Lady Gaga Fails To Hold Back Tears At Vegas Residency Performance

Lady Gaga, 32, needed to pause her performance of the song 'Shallow' at her Las Vegas residency on Friday.

Once she began it took fans to put her back on track as her voice cracked and Gaga held back tears in the first verse of the hit from A Star Is Born. It can actually apparently be seen in a video posted on YouTube.

As she was sitting by a piano, according to the Daily Mail, she almost broke down and went on to say how for a long period of time, she felt misunderstood. This could be a reference to how many people might see her as an individual without problems.

That's not all though, Gaga actually spoke about how people viewed her attitude and especially the manner in which she dresses. This is debatably one of the most interesting parts of it. You see, she is, in fact, someone who's got feelings and being known as a shallow individual for simply dressing in a unique manner isn't the best feelings a human being can have.

Despite that, she did manage to find a place to thank her fans. She said: "the truth is, you gave birth to me."

This paints an image of someone who is not unwilling to admit when they've been down but it also shows the world that someone like Lady Gaga is well aware of who got her to this point in life. This means that she's grateful for having the fans she does and it's actually a nice thing to see considering the general idea is that most celebrities couldn't care less about their individual fans.

Some of the 5200 people supporting her from the audience were both Katy Perry, 34, and Adam Lambert, 36. This might just be two of the many other celebrities that find her a good content creator and an individual worth supporting.

Overall, almost breaking down in front of everyone is not what you'd expect from someone who can make such bold fashion choices since that alone is something that takes a lot of courage and confidence to pull off. But Lady Gaga is someone who comes off as honest and willing to recognize those who've aided in her time of need the most. So, it's something that's kind of nice to see as it shows she's a human that has got feelings that need to be dealt with.


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