Lady Gaga Rumored To Be Creating Makeup Line

Anyone looking for a rundown on which celebrities are launching makeup lines would probably find that whoever isn't jumping onboard the cosmetics bandwagon would make for a much shorter list. A quick gander on Google and social media will tell you that Rihanna's doing it, as is Drew Barrymore, Victoria Beckham, and yep, even the Kardashians. About the only one in the Kim clan or related to them via blood or marriage who isn't pushing a makeup product is Kanye West. And no, please don't give him any ideas.

Enter Lady Gaga, who's done pretty well every musical genre from pop to country and even jazz and easy-listening with Tony Bennett. Now apparently the Poker Face singer wants to make women's faces less poker-looking and more pucker-worthy.

The rumor mill has it that the Gagsta is working on a line dubbed "Haus Beauty", in reference to the geniuses behind Haus of Gaga, which have been responsible for creating some alluring and even controversial looks for the pop star. Remember the meat dress she wore at the MTV Awards and those LCD glasses shaped like iPods that she'd don? Yep, that was them.


Gaga, who owns a production company called Ate My Heart is looking to get the copyright for the Haus Beauty moniker, before getting further into the game with what's expected to be a massive rollout of cosmetics for eyes, lips, cheeks, and any other exposed epidermal layers. Expect liners, shades, fragrances, palettes galore, and some cryptic addition to the line overheard to have been labeled "beauty milk".

While Gaga already has a perfume bearing her name and has been a spokesperson and visual model for M.A.C. Viva Glam, the potential Haus Beauty venture marks her first foray into cosmetics from a strictly entrepreneurial standpoint. And given her flair for originality, fans are expecting the unexpected, such as whatever is really in that beauty milk that's been circulating across the fashionista grapevine.

If she's true to her misfit roots, made evident in her hit Born This Way, expect a more inclusive, body-positive approach to her products that reinforces her potential base to be more accepting of their looks, with a few touch-ups here and there.

We can't wait to see what becomes of this line! Let us know what you think in the comments.



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