Kylie And Kris Were #Twinning As The Youngest Jenner Rocked A Pixie Cut

Kylie Jenner seems to take after her mom, this week at least. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan posted a pic on Instagram of a recent FaceTime with Kris in which she’s wearing her hair short, like Mama Jenner.

Kylie shared the exchange of her Instagram Story with the caption, "obsessed with you @krisjenner." From the look on her mom’s face, she couldn’t be happier. Then again, it’s no secret that Kris lives for her girls. The ultimate momager, they’re her pride and joy, as well as her forever business partners.

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But is Kylie’s new do real or just a wig? There has been no comment from Chris Appleton, the official Jenner/Kardashian hairstylist. If it is real, it would be a pretty radical departure for Kylie, who tends to wear her hair long. The girls have been known to go a bit shorter, occasionally rocking a bob, but Kris is usually the only one who dares to cut it all off. Then again, she is 62, so she may prefer less fuss and muss.

Kylie, who gave birth to a baby girl, Stormi Webster, earlier this year with rapper Travis Scott, may, in fact, prefer an easier mom cut while she’s child-rearing. The mystery, however, may have been solved yesterday, when Kylie posted pics with her baby to her Instagram, in which she can be seen with her dyed-blonde hair pulled back. From the front, it looks short, but from the side, it is obviously tied back.

Another Kylie-related mystery being fueled by her Instagram is her marital status, since she often refers to Travis as her hubby. Yet, as a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, we’re pretty sure that she’s not allowed to get married without a big to-do. Unless the couple plans on surprising us with a very special episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians this season.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Kris wants to start her own fashion line. At the Vogue “Forces of Fashion” conference in New York City on Thursday, she was asked by Vogue.com creative director Sally Singer if she would ever want to start her own fashion or beauty line. “I would love to do something in the near future,” she answered, “I really am thinking about it.”

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Her line would reportedly be inspired by her own 84-year-old mother, who according to Kris “will never walk out of the house not done from head to toe.”

“She taught me to put your best foot forward, always look your best,” she said. “I just want to pass that down to women everywhere and remind everybody that we’re here because fashion is exciting and it’s fresh and fun. … I have a better day if I feel like I’m looking my best and trying to feel my best from the inside out.”

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