Kylie Jenner's Amazing Glam Room Is Making Everyone Jealous

In the March 2019 issue of Architectural Digest, Kylie Jenner gives us a sneak peek of her Los Angeles home, which she shares with her daughter Stormi and boyfriend Travis Scott. One room in particular has fans reeling — her glam room. Kylie told the magazine that the room is where she spends most of her time, mostly testing her latest cosmetic creations and filming tutorials for product launches.

Kylie, 21, founded Kylie Cosmetics in 2015. Since then, the brand has exploded making the young reality star a multimillionaire. Her glam room, however, is less about business and more about fun. Decorated in mostly pink, Kylie’s favorite color, the room resembles a grown-up dollhouse with pink swivel chairs, wall-to-wall mirrors, blush marble countertops, and a salon-style vanity, as well Marilyn Monroe and Barbie portraits.

“I wanted a fresh, fun vibe to match the way I was feeling,” Kylie told the magazine. “Color was essential. I love pink, and I wanted a lot of it!”

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Kylie worked with designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to decorate her dream home. “The look is glamorous but totally inviting,” Bullard said. “Kylie loves to have people over, and there’s nothing so precious that you can’t stand, jump, or dance on it.”

Last summer, Kylie showed off her unbelievable purse closet, which the young entrepreneur designed along with her glam room to fit all her products and clothes. “I spend a lot of time in those rooms, so we had to make sure they were perfect,” she said.

The glam vibe extends to the dining room, where the leather chairs were individually dyed in colors, such as ceruse, pale pink and deep garnet, to match the shades of Kylie’s lipstick collection. Her art collection includes pieces from Damien Hirst’s “I Love You” series. Lighting is provided by a large brass light fixture that hangs above the two-tone table.

The home is also kid-friendly for Stormi, who turns one this month. “Stormi has definitely taken over the house with her toys,” Kylie said. The baby’s accessories include a Fendi baby stroller and a miniature Lamborghini.

Other Kylie-inspired features in the home include a Saint Laurent limited-edition surfboard above the bar, giant condom sculptures by artist Beau Dunn on the wall, Louis Vuitton towels in the bathroom, and a Tracey Emin neon sign that says, "I Can’t Believe How Much You Love Me."

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Though Kylie spared no expense in designing her dream home, she can afford it. According to Forbes magazine, her net worth is $900 million, which comes from having 100% ownership of Kylie Cosmetics. Last August, Forbes predicted that Kylie would become the youngest self-made billionaire ever.

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