Kylie Jenner's Baby Is Born: 16 Other Celebs Who Are Super Close To Popping

The world is still recovering from the breaking news about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy and subsequent birth. The youngest child of Kris Jenner welcomed her first baby, a little girl with boyfriend and rapper Travis Scott. Everyone was waiting for her to confirm the news that she was pregnant, but she did not until she finally gave birth on the first of February. Combined with older sister Khloe's pregnancy, these two pregnancies were two of the most talked about topics in 2017. Kylie announced she gave birth on the same day as the Super Bowl and we feel like it is safe to say that she totally eclipsed the biggest sporting event of the year. And while she was very mysterious and hidden during her pregnancy which just naturally made everyone else more curious, she is far from the only celebrity that got pregnant last year and was due to give birth this year.

None of the celebrities on this list came close to Kylie about being elusive about their pregnancies, but they are still big deals in their own right. From her own older sister Khloe Kardashian welcoming her first child soon, to Alec Baldwin having a 5th baby at the age of 59, lots of celebrities are growing their families this year. Some for the very first time and some are having their second babies years after the first one. These 16 celebrities are all welcoming a new addition to their families in the very near future! It is also safe to say that the Kardashian - Jenner's will never stop spawning.

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16 Chrissy Teigen Is Set To Welcome Her Second Baby, A Boy!

Model and all around hilarious and amazing human Chrissy Teigen is married to musical legend, John Legend. The adorable couple is already parents to their little daughter Luna who will be turning three this year. Chrissy was open about the fact that she struggled with postpartum depression after her daughters birth, for a lot of women that have had PPD, the idea of another pregnancy can be daunting but Chrissy did it! During the 2018 Grammy's Teigen posted a picture of herself from the night and captioned it 'Mama and Baby boy' revealing that the happy couple would be welcoming a son into their fold. We cannot wait to see how cute their next baby is if Luna is anything to go off these two make the cutest kids ever.

15 Khloe Kardashian Is Close Behind Her Younger Sister

In a strange twist of events, Khloe Kardashian was pregnant at the same time as her youngest sister Kylie Jenner. Khloe is expecting her first child with NBA boyfriend Tristan Thompson at the age of 33-years-old, and Kylie just had her child at twenty. That must have been an interesting time and dynamic while the sisters were pregnant together. While Kylie did not reveal that she was pregnant until she had already had the baby, Khloe did announce she was expecting on Instagram at the end of 2017. It must be strange for your little sister to have a baby before you! After all the Lamar drama that we saw Khloe go through, we are so excited for her happy ending!! After Kylie revealed she had given birth, Khloe shared a never-before-seen picture of the sisters pregnant together. This is what we have all been waiting for folks!

14 The Rock And Wife Lauren Are Expecting This Year, The Rock Already Has Two Daughters - This Might Make It Three! Nothing Like A House Full Of Girls

Hollywood Life

The Rock is pretty much on top of the world career-wise, and it seems that way in his personal life too! He is just winning all around. The one-time football player turned professional wrestler turned into an A-list actor,  Dwayne The Rock Johnson has one daughter Simone who is 16-years-old with his ex-wife Danny Garcia. The two divorced amicably in 2007 (did you expect The Rock to be anything but excellent even during a divorce?) and he soon began dating his now wife, Lauren Hashian. The two had their first baby together, a little girl named Jasmine. At the end of 2017, the couple announced that they will be adding another little one to the mix! We kind of hope he has another little girl to make it three!

13 Eva Longoria Is Pregnant With Her First Baby At 42-Years-Old!

Face it, we all figured that Eva Longoria was going to be one of those ladies that just never had kids! It is not a crazy assumption to make about a woman that was childless by 40 and for all intents and purposes living her best life. But life has its surprises! When news broke about Eva Longoria's ex-husband stepping out on her, we were all rooting for her! The actress found love again with media mogul Jose Baston. The two tied the knot back in 2016, and announced in 2017 that the 42-year-old was set to become a Mother for the first time! The two met through mutual friends way back in 2013 after she got out of her last marriage. It took awhile for anything to happen between the two, but it worked out for the best.

12 Victoria Secret Angel Candace Swanepoel Is Happily Expecting Her First Baby

Instagram / angelcandices

Candace Swanepoel is a beautiful South African model best known for her work with Victoria Secret. She has walked the famous Victoria Secret Fashion Show multiple times, a very impressive credit on any models resume. She has been dating the same guy, Herman Niccoli since she met him at 17-years-old in Paris. How romantic right? Herman like Candace is also a model. The two are parents to a little boy currently and have revealed they are now expecting their second child together. Just one month after walking in the 2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show last year, Candace revealed that she was expecting her second child. You never thought a pregnant lady would walk the Victoria Secret catwalk but the angels are basically superhumans!

11 59-Year-Old Alec Baldwin Is Welcoming His 4th Child With Wife Hilaria Baldwin - That Is One Way To Stay Young!

Instagram / hilariabaldwin

Alec Baldwin is Father to Ireland Baldwin who is currently 22-years-old. Her Mother is Alec's ex, Kim Basinger. The popular actor got re-married a couple of years ago in 2012 to yoga instructor and 25 years his junior Hilaria Baldwin. The two quickly got down to making a family, and in the 5 and a half years that they have been married they have made three (and a half!) kids! Most men would pull their hair out at the thought of having 4 children under the age of 5 in the house, but it seems to be working out really well for the celeb family. And how great does Hilaria look after having 3 kids in basically 4 years? Doing yoga all the time pays off clearly!

10 Kristin Dunst Recently Confirmed Her First Pregnancy With A Gorgeous Photo Shoot!

Kristin Dunst has been killing it on the hit Fargo TV series and it definitely resurrected her acting career! But the popular TV show has not only been kind to her career, it has been kind to her personal life as well! She met her now fiance Jesse Plemons on the set of Fargo, and the two got engaged shortly after announcing the happy news in January of 2017. Well almost exactly another year later, and Kristin has surprised us all again with some wonderful news! The actress is set to become a Mother for the very first time at the age of  35-years-old. She announced her pregnancy in a very whimsical way, through a photo series for the 2018 Rodarte Look Book with the above photo.

9 Baby Prince George And Princess Charlotte Will Be Welcoming Another Royal Sibling Soon!

The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine wife to Prince William has been open about how much she struggles during her pregnancies with nausea. Some women get it really badly, and unfortunately, the Duchess is one of them. This has not stopped her from popping out babies though! Mother to the Queen of England's great-grandchildren George and Charlotte, she announced along with Prince William that the royal couple is expecting their third child together sometime around April 2018. It seemed like the couple was done having kids after Princess Charlotte so this news was surprising! A lot of big things have been happening the British royal family lately, this pregnancy announcement was accompanied by the news that Prince Harry is engaged to America actress Meghan Markle!

8 America Ferrera Celebrated The New Year By Announcing Her First Pregnancy With Her Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants Co-Stars And Real Life Besties!

Instagram / americaferrera

Who does not love the fact that these actresses went from being co-stars on a movie about female friendship and sisterhood to being real-life best friends? It has been over a decade since the installment of Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants premiered, and the 4 ladies are still going strong. A great example of their friendship came recently from America Ferrera when she announced her pregnancy at the beginning of 2018 by posting a picture on Instagram with her soul sisters. Of the 4 ladies, she is the last one to be a Mommy! And the great thing about that fact is that she has the other three to teach her everything they've learned about being a Mom! She is having the baby with her longtime love and husband Ryan Piers Williams.

7 Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood Shocked The World When She Revealed Her Pregnancy With New Boyfriend Andrew Glennon

Radar Online!

Teen Mom fans were all stunned when Amber Portwood announced her pregnancy. She had just come out of a very publicly and privately tumultuous relationship with Matt Baier and had barely announced that she was dating Andrew Glennon. She met Andrew because he was part of the crew working on the reality show Marriage Boot Camp and Amber participated with her Mother and then-boyfriend Matt Baier. Yea, it is pretty messy. There is a lot of speculation as to who the Father of the baby really is, but it is safe to say that no one was expecting her to get pregnant out of nowhere like this. We just wish Amber nothing but the best in this next chapter of her life!

6 Miranda Kerr Got Married Last Year And Is Pregnant With New Husband Evan Spiegel's Baby!

Australian model Miranda Kerr has a 6-year-old son already with her ex-husband actor Orlando Bloom named Flynn. After her marriage to Bloom ended and the two got divorced, she met and fell in love with 27-year-old SnapChat founder Evan Spiegel. The two met back in 2014 at a Louis Vuitton dinner. There is a 7 year age difference between the couple. They did not begin to date until 2015, and then they got engaged the next year in 2016. In May 2017 they got married in a very private and intimate ceremony. They announced that they were expecting their first child together in November of 2017. She debuted her baby bump in public for the first time at the 2018 Golden Globes party at The Beverly Hilton. She looks like a super fierce mama!

5 Almost Exactly A Decade After Her Shocking Teenage Pregnancy, Jamie-Lynn Spears Is Having Another Child

The little sister to pop icon Britney Spears is having another baby! Jamie-Lynn Spears has had success in her own right as an actor and singer, but it is hard to get out from the shadow of her sister. But it seemed she would do just that when she was a teenager, she was starring on a hit Nickelodeon show, Zoey 101 and it seemed the world was opening up for her. Then she got pregnant at 16, and a scandal ensued. Her show got canceled, and it seemed her claim to fame would be her teenage pregnancy. But Jamie-Lynn has proven herself as a singer/song writer, and a good Mother. Now, ten years later she is having her second baby with husband Jamie Watson. We bet soon-to-be big sister Maddie is thrilled!

4 Michael Phelps Is Adding A Second Baby To His Brood! Wonder If His Kids Will Get His Olympian Genes!

Hello Magazine

We can't talk about Michael Phelps without running through some his stats. Across the Olympics, the World Championships, and the Pan Pacific Championships Phelps holds 82 medals in various swimming competitions, 65 of which are gold. Yea. He has retired twice from swimming, but came back in 2014 and then retired again 2016. Phelps is currently married to former Miss USA contestant, Miss California Nicole Johnson. They met all the way back in 2007 but broke up for a while and reunited in 2012. They got engaged in 2015 and welcomed their first son Boomer Phelps in 2016. These days while waiting for his second baby, Phelps volunteers as a swimming coach for the Arizona State Sun Devils swim team.

3 John Stamos Is Expecting His First Baby At 54 With Fiancee Caitlin McHugh

Daily Mail

It definitely seemed like John Stamos was loving life as an eternal bachelor, but like his counterpart Uncle Jesse on screen, the handsome charmer is finally settling down!! Uncle Jesse got tamed and so did John Stamos. He got engaged to Caitlin McHugh in October 2017 right in front of the famous Disneyland Castle. By December 2017 they announced they were pregnant. At the beginning of February 2018, news broke that while his pregnant fiancee was staying at The Beverly Hills Hotel when her room was broken into and she was robbed of jewelry amounting to a total of $165,000.00. The police are currently investigating the situation, but we are just glad her and the unborn baby are ok! Stamos is reported to have arrived at the hotel shortly after she called the police.

2 Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Hilarie Burton Are Set To Welcome Their Second Baby Together

One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton and Walking Dead and Supernatural actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan have been together for a very long time, by Hollywood standards they have been together for an eternity. They have been together since 2010, having been introduced by Morgans then Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles who set them up on a blind date. People often forget the two are together because they are so rarely photographed together. They had their first baby very quality way back in 2010. 8 years later, they are going to be having their second baby together. Morgan reveled they were expecting quite accidentally during a convention for Supernatural, and later confirmed the news on Instagram saying that Burton was not mad that he let the cat out of the bag.

1 Oscar Nominee And Winner Eddie Redmayne Is Adding To His Real Life Daddy Role With Another Baby

Eddie Redmayne is one of the darlings of Hollywood, it seems as though the actor can do no wrong when it comes to his career. He was nominated in 2015 for an Oscar for best actor for his role in The Theory Of Everything, which he won. The very next year in 2016 he was nominated for another Oscar for best actor for his role in The Danish Girl. He did not win in 2016, but the actor remains a treasure in Hollywood nonetheless. Being nominated two years in a row is a feat in and of itself. And he has been just as busy off-screen. In 2014 he got married to his wife Hannah and they welcomed their first daughter Iris Mary two years later. And now they are going to be on to their next baby!

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