all her own.

As seen in Teen Vogue this past Wednesday, Condor arrived at the premiere and screening SYFY's Deadly Class wearing one of the girliest (yet beautiful) outfits you ever did see. Her long-sleeved shirt was light pink with red hearts, with the short skirt in the same shade of pink (albeit as a solid color with no pattern to speak of). She also had on a pair of bright red high-heeled sandals to make the actress look taller. She tied the look together with a bright red necktie with the classic pussy-bow style.

via Teen Vogue


The outfit was definitely cute, but the rest of Condor's appearance made it edge more on the side of chic. Her long black hair was pulled back and away from her face, and her makeup was simple yet dewy and eye-catching. With such restrained hair and makeup, that left all of the attention to be directed toward's Condor sweet pink and red outfit. This was clearly a calculated move- but it certainly paid off for the actress.

Condor's choice in attire for this movie screening and premiere is not one that most every woman would want to wear herself. It's loud, borderline obnoxious, and- for some- way too girly for their liking. But to say that it's ugly or that Condor didn't pull it off well would be more than a little inaccurate. For a young woman getting her feet wet in the world of Hollywood, it's an event outfit that will certainly get her noticed by her fans, peers, and photographers. It's safe to say that this up-and-coming actress is a fashion icon in the making- and we can't wait to see what she does next.

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