Lady Gaga’s Colorist Shares How To Go Blonde With Minimal Damage

Lady Gaga is always changing up her look. However, there is one aspect of the singer that is considered one of her signature features, her blonde hair. Regardless of her ever-changing looks, her platinum blonde hair always remains intact.

Fans know that the singer had to dye her hair for her role in A Star Is Born. Putting her locks through that can of change can certainly do some damage. Thankfully her super talented colorist, Patti Song, knows how to not only keep her blonde hair looking fabulous but also how to take her hair blonde with the least amount of breakage and dryness.

Song, who rarely does interviews, recently sat down with Refinery29 to share her secret for how to go blonde the right way. First, she says it is imperative that those with dark locks who want to go blonde seek a professional. Many times, people will opt to try an at-home hair color, and when going blonde, that is a bad idea. A professional will know the timing, as well as how to keep the hair from drying out and breaking.


Lady Gaga's colorist said two questions should always be asked before letting a professional color your hair. One is "how many times have you taken someone with my hair color to platinum in one go?" Second is, "was it successful?". Song also recommends finding someone that will use the "virgin bleach application method," which is when the hair is coated in bleach, as opposed to only highlighted. She also suggests starting at with the bleach at the ends and then moving to the roots so the bleach will so into the roots better.

There are a few things you can look for during the coloring process to ensure it turns out the way you want. When the bleach is rinsed out if the roots look different than you expected it would be a red flag. The color will only get worse once the toner is added so make sure to have the colorist address any concerns you have before proceeding.

Her last tip bit is about maintaining the platinum blonde look. Song says it is essential not to go more than five weeks without a touch-up if a person wants to have the kept their hair color looking fresh. Not bad advice. If Gaga trusts her advice, shouldn’t we all?

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