Kylie & Travis: 20 Reasons A Wedding Isn't Even Necessary

The media is in love with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott—and the beautiful baby girl they have together. While they're undeniably a swoon-worthy couple, they face the daily struggle of being a celebrity couple in the 21st century.

They're young, iconic, and under constant pressure. Not only that, but they're parents! This power couple has fielded countless questions about whether they're going to get married, but is anyone talking about why they don't need to tie the knot?

Fans could argue there are endless reasons why marriage (or maybe just a wedding) isn't necessary for Kylie and Travis. For one, these two are at the beginnings of their lives while growing up in a generation that is less invested in marriage. Two, they already like to buy each other sparkly jewelry. Need we say more?

As Kylie and Travis navigate the uncertain waters of new parenthood and fame, they should have the ability to build a relationship without the pressure and commitment of marriage. From how they fight to their matching tattoos, these two already have a strong relationship that doesn't need to be defined by a wedding.

Here are 20 reasons a wedding isn't necessary for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

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20 They Already Have A Happy Family


While Travis and Kylie have had their ups and downs, what happy family doesn't have a few bumps in the road? Marriage can change dynamics in a relationship that was already sound. Many people think marriage will strengthen a relationship, but why mess with a good thing?

If Kylie and Travis are in love and have a strong bond, they should strengthen it by always working hard to keep each other happy—feeling trapped in a marriage isn't what they need. They show the word a happy and loving relationship, so they shouldn't risk a good thing and throw marriage in the mix.

19 Does Kylie Trust Travis Enough To Want To Be With Him Forever?


At 21 years old, Kylie still has her entire life ahead of her. While a divorce is easy enough to get nowadays, a marriage can still make you feel trapped for life. Is that what Kylie really needs? With the rumours swirling around Travis's loyalty to Kylie as of recent, any smart woman would be questioning if Travis is a 'forever' partner.

While Travis is Kylie's partner now, it's likely he is just one of many. The relationship will take its course, and Kylie deserves to have many different loves in her life if that's what she decides she wants. Marriage would dramatically complicate a breakup.

18 The Other Kardashians Would Try To Steal The Spotlight


Kylie has a masterful pout, but can you imagine what a pout she'd have when her sisters (and mama) try to steal the spotlight at her own wedding? A Kardashian wedding is a feat in itself, but with the littlest Kardashian, there's no way the older women in her life would allow her to keep the reins at this wedding.

Unless Travis and Kylie get hitched at town hall, inevitable drama will ensue at her wedding. There will be moments when the day isn't about her, and that's bound to leave a sour taste in the mouth of a new marriage.

17 The Wedding Would Only Be For Publicity

W Magazine

You don't build a marriage on publicity. While Travis and Kylie might feel so in love they want to get married, the wedding itself would never only be about their love. The publicity would be massive. It would be the royal wedding sans tradition. While marriage would get their names out there on a slow day, marriage won't necessarily strengthen their relationship.

Kylie and Travis could avoid this problem by getting married without a wedding, but even then, publicity will follow them. Marriage will light a fire within the media... But the question is, could this young couple handle the heat?

16 Most Celebrity Marriages Don't End Well

Harpers Bazaar

A Forbes article reported that "professional athletes and entertainers" combined have the highest divorce rate. The numbers don't favour Kylie and Travis having a happily ever after if they tie the knot.

One of the most famous short-lived marriages resides in her own family—Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married for a short 72 days before filing for divorce. Marriage can have a short life if you're a celebrity. Just ask Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore, or Kim. Kylie and Travis shouldn't risk a nightmarish divorce when the odds aren't in their favour!

15 Millennials Are Ditching Weddings, So Shouldn't Travis Follow Suit?


While Kylie is in fact a Gen Z, Travis is a millennial. While Travis's generation is kicking marriage to the curb, Gen Z should inevitably follow this trend. Less than a third of millennials are married, and more millennials are choosing education and their work over finding a partner. Divorce rates are declining because fewer millennials are getting married. Perhaps Travis should take the advice from his peers and hold off on popping the question.

You can happily live together as a couple without marrying each other, and millennials are proving it. Travis might decide to take that route, too.

14 Kylie Is Successful Enough On Her Own


Kylie is entitled to live her life however she wants. With a billion dollars in her pocket, the world is hers. She doesn't need Travis for financial support, and love is fleeting. Kylie should continue to capitalize on her success without sharing it with a man.

Men can weigh women down, especially successful ones like Kylie. She doesn't need a man by her side who could steal her thunder or distract her from her goals. While her love for Travis is undeniable, she doesn't need to marry him to be happy. After all, she and her little girl have everything they could ever need, no papers necessary.

13 Kylie And Travis Already Have Their Routines


When you listen to Kylie talk about Travis, it's obvious they already have a routine. When your relationship is at that point, what's the point in marriage? Kylie talked to GQ about how she and Travis handle fights.

She said, "when we fight, it's usually just because we've been away from each other for too long and we didn't see each other for like two weeks." So what does she do? She flies across the country just to see Travis for a few hours to fix things. Let's be honest: marriage won't add anything to a relationship that's already this strong.

12 They Reminisce About Each Other Like They're Already Married


The world was first introduced to Kylie and Travis when they were spotted holding hands at Coachella, and it's a moment Kylie likes to reminisce about like an old married lady. "Coachella was one of the stops on his tour," she said. "So he said, 'I'm going back on tour, what do we want to do about this? Because we obviously liked each other."

So Kylie decided to join him on tour, which gave them opportunities for "organic" time together. A couple can forge memorable moments of love in a relationship without marriage, so what's the point in the paperwork?

11 If You Look At Their Vacation Pictures, It Already Looks Like They've Been Honeymooning!


Kylie and Travis have taken baby Stormi on a few trips already. Most recently, the family just returned from Mexico. Traveling is a big milestone in a relationship, especially when it can be stressful and uncomfortable. The fact that Travis and Kylie can do it with their baby says a lot about them as a couple.

If you catch a glimpse of this family on their travels, you'll notice it looks like Travis and Kylie are honeymooning. Since they've already shared romantic getaways, they've completed that integral part of marriage. What's the point in making it official when they already act like husband and wife?

10 Kylie Could Set An Example For Stormi By Not Marrying Travis


We teach our daughters to want marriage, but times are changing. Marriage isn't 'in' anymore, and women are less interested in it. While Kylie should teach Stormi how to have a healthy relationship and dictate how she should be treated, let's buck the trend of idolizing marriage. Kylie's first step in setting an example for Stormi could be refusing to marry Travis.

Showing her daughter it's possible to have a healthy, loving relationship without the pressures of marriage could be one of her greatest gifts to Stormi. Even Travis could be supportive of showing his daughter she doesn't need marriage.

9 Travis And Kylie Already Have Matching Tattoos, So No Wedding Necessary


If you follow this couple on Snapchat, you may have noticed a set of matching tiny butterfly tattoos they got on their ankles back in June 2017. Butterflies have become a big symbol of their relationship. When you have symbolic matching tattoos, what's the point in wedding bands? Inking your skin together is as good a promise as any.

No matter where their relationship takes them, they will always have that reminder of each other. Let's just hope we don't see any tacky tattoos on their ring fingers any time soon. Then again, they could both afford to have their tattoos removed if that ever became an issue!

8 They Already Wear Sparkly Jewelry Together, So What's The Point Of Wedding Bands?

There have been a number of engagement rumors surrounding these two based on their love for sparkly jewelry. When the media catches sight of diamonds on Kylie's fingers, they sound the alarm. None of the sparkly rocks has been revealed as 'the one' yet. But Travis and Kylie have made an unintentional point: it's a bit silly they can't wear jewelry without someone thinking it means they're getting married.

It doesn't take marriage for Travis to spend money on Kylie anyway! For her 20th birthday, Travis bought Kylie a $60k butterfly choker. Clearly, the pair like their sparkle, and they already enjoy it together, no wedding bands necessary.

7 When You Share A Child, You're Bound Together For Life, Paperwork Or Not


Baby Stormi has bound these two together tighter than any piece of paper will. If they were married without a baby, they could go their separate ways after a divorce. Even if they got married and tried to part ways if the marriage didn't work out, they couldn't find space from each other with a daughter binding them together.

Traditional people choose to get married in order to have children, but with Stormi in the picture, what will marriage offer these two? They already have everything they could want in a relationship, including their priceless daughter. Besides, what if they planned her on purpose, even without a wedding first?

6 They Might Not Believe In The Kardashian Curse, But Why Chance Bad Luck?

Bravo TV

The Kardashian curse is a supposed hex placed on any man willing to date a Kardashian, but Kylie and Travis don't buy it. Kylie has said the curse doesn't exist. In reality, most men can't handle the Kardashian level of fame. Both Travis and Kylie have said the curse is nonsense, and neither one of them are worried about fame impacting their relationship.

It's powerful that these two have removed themselves from a ridiculous 'curse' created by the media, but why chance any bad luck? If things are going well now, they probably don't want throw marriage into the mix just in case that changes things for the worse.

5 Travis Already Calls Her 'Wifey'


In a shout out during a concert, Travis called Kylie "my beautiful wife," much to the surprise of fans. On various IG posts, he's called Kylie "wifey" while professing his love to her. Travis is proving you don't have to married to be husband and wife! When a partnership binds as deeply as theirs, marriage won't add anything extra to an already beautiful thing.

Besides, it's cute to call someone 'wifey' when you're not technically married. If they tied the knot, it would be more of a title and less of an endearing pet name. Then again, maybe the fact that Kylie calls him her hubby, too, means we're missing something already?

4 Kylie Could Keep Her Options Open If She Decides Not To Marry Travis


Sometimes you fall in love with more than one person in life! Kylie could date anyone in the world, and love changes over time. Marriage can even hinder opportunities in life. What if Kylie wants to travel the world and meet new people one day? She's been taken much of her dating life. A chance at exploring the world as a single young woman would lessen if she settled down too soon.

Marriage doesn't open opportunities for people, which is why Kylie nor Travis needs it. The media should let them enjoy their love without pressuring them to get married.

3 Her And Travis Could Still Get Married Without A Wedding, Right?


Alright, so maybe Kylie and Travis think marriage is necessary, but that doesn't mean a wedding is. They wouldn't be the only celebrities in history to get married without a big, grand display. While this duo definitely has the money to throw the wedding of the century, maybe something quieter would be wiser.

Some families really value marriage. If that's the case of Travis and Kylie, they should get married quietly. Why make a spectacle out of their love if they want the relationship as a whole to be taken seriously? An expensive wedding never guarantees a happy marriage anyway.

2 If Their Relationship Is Actually Over After The Recent News, Then We Know A Wedding Isn't Necessary...


The media has been scrutinizing Kylie and Travis for signs of unhappiness after rumours spread about Travis' loyalty. So far, it seems their relationship is on the mend. Looks can be deceiving, however—maybe they're trying to make things work for Stormi or maybe they're trying to fool the paparazzi, but it's possible their relationship is nearing its end.

If they break up, obviously no wedding is necessary. Could a wedding have saved this relationship if it ends? Marriage can't force two people to love each other or put in the effort necessary to keep things going. You need to work hard for love to work!

1 Number One Reason: Weddings Are Outdated!


The idea that you spend the rest of your life with someone who you marry is an illusion, and that's why marriage is outdated. The idea you have to be with someone until "death does you part" isn't how love operates! Marriage needs to be redefined for today's modern society and culture because it doesn't fit for Kylie and Travis.

These are two young people in love with a family, but why does that need to be defined by a union? Why do they need to be together forever to be happy? Marriage is outdated, which is why Kylie and Travis don't need it!

Source: Seventeen

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